My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 502

Chuck knew that he was a killer, but he didn’t blame himself, he was not disappointed, he was as good to himself as always, and Yvette was particularly moved.
But at this time, she was surrounded by some killers and could not get away temporarily.
Her plan clearly failed, and the killer organization had absolutely no room for discussion, and she would be chased to death by them.
But Yvette did not regret it.
“Wife, where are you?” Chuck was anxious, he had heard some gunshots.
Well, on behalf of Yvette has been chased by the killer, especially dangerous!
“I…” Yvette didn’t want to say, if Chuck came over, it would definitely be just as dangerous. This time he was besieged, he still had to find a way to break through.
“Say, I’m here to find you, and I will find a way.”
“Where is the headquarters of this killer organization? I’m looking for it!” Chuck said. Xie Ling still had to be the bell man. When he arrived at this headquarters, Chuckhui would talk to the people of this killer organization!
Chuck will agree on how much it costs.
This killer must stop the killing order! !
“Her husband, the killer organization is headquartered in the United States,” Yvette was moved.
“Okay, I’m here to find you now. Let’s go to the United States together. Let my mother take us both to the headquarters of the killer organization and talk to the boss. Where are you?”
This must be taken with my mother. Chuck of the United States has never been there. She is unfamiliar. This killer organization is even more powerful. It should give the mother some face!
“Me, husband, don’t come over, I can solve it by myself,” Yvette struggled. Does Karen li want to help himself?
Yvette was reluctant, even though he knew that Karen li would help, but Karen li was the enemy who killed his father!
In Yvette’s heart, this hurdle has never been passed.
“This is too dangerous. You have to go to the headquarters of the killer organization and tell me where you are, otherwise I will always be looking for you.” Chuck said seriously.
“My mother will help, because you were chased for me.” Chuck was anxious, he knew what Yvette was thinking and tangled.
“Yes, but don’t look for me, husband. Tell me when I’m going to the United States. I’ll look for you… Don’t talk to me, I will be sad if I am involved in you.” This is Yvette’s biggest Regressed.
Looking at it now, it seems that I really have to go to the United States and let Karen li help.
But the background of the killer organization is too strong, and the rules are dead. No one has a precedent. Karen li is even more powerful. Can the powerful killer organization withdraw the killing order? ?
Yvette felt that this chance was basically zero!
But… there is no other way.
Chuck sighed, Yvette’s character was still too stubborn, but Chuck had already prepared Betty to go to the United States, so it was the fastest.
Otherwise, Yvette does not know how long it can last.
“Her husband, I’m off, I have to break out, and then I will find a place to hide and wait for your phone, husband.”
“Well, I… love you too,”
Yvette hung up, kissed her phone, and then put away her phone. Her eyes were cold and ready to break through. The life and death of this period of time have improved Yvette’s ability to adapt too much.
Three people besieged at the scene, so you have to break one by one at the fastest speed.
She started doing this.
Chuck was anxious here, but there was no way out. Now he can only believe that Yvette can resist the past, and he immediately calls Betty.
“Sister Li, how are you going to go to the United States?”
“Go back to Master, it’s almost the same. I have contacted President Li. She asked me to take you back to the United States in three days.”
“Can it be faster?” In three days, Yvette didn’t know how many killers were going to be chased.
Yvette could resist for so long? ?
“This, Master, what happened?” Betty asked.
Chuck talked about Yvette. Betty didn’t speak for a long time and was very surprised.
“What happened to Sister Li? My mother can’t solve this killing order?” Chuck was anxious.
Betty’s state was to tell Chuck this information.
But my mother is so rich, there are still things you can’t do?
“How can I tell the young master this, I don’t know much. This will require Master Li to personally visit the United States before President Li can make it clear to you,”
Betty seems to remember that Karen li and the behind-the-scenes boss of this killer organization are a bit contradictory…
Then things are not so easy to solve.
“The young master returned to Haishi in these two days. After the third day, we went to Rice,”
Betty said.
Chuck can only agree.
The phone hung up.
“Cer, how to say?” Logan cared.
Chuck said it all. After three days, he went to Mi Guo. Logan was a little worried. What did the boss of the killer organization say? It seemed that there was a contradiction with Karen li. Karen li never mentioned it, and Logan did not ask.
After all, Karen li was once the number one killer of the killer organization!
Sudden withdrawal, there may be contradictions, then this matter is complicated, and after the boss of the killer organization has set the rules, no one has ever broken…
When the kill order comes out, you must die!
This is a death rule. No one can break it. No matter how powerful the killer is, a killing order is issued by the killer organization.
“Aunt Logan, I will go back the day after tomorrow. You are taking care of yourself in the capital.” Chuck actually wanted to take Logan to the United States, but how did Logan go in this state recently?
The injury is too serious, and you must rest quietly.
Chuck didn’t want to leave either, but there was no way to go to the United States this time to solve Yvette’s killing order, and even kill Black Rose and Ouyang Fei! !
“Well.” Logan was reluctant, she would not ask Chuck what to do.
As long as Chuck is good, that’s all.
“Be careful, America is different from China.” Logan said softly.
Of course Chuck understands that there is also Li Overlord, who is also a person who wants to kill himself. Looking at Mi Guo, can he solve this matter also, and Chuck also wants to see his dad.
“Aunt Logan, you can rest at ease.”
Chuck went back the day after tomorrow to resolve the matter over the maritime market, and they explained to Yolanda and Du Peixin that they should be able to go to the country with peace of mind.
“Well,” Logan was reluctant to close her eyes and looked at Chuck.
Chuck was walking around anxiously, especially worried about Yvette, Logan had never slept, closed his eyes and waited for Chuck to take his hand to rest, and at midnight, Logan felt Chuck pulled his own Hands up.
After a while, Logan opened her eyes and looked at Chuck, who was asleep, and she felt distressed. .
With a sigh, she couldn’t fall asleep and kept watching, until dawn, when Chuck was about to wake up, Logan closed her eyes, Chuck woke up and saw Logan sleeping soundly, Chuck felt at ease.
“Aunt Logan, your hand is so beautiful,” Chuck couldn’t help saying. She has been pulling Logan’s hand to sleep for a few days, feeling Logan’s body temperature, taking care of her, or worrying about her, Chuck has always wanted to say this.
Now Logan is sleeping, just say it, or how embarrassing would Logan be heard?
Logan was so amazed when she closed her beauty. ?
Logan was a little happy, but she had to continue pretending to sleep.
Chuck opened the door and went out, Logancai opened her beautiful eyes. She looked at her hand, and she smiled softly, “Cer, praise people so special,”
Of course, Chuck looks at Logan’s hand differently than Yvette’s…
In the next two days, Chuck contacted Yvette and determined that Yvette had escaped the siege several times before he was at ease. When it was one day away from your country, Chuck contacted Yvette and asked her to tomorrow Go to the sea market, and then go to the rice country together. Yvette agreed.
Chuckcai was relieved. At the very least, Yvette’s strength is now very good. After several killings in several days, Yvette resolved.
When Chuck heard this, he felt terrified.
His wife was so powerful, Chuck was ready to return to the sea market, Logan had already called to arrange the plane, Chuck could leave, but Chuck did not want Logan, and did not know what to say with Logan.
Only, walked over and hugged Logan lying on the hospital bed, “Aunt Logan, I will miss you…”
This is true, Chuck really would think, because Logan has a place in Chuckxin.

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