My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 52

“He just bought a luxury car. The money he spent on that car is an amount you can’t possibly earn in your lifetime.” Lara snorted with a disdainful voice.
Charlotte felt helpless and speechless. Your rich boyfriend is just in front of you!
“Wow, he sounds rich. Let’s ask him over so that I can get to know him,” Chuck said with a smile.
“My boyfriend doesn’t have time for you. He is busy running his own company and earning millions of dollars a day. And you expect him to drop his work just to come over to meet you? Who do you think you are?” Lara glared at Chuck.
Chuck touched his nose and thought, “Am I that busy? I run a company?”
“Why don’t you ask him over to see you?” Chuck said.
“He will come for me no matter how busy he is. But we had just met last night over a candlelight dinner and I don’t want to disturb him now because I am onsiderate girlfriend. You won’t understand what I mean, will you?” Lara curled her lips.
Charlotte was surprised. “Chuck and Lara met last night? It shouldn’t be, right? Otherwise, how could the two of them be like this now?”
“Lara, stop talking….” Charlotte couldn’t bear to listen any longer, so she quickly pulled Lara away.
“Why can’t I continue?” Lara shook her head. She was in a bad mood and was irritated by Chuck’s words. She really wanted to kick Chuck in his face. She had given him a chance to sleep with her before but he didn’t want to, It’s impossible for her to let him approach her again now.
“Yeah, so the conclusion is you can’t get him to come here now.” Chuck shook his head.
“Hey, stop it!” Lara yelled. She was annoyed. “Alright, I’ll send a message to my boyfriend to ask him to dnve over right now.”
As she spoke, Lara took out her phone. Charlotte felt helpless.
Chuck smiled. His mobile phone had always been silent. No matter how many messages she sent, no ringtone would be heard.
Lara sent messages to “baller” one after another, but there was no response. Lara was anxious: “Baller, please reply to me, okay?”
Lara bit her lip and hesitated, then sent the message to the baller again, “Reply me, I’ll do whatever you want tonight.”
“My words should be alluring, right? But…. he still didn’t reply.” Lara was disappointed and anxious.
She thought for a moment and decided to lie, “He said he’s in a very important meeting now, and that he’ll treat me to dinner later.”
Chuck almost laughed out loud. When did he say that?
“You can go on deceiving……” She stopped talking because at that moment, Yolanda was walking towards them from the opposite direction.
Charlotte was amazed when she saw such a beautiful girl. Then she felt ashamed of herself compared to Yolanda because she was way too beautiful.
Chuck was also stunned. He turned to look at Yolanda, who was limping towards him and thought, “What’s she doing here?”
Chuck immediately ran over to help her as her legs were injured. Yolanda smiled and said, ”Thank you.”
“You should have been more careful last night. Look at you now, you can’t even walk properly,” Chuck said helplessly.
“Well, I guess I shall take more precautions next time.” Yolanda apologized.
What was this conversation about? It was making their imagination run wild.
Lara was really shocked. “What’s going on? Why did Yolanda ask Chuck to help her and even smile at him? What’s more, did he accidentally hurt her knee during some ‘activity’ last night?”
Lara was dumbfounded because it was completely incredulous! She thought that Yolanda was using Chuck. Of course, she would throw him away after making use of him. But she didn’t expect that Yolanda would treat Chuck so well….
Charlotte sighed in her heart. ”So that’s how it is. He has such a beautiful girlfriend. Why would he be interested in me?”
“Sorry, the two of us have something to attend to,” Yolanda said with a smile.
Lara couldn’t come back to her senses, and she was envious in her heart. “Why? Yolanda cares about Chuck, and that ‘rich guy’ doesn’t care about me.”
“By the way, what were you trying to say just now?” Chuck asked curiously.
Lara’s face immediately turned red. Her face was burning red. She wanted to ask him to stop dreaming, but Yolanda actually came to find Chuck in person!
Chuck could not be bothered to entertain her anymore.
Yolanda said, “By the way, Lara, our boss said that you’ll have to do your best if you rent this shop lot.”
“We will. By the way, who is your boss?” Lara asked in a hurry.
“Why are you asking this?” Yolanda asked.
“It’s good to know one more person. Can you give me your boss’s number?” Lara was looking forward to it.
Chuck was speechless and thought, “Didn’t I give it to you?”
“No!” Yolanda shook her head.
Lara muttered, “How stingy.”
Chuck knew that Yolanda must have something urgent when she came over for him, so he helped her to the manager’s office.
“Who was that?” Charlotte muttered to herself.
“The campus belle, Yolanda, he is so lucky.” Lara muttered with her heart full of sourness. “What’s so good about Chuck? Even Yolanda treats him with such an attitude.”
He had nothing special about him. Except fur the fact that he was a little handsome, the rest……
Lara curled her lips. Maybe she thought that Yolanda had stolen something from her so she was not happy.
“You refused to sleep with me that night and you are now trying to sleep with Yolanda? Never come after me again, I won’t spend a single night with you even if you beg me.” Lara was fuming with anger, as she recalled the previous incident.
“Let’s talk about more important matters, Charlotte. Let’s go to the renovation company,” Lara said angrily. Her good mood had been ruined by Chuck.
“What’s the matter with you and Chuck? He just said that you wanted to sleep with him, then did you two really….” Charlotte asked.
“Ah, Charlotte, please don’t ask… Well, I told Chuck that to thank him for helping me. But he did not come that night so it’s not my fault either.” Lara said.
Thinking of this, she became angrier. She had gone all out at that time. In fact, she ever only had one boyfriend, and that was Conrad. Chuck still didn’t want her when she broke up with Conrad. The more Lara thought about it, the angrier she became. Chuck was really a pure loser.
Charlotte was suddenly enlightened ‘So that’s how it is.”
Looking at her shopfront, Lara couldn’t help saying, “Do you think the baller who bought the car is richer, or the owner of this plaza is richer?”
Charlotte shook her head as she did not know the answer to her question. But the plaza cost at least millions of dollars or maybe even more. Chuck was rich, but he can’t be that rich, right. Well, the owner of the plaza must be richer.
“Forget it. Let’s not talk about it anymore. We shall get the quote from the renovation company as soon as possible.” Lara said.
“Let’s go.” Charlotte agreed.
When both of them walked out of the plaza together, Lara turned her head and muttered, “Chuck, don’t say that I’m not trustworthy. If you call me before midnight, I can still keep my promise and sleep with you for one night. If you don’t do so, then you won’t have another chance.”
Chuck helped Yolanda back to the manager’s office. Yolanda just said something on their way back, mainly about her ideas in the future planning of the plaza. She had suddenly come up with some ideas earlier, so she came out and looked for him. Chuck was right. Yolanda was really capable of this job.
But when he helped Yolanda back, he caught a whiff of her musk. It was not a perfume, but it was very natural and fragrant. Looking at her beautiful face, he could not help but wonder……
He was jealous of William in his heart. William was indeed lucky to get a girlfriend like Yolanda who didn’t like wearing tight-fitting or sexy clothes despite having such a good figure. He could tell that Yolanda had a really nice butt while he was standing close to her.
But her loose pants didn’t show it.
After listening to Yolanda for a while, Chuck gave up on the idea of attending classes. At noon, he went to send food to Yvette Jordan. She should be in the company by now. But at this time, Chuck took out his mobile phone and looked at his WeChat. Then he felt helpless after reading Lara’s messages. Lara was really……
Another message came. It was sent by Lara: Baller, could you please lend me 10,000 dollars?

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