My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 50

Disappointment appeared in Yolanda’s eyes. “You are really too childish!”
“You don’t dare to ask him to come back? Are you afraid of making him feel inferior?” William taunted.
He had never lost to anyone when it came to comparing wealth. It was just a BMW seven series, he could just buy it anytime. Since the car driven would correspond to one’s wealth and worth, a BMW 7 series would mean that the person’s worth was only around tens of millions of dollars. This couldn’t even be considered as petty cash to William. William looked down on him.
“It’s you who’ll feel inferior!” Yolanda broke free of William’s grasp and headed into the school.
William snorted. “You’re quite good at defending him. Tell me, have you slept with him?”
“You really disgust me!” Yolanda, eyes were full of disappointment.
“Then why do you defend him so much?” William’s complexion looked terrible. He had been chasing Yolanda for so long, but he had never been able to sleep wth her. Yet, the man in the BMW seven series just now could sleep wth her? How could it be possible? Someone like him who drove a Ferrari couldn’t sleep with her, yet someone who drove a stupid BMW could? It was just ridiculous!
Yolanda turned and continued to walk away. William was furious and grabbed her again. “Tell me clearly! Tell me who that person is, and I will find someone to destroy him!”
“Are you out of your mind?” Yolanda was angry.
“Then make it clear who he is? Otherwise, I will find him myself!” William threatened.
“I warn you, don’t do anything stupid, or you will regret it.” Yolanda warned coldly.
“Haha, I will regret it? Well, what I regret the most is that I am too kind to you. I should have forced myself on you long ago!” William’s handsome face contorted uglily.
Yolanda raised her hand and slapped William. “You are so disgusting!”
“Yolanda Lane! How dare you hit me? I’m going do you today!”
William dragged Yolanda to his Ferrari. Her expression changed instantly and she struggled. “William Yuri, don’t do anything stupid! I’ll call the police!”
“Haha, call the police? I’m going to sleep with my girlfriend, that’s completely legal, right?”
Yolanda fell on the ground hard as a result of being dragged so roughly. She bit her lip stubbornly to prevent her tears from flowing down.
“Hey! What are you doing?” The 60-year-old school security guard ran over.
William Yuri frowned. “Get out of my way! Don’t you want your job? She’s my girlfriend!”
“If she was your girlfriend, would she be struggling like this? You would force this on her? Let me tell you, don’t do anything stupid, don’t make a fool of yourself. I already called the police!” The security guard warned huskily!
William’s expression darkened. He looked at Yolanda, who had fallen on the ground, and he was extremely pissed off. He should have slept with her long ago!
“Yolanda Lane, count yourself lucky today. I’ll be sure to find you soon!” William snorted and got into the Ferrari sports car. With a rumbling sound of the gas pedal, he drove away.
“Little girl, are you okay?” The security guard ran over and helped Yolanda up. When he saw her knee bleeding, he sighed.
“I’m fine, thank you.” Yolanda bit her lip to numb the pain. She could feel her knees burning from the pain, but it didn’t matter. So what if it hurt? She was used to it.
Yolanda limped back to the dormitory of the school, her figure looking frail and lonely.
The security guard sighed. “Such a beautiful girl, how did she find such a boyfriend?”
Chuck drove back. When he arrived at his door, he celled Zelda, soon hearing the sound of a door opening and closing. Zelda then appeared at the corner and saw Chuck.
“Sister Zelda, what’s the matter?” Chuck asked deliberately, the frilly pants in the bathroom emerging in his mind unconsciously. He couldn’t help but look at Zelda’s waist. So she was usually wearing such sexy garments! Was she wearing an undergarment similar to that one? Is it lace too? Chuck was really curious.
“I left something in my room and I would like to go in and get it.” Zelda was a little embarrassed, but fortunately, he just came back only now, so he probably didn’t know.
“Okay.” Chuck opened the door and Zelda walked in.
She went to the room that she had slept in last night and opened the bathroom door. She quickly kept it away and was secretly relieved.
Thank God.
Zelda came out. ”Thank you.”
“No problem.”
“By the way, do you know who the new owner of the plaza where we ate at last time is?” Zelda suddenly asked.
