My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 522

Chuck, Yvette, and Betty followed Karen li in.
This is the first time Chuck went to a bar in a foreign country. There are too many beautiful beauties. They are all blue-eyed beauties. They are really dazzled.
This bar is actually not much worn, is this all the bars in foreign countries?
Chuck didn’t read much, after all, this is not the time to watch this.
Going inside with my mother, passing through the beauty group, came to a long corridor, Chuck was surprised, there are actually many men in black clothes in this corridor, everyone is tall, this is a scary, Yvette, who I just saw, was also a little bit stunned.
Are they all bodyguards? This is too high-profile! !
But it is also normal. This person is the boss of the killer organization. He is rich. Even if he usually invites 500 people to protect him, she can afford it.
“Karen li?” Someone came and asked.
“Well, she is inside?” Karen li said.
“Yes, but you know the rules of our boss,” the leader took out the inspection equipment and glanced at Karen li, Chuck, Yvette, and Betty.
This leader stared at Yvette.
Yvette took out a dagger.
“You can go in.” The leader said.
Karen li walked inside, and the three followed.
Open the door, there is a super large private room, on the table is a variety of precious fine wine.
But there was only one woman inside.
This woman has blue eyes, high nose, and three-dimensional features. Her eyes are very cold, and she is actually a beautiful woman comparable to black roses.
She was so good that she was sitting on the sofa. It was a charming piece of art, so beautiful.
This woman is actually the boss of the killer organization? !
Chuck was stunned. Just hearing that voice, Chuck thought she was a charming woman, but she didn’t expect the real person to be so cold.
Sure enough, the mother was right, this woman is moody!
Yvette stared at her.
This is the person who issued the kill order.
“Karen li, your speed is much slower, but it’s just right. Before you were fast, especially when you were a killer, it was very fast…” The woman said coldly, holding a glass of wine in her hand Fragrant red wine.
Like a royal princess.
“What?” Chuck was stunned. My mother had been a killer? How is this possible?
Yvette was also surprised, how could Karen li ever be a killer? If yes, what is her killer code name?
“How did it become so slow?” The boss behind the scene sarcastically.
“If you speak slowly, it’s better,” Karen li doesn’t matter.
This woman Karen li knows too well that she can turn her face anytime, anywhere. She does not fear anyone, and it doesn’t matter if she turns her face.
But Karen li once told her that it would not hurt her.
Karen li will do it.
“How did you become so good? Come, drink a glass of wine,” the boss behind the scene suddenly smiled and poured wine to Karen li.
Chuck didn’t want his mother to be insulted like this, he walked over.
“Little fellow, you don’t have the right to speak here. You are not qualified to drink my wine.
Only Karen li can know why?” said the behind-the-scenes boss, his voice as cold as ice.
“do not know,”
“Karen li didn’t teach you? Not big or small,” the boss said.
Chuck was annoyed, but the words were right, indeed, the mother and her generation in this room are the greatest.
According to his seniority, I really can’t drink this wine.
“Auntie, I’m sorry,” Chuck compromised.
This is the person who issued the killing order. Chuck should be careful.
“Who is your aunt? No big or small,” the boss behind the scene snapped the table.
“Enough?” Karen li walked over and took the glass. “Don’t talk about my son,”
“If he wasn’t your son, I would have asked someone to drag him out and hacked to death.” The boss said behind the scenes.
There is hair behind Chuck, is this woman so vicious? ?
“Well,” Karen li drank this glass of wine.
“It’s about the same,” the boss behind the scene snorted. “The wine is also drunk, and the people are also there. You can go,”
“You know what I’m doing here,” Karen li said.
“Know, I know! You came here to break my rules. I’m OK if you ask you to drink. What else do you want to do?” The boss’s blue eyes were cold inside.
“What do you want, you can withdraw the killing order and let her go once,” Karen li opened the door.
There is no need to say anything to such a woman.
“I don’t want anything, as long as she dies!” The boss behind the scene looked at Yvette like a dead man.
Yvette was not afraid. She felt that even if Karen li could not solve the matter, she would not be left alone, and she would find a way to keep herself alive.
“There is no room for negotiation?” Karen li is calm.
“What do you say? My rules are set, it’s dead, no one can break, including you!” The boss behind the scene said coldly.
After so many years, the rules have been set, and it has continued this way, saying one is one, otherwise her killer organization will not jump into the world’s largest killer organization!
Rely on the same rules as iron!
“Can we talk about it?” Karen li sat down.
“Cer, Yvette, Betty, you also sit,” Karen li looked at them.
Chuck, Yvette, Betty are ready to sit down.
The boss behind the scene waved his hand and stared at Yvette, “Your two sit, barely, but you can’t, my sofa is not for the dead!!”
Yvette didn’t move.
Of course Chuck stood up, as did Betty.
“Blood leopard? When you have broken my rules, you should know that you will die terribly!”
The boss behind the scene was cold.
Yvette did not fear, the two looked at each other.
“I now decide to kill you in the most painful way and let everyone who breaks my rules know that this is the end!” The voice behind the boss seemed like ice water.
Inside the room, the temperature has dropped.
Too domineering, too cold.
Karen li sighed, “Enough is enough. I know what you want to do. I get it. Let’s talk!”
Karen li knows her, she is forcing herself to compromise.
Behind the scene, there is a cunning appearance in the blue eyes of the boss, “Karen li, how do you understand me so much? Are you a small roundworm in my stomach?”
“What do you want?” Karen li said straight.
“My rules are so hard to work, you actually want to break, then I will be sad, how should you make up for me?” The boss said behind the scenes.
“Money?” Karen li asked.
“Am I short of money? I don’t have as much as you, but I’m not short of money. I also have money. I’ll give your son a big red envelope later. Isn’t this your Chinese tradition?” The boss behind the scene smiled a little. .
Chuck has cold sweats, this woman is a little scary, the key is to be unpredictable, you say cold is cold, and moody, if who is her boyfriend, then you will not be driven crazy?
“No, my son is not short of money. You don’t need money. What do you want?” Karen li said.
“There are so many things I want, you will give them to me? Otherwise, why am I breaking my own rules? Are you saying yes?” The boss behind the scene had a little teasing in his blue eyes.
“You said.” Karen li simply, she came to help Yvette solve this matter, no matter how much the cost, she will agree.
“Then I said, three conditions, you promised, then I will let her make an exception this time!”
The boss said.
“Okay, you said,”
“The first one, I will shoot her a shot! She is not dead, then I will say the second condition!” The boss stared at Yvette behind the scenes.
“No! Your marksmanship is like a god. If you shoot, she will die!” Karen li immediately refused.
This woman’s marksmanship is terrifying, and she is completely shot!
Yvette could not have escaped at all, nor could he resist to die.
“What do you praise me for doing this? I just shot her a shot, which is unwilling, so there is no need to talk, it is over!” The boss behind the scene suddenly became indifferent.
As daunting as ice!
Karen li was silent and sighed again, “Say, you can mention another condition,”
“Really? Can I mention it?”
“Well, I mentioned it. I think your son looks good. I want him to…” The boss behind the scene looked at Chuck and suddenly smiled.
“No!” Karen li immediately refused!
Chuck knew, why did my mother say that she had no morals…

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