My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 51

“Shall we rent it to them?” Yolanda Lane asked again when Chuck Cannon remained silent for a while.
“What do they plan to do?”He replied.
“It looks like they are planning on starting a milk tea shop,” Yolanda said.
“A milk tea shop?” Chuck smiled. Without the rent, the milk tea shop would cost 50 or 60 thousand dollars with the decorations and furniture. Perhaps it was Leta Jean’s cousin, Charlotte Yates, who took the big share while Lara offered a little money. Both of them should be hiring a couple of workers to work for them. That sounded like a good idea.
“Rent it to them,” Chuck said.
“Very well,” Yolanda said before hanging up the Phone.
Chuck hung up the phone, tidied up and drove to the plaza. Atter arriving at the plaza, Yolanda had already signed a contract with Lara and others. They had already taken the keys and went to plan the shopfront carefully. When Chuck had just arrived, he saw a shop which had been empty for quite some time, had its door half-opened. Lara and Charlotte probably had chosen that shopfront, their judgement was not bad too.
Yolanda said that she had accepted a deposit of 5,000 ddlars and Chuck nodded in agreement. Their marketing strategy of providing a one-year rent-free store to people succeeded as many people came to enquire about it, and there were only about ten of the shops left. And now, it was even better as more and more people were coming after the empty shop lots, they managed to hit their initial expectations.
Chuck heaved a sigh of relief. There was finally some good sign. He hoped that the plaza would become prosperous as soon as possible so that his mother would not be disappointed. Chuck then transferred three million dollars to the company’s account as the plaza needed some liquidity. Although this amount was not much for a plaza, it was all Chuck had in his bank account. He would still need to ask for more from his mother.
Chuck allowed Yolanda to keep that money as she was the manager after all, who was in charge of the whole plaza, facilities, employees, and so on. All of which needed money.
Yolanda look it and said, “Thank you for trusting me.”
“Don’t mention it,” Chuck smiled. He was lucky enough to get a beautiful manager to help him run his business.
“Let me know if the money is not enough.” He continued. “It should be enough. The rental from other shops in the plaza every month is already quite a large sum.”
“Well, you are right.” Yolanda smiled. It seemed that her decision was right. She needed a good boss at the moment.
Now it seemed that her decision was right.
Since Chuck had nothing to do, he planned to go to school for classes. Since holidays were around the corner, perhaps he should start putting more effort into his academics.
“Charlotte, look at this shop, isn’t it good?” Lara was interested. She had wanted to open her own shop for a long time, but she had no money. She was motivated when she heard about the advertisement for a one-year rent-free shop so she dragged her cousin over. It was free after all so she had the guts to do anything she liked.
“Yes, it’s not bad.” Charlotte nodded with satisfaction.
“Look, if it wasn’t for the rent-free period, the rental fees are around 7000 dollars per month. Now with the rent-free period, I am saving around 80 thousand dollars. It’s like I’ve gotten an 80 thousand dollar profit. As for the decoration and furniture, I’ve figured it out. This shop front is not big, so it will require at most 40 thousand dollars. We can hire two employees to work, and with some advertisement at the school, we will definitely make money. We will be bosses soon who earn thousands of dollars a month without doing anything. We can even earn more than that if the business is good.” Lara was somewhat hopeful.
Charlotte also smiled. Thirty thousand dollars, she had to fork out thirty thousand dollars. That was all she had after working part-time for so many years. As for where Lara would find ten thousand dollars, she didn’t know but it shouldn’t be a big problem.
“Well, then let’s go for a walk and bring the renovation contractors over to give us a quote. We’d better ask a few more companies so that we can get the cheapest quote.” Lara said.
“Okay, I know of a couple of companies nearby. Lets go and ask them now.” Hearing what Lara said, Charlotte was excited too.
The two of them pulled open the shutter gate and went out, but Lara saw someone and shouted, “Hey!”
In the distance, Chuck was stunned and turned his head.
Charlotte was overjoyed when she saw Chuck. Why was he here? Was he here for a meal? Charlotte was really surprised. Chuck did not take any move the last time they met. And Charlotte had insomnia for a couple of days after that, she thought, “Is Chuck interested in me or not? I said it so clearly in the car that night. But he didn’t touch me.” To be honest. Charlotte was very disappointed. She wasn’t that bad of a lady too.
