My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 503

Chuck went to the plane.
Logan was alone in the ward, and she looked at the downstairs and couldn’t see Chuck’s car until she lost her sigh.
When Chuck walked out just now, she almost didn’t want to see her eyes were red. She didn’t leave Chuck before.
She actually wanted to say something to Chuck when Chuck left, but she couldn’t say it.
Logan’s character is too considerate of others, she buried everything in her heart.
She was alone in the ward, and she couldn’t feel at ease. At this time, there was a phone call and Logan answered, “Qian Yueying is downstairs? Want to see Ceer? Let her come up.”
After a while, Qian Yueying knocked on the door and came in cautiously. She came over to find Chuck and had something to do with it. She decided to talk to Chuck and wanted to do something for Chuck.
Otherwise, Qian Yueying couldn’t rest assured.
“Hello, Mr. Tang, may I ask Mr. Zhang… is there?” Qian Yueying whispered.
For Logan, she has no confidence.
Because she knew it, she almost turned her money family into a poorly-made Chuck, but she respected Logan in particular.
“Cer’s back,” Logan’s feeling of loss is particularly heavy, really want to go to the country with Chuck.
“What? Go back?” Qian Yueying was stunned. Why did Chuck go back so quickly?
“Um, just left.”
“Thank you, I’ll go back first.” Qian Yueying turned around and retreated, and Chuck returned to the market. Why was it so sudden?
“and many more,”
“Will Mr. Tang have something?”
Logan came over and said directly, “I didn’t dislike you, but you know what you are, and I don’t want you to have more contact with my family’s policy, so you should stop looking for him. If you have anything to do, you can solve it yourself. Okay, come and let me help.”
Qian Yueying was sad, and Logan was straightforward. He was worried that he would affect Chuck, but how could he affect Chuck when he slept with Chuck? ?
“I’m sorry, I spoke directly, but there was no way.” Logan was sorry.
As a woman, she also sympathizes with Qian Yueying, but sympathy comes back to sympathy.
When it comes to Chuck, she will be especially cautious.
“It’s okay,” Qian Yueying walked out sadly, Logan didn’t keep her, she was lost, and she looked at the window outside, she was stunned…
Qian Yueying came out of the hospital. She drove sadly. She was all surprised. She came over to find Chuck. At this time, the phone rang. She took it out to see that it was her daughter.
“Mom, are you looking for your uncle? Are you going to date with your uncle?”
The daughter asked innocently, she saw that her mother Qian Yueying was very rare, really dressed up, put on makeup, and wore beautiful clothes, this is definitely going to date.
“No, he went back,” when Qian Yueying just came, he really wanted to invite Chuck for a meal.
But Chuck went back, did he go to Ye Shi Hotel to find him? ?
“Goed back? That mom went to his uncle’s house to find him,”
“Mom doesn’t go, don’t go, some people say mom, say mom…” Qian Yueying was sad.
She talked with her daughter, and she all shed tears. Recently, she really likes crying too much. It was not like this before. Is it really because of Chuck? ?
Or do you really feel Chuck?
Qian Yueying was dumbfounded, is that true?

Lara sat sad in the chair and had been in the capital for so long. Chuck did not take the initiative to contact her. She couldn’t help but call Chuck just now and asked where Chuck was, but Chuck answered the phone and said she was at the airport. , Is this ready to go back?
But why not call yourself and ask yourself if you want to go back or not.
What makes Lara sad is that he doesn’t have any status in Chuck’s mind. Otherwise, if he goes back, he will definitely say hello to himself!
Lara decided to go back home anyway. Anyway, his job was basically over here. It would be okay to go back to school.
Lara couldn’t wait to clean up the place where he lived, and went back to the sea market to find Chuck. He should be on the square!
Lara packed it up, set the plane, and took the car to the airport!

