My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 499

Yvette’s eyes were cold, and this Master Zeng made her disgusted too much.
That’s why it’s obvious that she has an interest in herself. Yvette now always dislikes this kind of thing. She always feels that with Chuck, the other men are more attentive to themselves, and she feels disgusted.
Yvette’s bones are particularly simple inside.
When she heard that Master Zeng invited herself to dinner, she was sick! !
“I said that, don’t mess with me,” Yvette made an ultimatum.
She is now being hunted down by the killer organization, and she does not want to delay for a minute and a second.
“Oh, beauty, you are angry, but you look angry and charming.” Master Zeng smiled slightly.
Especially interesting, this is Master Zeng’s impression of Yvette.
Because no woman has ever given her this feeling, his desire to conquer has become obvious.
In his eyes, the woman just finished it. This woman was unwilling, which is special.
Yvette took out a dagger, “I’ll say it again, get out!!”
Master Zeng’s bodyguards all came around at once, looking cold and full of ridicule!
A woman, dare to use a knife and a gun in front of so many men? Not afraid of death!
Don’t know Master Zeng is fighting? ?
Master Zeng was unmoved and smiled deeper, “Beauty, you are really interesting!”
“Interesting? I hate someone other than my husband who said this to me!” Yvette’s eyes were cold.
Yvette attacked, she became a killer, a lot more murderous, this man touched her bottom line, she felt that talking to this man for so long, sorry Chuck, Yvette Yvette feels a sense of derailment.
She must end! !
Master Zeng still smiles, so it turns out! This beauty will also fight a little, but unfortunately, the fighting style doesn’t look very good.
It is the same level of amateurism, but I have been taught by the most famous fighting teacher and beat a woman. That is a breeze!
The ridicule on Master Zeng’s face made Yvette’s eyes cold, and of course she saw that Master Zeng would fight.
However, Yvette has gone through such a long life-and-death fight, her fighting style has long been not a fixed move, and adapts randomly to kill opponents in the simplest way, which is unpredictable.
Yvette threw out his dagger all at once, and Master Zeng sneered to avoid it. When he was about to subdue Yvette, Yvette’s beautiful long legs had kicked over. boom!
Master Zeng was shocked, his chest hurt, and he was kicked!
After Yvette squatted on the ground and rolled, he picked up the dagger on the ground. So simple, a dagger was facing Master Zeng’s chest! !
The calmness on Master Zeng’s face was gone, and cold sweat permeated from the forehead!
He hasn’t recovered, but he is an apprentice of a master of combat, so he was so subdued by one move?
The cold dagger was facing his chest. Master Zeng suddenly realized that he was angry!
“C! Master, how is this possible!”
“Let’s release my young master!”
“Asshole, do you know who our young master is? If you hurt our young master, your family will die!”
Several bodyguards glared at Yvette.
They were shocked, but they clearly knew the strength of their young master, there was no problem playing more than a dozen, but now? Was it killed by a second? ?
And still a hot woman!
This is simply incredible!
If it wasn’t for this time, Master Zeng’s eyes became cold, otherwise, they thought they were dreaming!
Yvette was expressionless and joking, how could she be scared by several bodyguards now? ?
Even if there are one hundred or one thousand again, Yvette will not change his face, because these bodyguard bosses, Master Zeng is in his own hands, what is Yvette afraid of?
“Beauty, do you know what you are doing?” Master Zeng said coldly.
This is an insult to him!
I was actually subdued by a woman!
“Yes, but you don’t know what you are doing!” Yvette said indifferently.
“Beauty, I advise you to let me go, or my anger, you can’t bear it!” Master Zeng calmed down, joking, but he was the master of the Zeng family of the four big families, this woman dare to hurt herself a hair?
Give you ambitious leopard gall, you dare not! !
“You did this and played with fire!” Master Zeng continued.
“Beauty, your means are clever, and have been attracting my attention. You have played well with your desires, but now, you’ve played with fire!” Zeng Shaoye said with a sneer.
Yvette’s eyes are cold. Is this Master Zeng so narcissistic? When did you play with your passion?
Will you play with you? Will also “play” with Chuck.
“What do you count? I play with you?” Yvette sneered, she really couldn’t understand what these men thought.
“It seems you are still pretending, who do you not know who I am?” Master Zeng was indifferent.
“C! Pretend, Master Zeng, don’t you know?”
“She just got into her head!”
These bodyguards scolded!
How many women attract Master Zeng’s attention in various ways?
You didn’t admit that you did this? ?
Master Zeng is angry, what is it? For the first time, someone dared to talk to himself like this!
It’s just to death!
“Beauty, I tell you who I am, I am the young master of the Zeng family!”
Master Zeng said, “And you are lying to me from beginning to end! You said you have a husband?? Ha ha, you are too poor to speak this panic.”
“Are you talking about my husband, right?” Yvette’s eyes chilled.
“Your husband? Haha!” Master Zeng sneered. “Is that your husband? Your panic makes me more interested in you!”
Yes, Master Zeng looked at Yvette’s way of walking and saw that Yvette was intact. Is this not a lie?
The key is that Yvette’s superb woman is still intact, and Master Zeng is surprised! !
“I hate people saying that my husband!” Yvette dagger pointed at his heart!
“No! He’s not your husband. You made up a lie and deliberately attracted me. Do you think I can’t see you or are you intact?” Zeng Shao sneered.
“What? You!” Yvette’s eyes turned red, and his beautiful face was angry and indifferent. “What did you say?”
“Haha, I’m right! You are still intact, so what is your husband?” Master Zeng laughed.
Look at me a few bodyguards, I look at you, what! Such a superb woman, has never had a boyfriend?
What an incredible thing!
“How do you see it?” Yvette said indifferently, his voice calm, like death.
“When you walk. I saw it… I didn’t expect you to be so conservative. This is the biggest reason why I am interested in you. You have done this, but you have played too much now, because I hate others The knife is pointing at me!” said Master Zeng coldly.
A young master was actually pointed at with a knife. This is an insult!
“Now let me go, I can take care of nothing, cooperate with you, hum, I was pierced by you. You are not honest? If the man is still your husband, it can only show that he is incompetent, ah…!!!”
Master Zeng sneered and said, suddenly his eyes widened, unbelievable, because Yvette had inserted the cold dagger into his body.
Pain changed the expression on his face, ridicule turned into shock, and then the fear after the pain.
Several bodyguards were dumbfounded!
She, what did she do?
“You, you…” Master Zeng shivered.
“Don’t say my husband, he respects me, he didn’t touch me, he’s not incompetent, he’s more powerful than you guys, I don’t know how many times, do you know? I hate others to say that my husband, you just put you a horse, But you said that my husband, then you have to pay the price!!!” Yvette said indifferently, the dagger deeply inserted! what!
Master Zeng screamed! boom!
Yvette kicked this master Zeng away with a kick, and several bodyguards were shocked. This blood, a lot of blood, what did this woman do!
“You, you are done, your family is done, you have to die!”
“Shabi, he is the master of the Zeng family, the four big families, how dare you actually do it?”
Several bodyguards glared at him, full of horror. Is this an illusion? Does anyone dare to start with Master Zeng?

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