ā€¯Charlotte, let me introduce someone to you. This is the top-grade loser in our class” Lara proudly pulled Charlotte and walked towards Chuck.
Charlotte was shocked. It turned out that Chuck had such an image in Lara’s heart. “Loser?” Charlotte wanted to slap Lara in her face.
“Chuck, what are you doing here? Are you here to look at the shoplots too?” Lara looked down on him. When she went to the manager’s office, she was surprised to know that the campus belle, Yolanda was the manager. She tried so hard to rnake Yolanda rent the shop to her but Chuck…..
Although she did see Yolanda, the campus belle, come to find Chuck in the class before, she not think much about their relationship. Now that she thought about it, she found it unreasonable. Why would Yolanda look for Chuck? Maybe it was because of Zelda Maine. Zelda was the only possible reason.
Perhaps it was because Yolanda had something to discuss with Zelda, then she knew Chuck was a friend of Zelda by accident, so she asked Chuck for help. Yolanda only took Chuck as a middleman, and it was nothing great.
“He didn’t even know that he was being used by someone else. What a loser!” She made the assumption in her head.
“I’m not here for the shops, I am just wandering around,” Chuck glanced at Charlotte and shook his head. Charlotte wanted to say something, but she had promised Chuck not to tell Lara about him. Charlotte felt helpless in her heart. “Lara, don’t you go too far, or he might take revenge on you. He’s so rich….”
“Oh….” Lara smiled.
“Why did I even ask though? Your purpose here can only be to come and wander around too, right?”, but Lara’s heart was full of contempt.
“He is probably lying. What a loser! Yolanda is just making use of you, but you are so happy that you think that Yolanda will talk to you? Stop dreaming, she is the campus belle! She will not pay attention to you at all even if you came to look for her. Do you think that she will be grateful to you because you helped her once? What a loser.” She continued to look down on Chuck in her mind.
“This is my store.” Lara showed off. “You don’t know it, do you? The manager of this plaza is the campus belle, Yolanda. I just told her to rent it to me and she immediately rented it to me after making a phone call!”
“Oh, it’s great. Congratulations!” Chuck smiled.
Lara was dissatisfied. “What the hell are you laughing at? I’m going to be a boss now, but you’re still following Zelda around. I’m much better than you.”
“Come and have a drink during the opening ceremony, I’ll give you one free drink.” Lara said.
“Oh, thank you,” Chuck replied lightly.
Charlotte’s face turned red. She felt embarrassed and was ashamed. Lara, Chuck could buy this store, but you…. how could you speak like he is poor? She thought. Charlotte could only throw at apologetic look at Chuck.
“It doesn’t matter to me. When your store opens, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to ask me for help.” Chuck thought in his heart.
“By the way, this is my cousin, Charlotte.” Lara finally introduced.
Charlotte breathed a sigh of relief and reached out her slender hand. “Nice to meet you.”
“Hello.” Chuck reached out his hand and shook it. This was the first time Chuck had touched Charlotte’s hand. Her hand was really soft and her skin was very tender.
Feeling that her hand was being pinched by his fingers, Charlotte’s face turned redder. What did he want to do?
“Let go, are you taking advantage of my cousin?” Lara was angry and hurriedly pulled their hands away.
Charlotte was irritated and thought, “What are you doing? I was willing to be taken advantage of by him! You….” Charlotte was speechless. If it weren’t for Lara, Charlotte would have pulled Chuck to the bathroom already.
“Pervert!” Lara curled her lips.
“Me? Pervert? Did I sleep with you that night?” Chuck said.
“You…..” Lara’s face immediately turned red. Yes, Chuck helped her in front of Zelda that day. She did say that she would seep with Chuck, but he didn’t want it!
Charlottes eyes widened. Was there such a situation between the two of them? Did they almost sleep together?
“Chuck, if you say it again, I won’t forgive you.” Lara was angry.
“Why don’t you let others know what you’ve done? You said it yourself that you were willing to sleep with me”. He said.
“You bastard, I did say that, but you didn’t come over. I gave you a chance but you turned it down, it means that you have given up. If it was today, do you think I will say the same again? Dream on! I have a boyfriend now, a rich man! A baller!” Lara glared at Chuck with a proud face.
“Oh, a baller? Who is it?” Chuck laughed.

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