My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 509

Murong Qing’s face was very red, and Zelda was from here. She understood why Chuck hadn’t come out for so long.
She is sour, Chuck and Murong Qing are together, but what about themselves?
And she is still a woman who has a bad relationship with herself. Zelda is sour and has a little helpless anger.
Murong Qing had a bad relationship with Zelda. Of course, he went directly without saying anything.
Zelda sighed, but didn’t show it, and said with a smile, “Chuck, the dish is ready and ready to eat.”
Chuck actually had a feeling of being caught stealing things when he saw Zelda at the door. He felt guilty and flustered, but Zelda didn’t find out that he was at ease.
Chuck came over, but Chuck suddenly felt guilty. Zelda’s eyes were a little sad. She was a clever woman. She just found out just to not embarrass herself, so she didn’t say it.
Chuck was silent, closed the door and hugged Zelda from behind, “Sister Zelda…”
Zelda was sad, “What are you doing with me?”
“Me. I just did.”
Zelda turned around and shook his head, “You didn’t do anything just now.”
Chuck sighed, she really knew that Zelda was very smart after all.
“It’s just that I’m sad, why is it in my office? This is my place, this is where I work,” Zelda said.
Chuck was speechless, “I,”
“Do you jerk know?”
“Know,” Chuck admitted, he couldn’t help himself just now, forgetting that this is Zelda’s office.
“You will not be allowed to do other things in my office in the future, otherwise I will be sad,”
Zelda asked.
“Not good for you?” Chuck comforted her.
“It’s okay for me, but absolutely not for other women. This is my office. Murong Qing, who had a bad relationship with me just now, you… you, when were you together?” Zelda was sad.
Chuck can only say, Zelda snorted, “You are a jerk, a little bad guy,”
Chuck coughed, Yvette also called himself, and Murong Qing called himself a little bastard.
Also, these women are all older than themselves, so it is normal to call it.
“Okay, go out for dinner, don’t be hungry.” Zelda is an empathetic woman.
She knew what was enough, and what was excessive. She said something, and she felt a little better in her heart. At the very least, Chuck admitted that she didn’t hide it as a fool.
In this regard, Zelda is still happy.
Chuck felt at ease and went out with Zelda, but when he went out, he assured Zelda that he would never be in the office again.
Zelda hummed, “You have a camera in your office,”
“Ah?” Chuck was shocked.
“Are you afraid? Let you dare to do this again, my office can only be me and you, other women, can’t come in!” Zelda said.
Chucksong smiled, “Yes.”
“Don’t be afraid, without a camera, I’m not abnormal.” Zelda continued, of course not, Zelda is not that kind of person.
Chuck smiled slightly, “Neither am I,”
“Huh, isn’t it? I don’t believe it.” Zelda hummed, thinking that Murong Qing was in her office, she felt sour.
What a bastard, actually do that.
Zelda made a lot of dishes with his own hands. Four people ate together. Zelda, Betty, and Yolanda, only Chuck was a man, and Chuck also felt comfortable eating. Yes, this is usually a rare opportunity.
After eating, Yolanda went up to work, Betty was waiting at the door, Chuck and Zelda talked for a while, and finally Zelda was unbalanced in his heart, and had to pull Chuck to the office.
Chuck agreed coughing, and Zelda was empathetic.
After coming out of the square, Betty took Chuck back to the Yeye Hotel, Chuck tiredly waded on the bed, Betty continued to protect himself.
Chuck called Logan, it was reported to be safe, asked Logan how he felt, Chuck heard Logan’s voice, he was relieved, and finally called Yvette.
Determined that Yvette would come over tomorrow, Chuck was asleep.
But Betty knocked on the door.
“Well, sister Li, come in, the door is not locked.” For Betty, Chuck didn’t need to lock the door at all.
Betty opened the door and came in. She just received a message about Yvette, that is, the death of Master Zeng.
“Sister Li, what am I doing?”
Betty said, Chuck stood up in surprise, “What are you talking about?”
“Well, for Master Zeng’s character, it should be Yvette…thus, so Yvette was killed.”
Chuck’s eyes were cold, this Zeng Jiaran did such a thing? ? But these things, Yvette did not tell himself! She buried all these things in her heart.
“Master, do you need to teach Zeng’s family?” Betty despised this most, and the man forced the woman to do something.
“This, I will wait until I come back from the United States.” Chucksi thought about it. This matter must wait for the matter of Yvette’s killing order to be resolved.
Betty also has to follow herself back to the United States, letting others deal with it, Chuck is not at ease.
“Well, Master, take a rest early, I’m outside. If anything, Master, please call me,” Betty thought she could come back and say.
You can also start to teach the Zeng family after arriving in the rice country. After all, the Zeng family also has a little industry in the country.
Regarding these, when Karen li was ready to return to China, Karen li, the family of China, had checked it out long ago.
It’s actually easy to deal with, one sentence.
Chuck looks at Betty. She still wears her usual clothes and simple suits, but she has a strange feeling.
How to say, heroic posture.
“Does the young master need anything? Eat? Drink? Or is it uncomfortable?” Betty asked.
As a master of fighting, she is also proficient in bone acupuncture points. You can use this to massage and relieve fatigue.
If Chuck’s backache is sore, Betty can do this, as long as Chuckti can do it.
After all, when Karen li is leaving, let herself take care of Chuck.
“No,” Chuck shook his head, probably because of the wrong atmosphere.
“Yeah, Master, take a break early,” Betty said, turning around and going out, Chuck muttered,
“Sister Li, what’s your way to be uncomfortable?”
Betty was stunned, “Yes, massage, massage meridian bones, young master, need it?? It’s okay, President Li will let me take care of you, you just need to say anything,”
Sorry for Chuck, let Betty massage herself, how bad is that? After all, she is older than herself, so it is bad to tell her.
Betty smiled, “Young Master, don’t be embarrassed, just say that, where do I need to press?
When President Li is sometimes uncomfortable, I will also help her press her shoulder,”
There is a press, but Karen li mentions less.
Chuck hasn’t massaged yet, and he agreed tangled in his heart, “Well,”
“Where is it uncomfortable? Shoulder?”
“Young Master is so young, why is his waist uncomfortable? Let me see,” Betty came over seriously, Chuck was lying down, Betty pressed, suddenly a little embarrassed, where can young people have back pain? unless……
“Young Master is okay, just press the button,”
Betty used fighting techniques. Chuck heard his bones ringing. He screamed, but after clicking, he was much more comfortable.
“Master, you can’t press the back pain for too long. I’ll press the shoulder of the master,” Betty said.
Chuck said well, “Sister Li, have you ever learned this?”
“I learned from watching videos, after all, my task is to take care of you,” Betty did learn this.
Chuck didn’t press it, but he felt that the bones were really comfortable.
Pressing and holding, Betty found that Chuck was asleep, which might be too comfortable. Betty went out lightly, she murmured, “Master actually has a backache, what did you do while you were eating?” That Murong Qing? Shouldn’t they be in conflict?”
Betty didn’t think much about it, nor was she able to think about it.
The next morning, Chuck started to pack up. In fact, he was more nervous. After all, he went abroad for the first time, and English was not good.
Unlike Yvette, who has been a teacher, can speak fluent English. This is no longer enough to grind the gun now!
Fortunately, Yvette went to the United States with himself. He couldn’t understand English.
Yvette could translate.
“Master, I will go to Rice in the afternoon,” Betty said.
“Well,” Chuck nodded. He had already packed his things and would go to the airport later.
Chuck called Yvette and asked her to go directly to the airport.

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