“How would I know?” Chuck asked curiously as he had expected this question beforehand. His expressbn was so natural, so it seemed that the new boss was not him. Then who could it be?
“Well, it’s nothing then. Thanks!” Zelda said as she walked outside. However, she accidentally bumped into the closet and dropped her clothes which fell into heap on the floor.
Chuck stepped forward and asked, “Sister Zelda, are you okay?”
He hurried over to help Zelda up. He was amused, how could she be so careless?
“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Zelda covered her belly with her hands, her face full of pain. The pain was preventing her from kneeling down, and she could only rely on Chuck’s help.
Chuck thought pervertedly, if he had hid her undergarments that morning, then it would be hard for Zelda to ask about it when she couldn’t find it. Though it was a little bit risky, but…
Alas, he was slightly regretful.
She covered her stomach and ran out, but she was in so much pain that she could not walk properly. She had probably bumped into it too hard. Chuck immediately came over to her aid and asked, ”Sister Zelda, do you want me to send you to the hospital?”
“No need.”
“Then I’ll send you home.” Chuck had no choice but to say so. Zelda’s face was already contorting in pain, she was probably hurting a lot.
“Yes, please.” Zelda nodded.
Chuck helped Zelda back to her house. To be honest, he leaned so close to her that he could smell the fragrance on her body. Adding that on to the occasional physical contact with her, he was distracted and aroused although that it was wrong. After all, she was injured now.
Zelda lowered her head and looked at Chuck’s lower half, her face immediately turning red again. She was not a fool. How could she not know what he was thinking this time? Speaking of which, did Chuck dream of her last night when she saw him this morning? Zelda was a little ashamed. How could he do this?
Zelda was helpless, but she also felt strange. If Chuck had this idea, did it mean that she was charming to him? She didn’t know what to say and was flooded with pain and shamefulness. Since Chuck was like this, would he dream of her again tonight? Would he dream of her being flirtatious? She wasn’t that kind of person though. Zelda sighed and was worded.
After Chuck helped her to the sofa, he said, “Sister Zelda, I’ll go back first.”
“Well, thank you.”
The next morning, Chuck drove to the plaza first. When he arrived at Yolanda’s office, he was impressed by the fact that she was already there. He immediately continued the discussion with Yolanda about the next plans for the plaza. For now, there were still some shops that had not been rented out for a long time. So, he decided to attract people to open shop here by making the rent free for a year.
Yolanda had the same idea as him. The two of them took no time to agree on things and moved on quickly to implementing and promoting the idea. Chuck noticed that Yolanda did not wear a skirt today. Instead, she more a pair of long, casual pants that weren’t tight-fitting as usual, and she did not seem to walk around often like she would. He was curious, but he did not ask about it. However, Yolanda had to stand up to take the documents, and only then Chuck noticed that she was limping. He was surprised and asked, “What happened to you?”
“Nothing serious. I accidentally fell down when I went back yesterday,” Yolanda explained with a smile.
“Be careful then. Why don’t you go back and rest?” Chuck said with concern.
“There’s no need. It’s just a small matter.”
“Um, you don’t have to worry. I have decided to let you be the manager.” Chuck said, afraid that Yolanda would not go back to rest because she was worried about her post.
“Really? Thank you, haha, then since I am the manager now, I can’t simply rest like that. I have to work hard!” Yolanda said with a smile.
Chuck sighed in resignation. Why was a girl doing so much? During discussion of work benefits, Chuck was not stingy in terms of salary. He gave her a salary of 10,000 dollars a month, in addition to other bonuses at the end of the year. Yolanda agreed to all of this with a bright smile.
Chuck was busy in the plaza for the next two days, and Yolanda began to start publicizing the place. As for the Porsche car, Chuck had no time to collect the car, so he could only push it to a later date. Fortunately, he was a VIP there, so it wasn’t a big deal for him to leave the car there for a few days.
However, when he was about to go to the plaza today, Yolanda called him. “Lara from your class wants to rent a shop here with her cousin.”
Chuck was stunned, why did Lara want to rent a shop? However, he immediately realized that Lara might have heard of the news that rental here was free for a year, so she was wanted to inquire about it. He chuckled. Lara, you were asking for it!

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