Here, Chuck has just arrived at the airport. Logan has arranged a private jet. Chuck just went directly into the private passageway, but Chuck found something.
This airport actually has some men in black suits looking for someone.
Yes, these are people from the Zeng family.
But they received an order to guard some of the outgoing places in the capital, and they must find Yvette who killed the young master! !
But for a few days, I have no clue! But there is no way to keep it!
They were hiding in the crowd, watching all suspicious people closely, hum, killed the young master of Zeng family, still want to run? ?
Of course Chuck didn’t know this, he was directly brought in, but on this VIP road, Chuck saw a beautiful woman.
Followed by a few people.
This beautiful jeans, with long legs and a pretty face, is not ridiculous, especially its temperament is too arrogant.
This is Duan Wenwen of the Duan family. She went to see Qian Yueying, but Qian Yueying did not disclose a little news. She could only find a way to blindly find the person herself.
But for a few days, Duan Wenwen was a little annoyed.
This person has wiped out the Zhao family. Is it still so low-key? ?
Or was it true that several elders in the family were right, because this person wiped out the Zhao’s family and reorganized the Qian’s family, so he hid in a traumatic manner?
The more he thought, Duan Wenwen was annoyed.
Because of this person’s appearance, he hasn’t slept well for so long!
Come to you, if you are seriously injured, then you will die, and my Duan family will not let threatened people live.
Originally annoyed, she found that Chuck came over and looked at herself. She frowned and said in a cold voice, “Look what?”
Chuck shrugged his shoulders and passed by Duan Wenwen without saying a word.
Duan Wenwen stared at Chuck with a sneer, then yelled angrily, “Stop, I ask what do you see?”
Chuck turned back helplessly and didn’t want to be in trouble anymore. He was really wrong.
Duan Wenwen was wearing jeans. Chuck thought of Yvette, who often wears jeans, so he looked at it more.
But in Chuck’s heart, this Duan Wenwen’s legs are still not as beautiful as his wife.
Chuck also has reservations. He occasionally thinks about it. I don’t know what Loganchuan looks like, and I should have no chance to see it.
This is a pity.
“Sorry,” Chuck said.
“Well, you’re wise!” Duan Wenwen said coldly, if Chuck doesn’t know him, he will teach him.
Chuck turned and walked away.
“Miss, what shall we do now?” Duan Wenwen’s assistant said.
“Continue to find.” Duan Wenwen swayed his long legs and walked outside.
“Yes, but this person is hiding, it is very difficult to find. I think that the person must be as vulgar as the man who just peeked. So he hides, saying that it is low-key, it is better to pretend “The assistant said.
“No, why wasn’t that man comparable to the man who had just written a pen just now.” Duan Wenwen shook her head. She didn’t think that Chuck’s insignificant appearance could be compared to the one who killed the Zhao family.
Chuck’s insignificant appearance, and the people who destroy the Zhao family, are basically two types of people?
“Yes, Miss.” The assistant agreed, and he and Duan Wenwen were looking for that person together. How could that person look like Chuck just now? Then it was a surprise! !
Duan Wenwen wants to go home and ask, what should I do? But she also had troubles. Her family’s industry in the country seems to have a problem. Do you want to go to the country? ?
Forget it, go back and listen to Grandpa’s opinion.
Chuck got on Logan’s private plane. The smell on it was all Logan. Chuck couldn’t help falling asleep, and slept particularly well. When he arrived at the sea market, Chuck came out of the airport and Betty was waiting outside the airport. Tomorrow Go to the United States, so today came to pick Chuck back to the hotel, by the way to protect Chuck.
However, before Chuck came out, she saw a beauty that she hadn’t seen in a long time, Murong Qing, she just came back from the field, Chuck saw her from afar, and after thinking of guilt in her heart, she remembered her in the car. time……
I haven’t seen you for a long time. I said hello in the past. Chuck walked to Murong Qing. Today Murong Qing is very beautiful. Chuck is thinking. Does Murong Qing still hate himself? ?

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