My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 513

“Enough,” Yvette was a little bit shy.
Chuck felt so shy when so many people kissed himself.
If it is not enough, then Chuck will continue to kiss.
With translation, what are Chuck waiting for? Go in and have fun. This kind of casino, Chuck has never been here and should be very fun.
“Boss, your wife’s English is not as good as ours, but we have always been in the United States.
I’m very cheap, only one hundred dollars an hour.” Some women said unwillingly.
“Yeah, I’m cheap. It’s only three hundred dollars. The boss can do other things.” Another beautiful woman smiled slightly, her face full of charming.
“My husband doesn’t need it, you go find someone else.” Yvette said in standard English.
The grammatical standards seem to be the same as the Americans. Several translators are stunned. Are they better than they are?
You know, they have been in the country for many years, and they haven’t said such a standard!
A few translators were disappointed. The English spoken so well, they all felt ashamed!
“Wife, you are so powerful,” Chuck gave his thumbs up.
“You can also, I teach you,” Yvette tutored Chuckxue when he was studying, but Chuck didn’t want to, what did he say to do this?
She can’t help it, she can’t force Chuck?
At that time, if Chuck knew that his mother was so rich, she must have worked hard to learn, because if she had money, she would definitely go abroad, then when learning English would be useful.
But it is not too late.
Chuck now feels that more than one language is definitely beneficial. At the very least, what if he doesn’t have Yvette or Betty around him? ?
“Well,” Chuck agreed, “teach me at night.”
“Little villain, okay, teach you at night.” Yvette knew what Chuck was thinking, of course she would not be angry. She was originally Chuck’s wife, and she should be sweet.
Chuck smiled.
“Master, wait a moment, I’ll exchange chips first.” Betty said.
What Chuck looked at was really the same as the movie. There are so many people and beautiful women in it. They are many models from the United States. They are of good figure, beautiful, and they wear good clothes. It is pleasing to see.
So what do you do in the casino? Chuck was thinking about it. Anyway, my mother made a speech and played casually, but it was also fun.
What if you can win a little money?
“Wife, what are you playing with?” Chuck asked.
Yvette didn’t understand this, of course it was the husband and wife who followed, “Her husband, you have decided, I will translate with you.”
“Well, all the winning money is for you,” Chuck laughed.
“No, husband, you keep it yourself, you have given me a lot of money, don’t give me any more money.” Yvette moved.
Although she now lets her mother take over the Zhao family, she knows that she has taken over, and all her future money will be Chuck.
“Is it ok? Husband.” Yvette prayed like a little woman. Chuck was helpless. Yvette was his wife, so the money should be given.
“Is it good to teach my husband English at night? Whatever you like to learn, I will teach you anything, whatever.” Yvette served softly, but she knew that Chuck would not force herself.
Chuck smiled and understood.
Yvette blushed, “You’re such a villain…husband, look, what to do,”
Chucksi wanted to come and go, and felt that it must be related to playing dice. After all, he has a good hearing. No matter how much money his mother has, he will never lose it.
At this time, Betty took the chips and came over.
“How much is this?” Chuck didn’t understand.
“50 million dollars, young master, although you play, it is not enough for me to continue to change,” Betty said.
“Well, go over there,”
Chuck saw that Betty and Yvette certainly had no opinion and followed the past.
This is a pressure point, Chuck first look at it, after all, he does not understand this rule.
Betty understands and introduces to Chuck. This kind of rule will be understood as soon as it is said. Chuckyue wants to try it, and finds it interesting.
Then I spent 10,000 chips to try my luck. Chuck took 10,000 US dollars in chips and placed them in the double area.
The other guests at the gambling table also pressed, the dealer opened, missed, and Chuck shrugged.
“Her husband, don’t mind, it’s just the beginning,” Yvette comforted. The feeling of losing is still not good, although 10,000 US dollars is nothing to Chuck.
“No,” Chuck smiled, this is really just the beginning.
Some people at the gaming table mocked that with so many chips, they only bet 10,000 at once? ?
Reluctant to be?
“It’s nice, play slowly, I will always accompany you,” Yvette smiled, she didn’t want to see Chuck anxious.
Chuck shrugged and continued to watch. After he was fancy, this time he pressed a million dollars in chips.
Chuck felt quite cool.
But missed again, several people at the table laughed again! Will it play?
Really a fool, how can this be so fun?
Betty has no expression, this money is nothing, she came to accompany Chuck to spend money.
Chuck was helpless, why couldn’t he? His hearing is still there, he is definitely not used to it, and he continues to listen carefully.
Yvette was afraid of Chuck’s uneasiness. He secretly kissed Chuck and comforted him, “Her husband, don’t be angry, take your time.”
Chuck smiled, “No, let’s play together.”
“Okay.” Yvette took 10,000 US dollars in chips, and her eyes began to stare at the dealer. As a killer, she would watch closely.
The sixth sense is also good.
She bet a place, Chuck also bet, but opened, and neither of them was hit.
Yvette is here to fight, “Husband, can I still play?”
“Haha, of course,” Chuck laughed.
Yvette still got 10,000 chips. Chuck asked her to take a little more. Yvette was unwilling. Ten thousand was enough. What if she lost again? Yvette was reluctant, but this was Chuck’s money, which could not be spent indiscriminately.
Chuck is not easy to force, and play this with Yvette.
At the same time, the casino’s monitoring room.
The supervisor is a woman from the United States. She is carrying a red wine glass and looking at the monitor screen lazily occasionally. Her eyes suddenly saw a Chinese woman in the monitor. She is beautiful and has a perfect figure.
Even, the figure is more uneven than the women in the United States.
The supervisor stared at it for a few seconds, so familiar, she thought of a person, isn’t she a boss who recently issued a kill order in her killer organization?
Blood leopard? ?
The supervisor frowned, “Amplify that woman.”
Soon, the picture was magnified, and the supervisor was a little surprised, “I really read it right, really she, I didn’t expect this blood leopard to be so beautiful, hey, unfortunately, the boss’s killing order came out, you are Everyone must die!!”
“That supervisor, do we need to notify the organization over there?” someone asked.
“No, this is just a good opportunity for me to make a contribution. The reward for the chase order is ten million US dollars! Why should I make money for others? Call someone, listen to my orders!” the supervisor ordered.
Anyone who is a killer organization can kill this blood leopard. After all, a reward of 10 million US dollars is only the beginning. The most important thing is to reach the top of the killer organization.
This is more important than ten million dollars.
“Yes.” Someone prepared.
“Oh, it’s interesting. I know that I was chased, but I came here to gamble and believe in my strength? You know, the people I called are all killers! You are a fledgling female killer who can bear it. How many people?” the supervisor laughed. She ordered that the blood leopard would never run away.
“Check, who is the man and the woman next to me,” the supervisor ordered.
She walked in front of the screen and saw ChuckYvette bet inside, she felt funny, so fun, you have to lose as much money as you want.
Fortunately, it’s good to add a little income to the casino before death.
“Did you find it?” the supervisor asked.
“That man, who has never appeared in the United States, should be a rich second generation who came to play,”
“What about that woman?” The supervisor was disdainful, so it’s not worth mentioning. The second generation of a rich man is nothing in the country.
“That woman, hasn’t found it, the news is blocked,”
“Blocked? Then there is a little more ability, continue to investigate.” The supervisor stared at Betty coldly.

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