My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 524

Chuck didn’t move anyway, and the boss’s behind-the-scenes look even more icy, “Small things, aren’t they far away from me?”
Chuck smiled slightly, shrugged a little and lifted the glass, “Auntie, this wine is delicious,”
“Know how precious this wine is? Your mother can’t get a bottle.” The boss behind the scene said indifferently, “You…”
Chuck thought it was delicious, and his mouth was stuffy, almost like drinking a drink.
“Auntie, give me another drink.” Chuck smiled.
The wine glass reached out.
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“Waste, get out, and want to drink my wine, is this the way you drink it? Essentials!” The behind-the-scenes boss has cold eyes!
This bottle of wine is very precious. She didn’t want to drink it. She showed off in front of Karen li today, but Karen li just drank it. She wasn’t surprised at all. This originally annoyed the boss behind the scene. Now Chuck actually After drinking two glasses like this, she heartaches!
You know she likes drinking, and this bottle of wine is so precious that there are only three bottles in the world.
“Then aunt, teach me,” Chuck blinked.
“Don’t mess with me, I’m not your aunt, get out!” The boss behind the scene poured himself a glass and tasted it carefully. I felt that I was in a better mood.
Chuck looked at her pitifully.
“Don’t look at me, you know how much you drank me with just two glasses?”
“Then I let my mother pay you.” Chuck doesn’t matter, isn’t it money anyway? There are super tyrants like moms, and it doesn’t matter how much money they have.
As long as Chuck and his mother talk about it.
“Drinking and letting her pay? She will laugh to death,” the boss behind the scene frowned, what a joke? She hates being mocked by Karen li most.
At that time, Karen li was still a killer. She felt that she could chat with Karen li. She often invited Karen li to go to any club. Karen li refused every time. Karen li was not such a person.
Her three views were super positive. .
Of course she was angry, not to mention, Karen li suddenly stopped being a killer, she was even more annoyed, and she couldn’t let go until now!
She is so kind to you. Every time you invite you to the club to relax, you don’t even have to go, and she doesn’t do it at the end. She feels abandoned. This is abandoned by Karen li…
So she is angry!
But Karen li is also kind to her. Because of the different reasons for the three views, Karen li never went to that kind of place, but at other times, Karen li definitely did something between friends…
“Auntie, what’s going on with my mother?”
Chuck took her wine and poured it, the boss behind the scenes immediately grabbed it, “Don’t drink this, you drink is waste! Drink that.”
Chuck shrugged and didn’t care to drink the other bottle.
“I think your mother looks down on me,” the boss said.
“Looking down? My mother is not that kind of person.” Chuck was speechless and collapsed.
The mother was affable everywhere, so rich, but there was no sense of superiority to strangers.
This is the most rare!
Chuck inherited this point, there is no arrogance, even if Chuck has this strength.
“That is, I took her to the clubhouse to relax, but she didn’t go.”
“Uh, uh.” Chuck thought she was out of order.
This mother will definitely not go!
My mother will definitely laugh and cry when she hears this.
“Then? Isn’t there anything else?” Chuck breathed a sigh of relief, so there was still some talk.
Chuck thought that the mother had killed her relatives.
“Nothing else? A whole lot, how stubborn is your mother? Everyone is a woman. I took her to find a man. She didn’t go. She took her to other places. She didn’t go either.”
“Well, auntie, don’t say it,” Chuck was shocked without words.
“Why don’t you tell me why I want to tell you?!” The boss behind the scene was a little joking.
“I want to tell her that she looks down on me and I will play with you,” the boss said, and Chuck was shocked.
What kind of ghost logic is this? ?
“That’s whatever,” Chuck doesn’t matter.
“Little guy, what are you thinking? I thought I’d let you touch? You’re really thinking, sister, I was joking with you just now! Do you think you will let a toy touch you? I play you, you are me One of the toys may be a car, or it may be a ball that allows me to play at random…” The boss behind the scene laughed.
Chuck convinced her, “Do you think my mother would let me do this?”
“Look at you, if you want me to withdraw the killing order, then only obediently listen to me, there is no other way, you know?”
Chuck was thinking, he would definitely not be a slave. The mother said, don’t give up the dignity of men. necessary!
Chuck shook his head, “No,”
“I didn’t force you. If you don’t do it anyway, your wife will die. The Zhu chase order I issued was very powerful.”
Chuck is speechless, why is there such a woman?
“I can only promise you something to do, but I will never be insulted by you!” Chuck said.
“Don’t be insulted by me? What did Karen lisheng come out for?”
Chuck stared at her, her brow furrowed, “What are you staring at me for?”
Chuck didn’t care about her.
“Go away, have you heard?” The boss behind the scene was frightened! !
Chuck doesn’t matter, “You better scream, then my mother will come in to rescue you when she hears it, she will laugh at you, and she was actually played by me,”
“You, good Karen li, gave birth to such a shameless son!” The boss behind the scene was angry, she said so, but she didn’t want Chuck to touch it.
What does it mean to be touched? On behalf of myself was played by Karen li’s son Chuck, something she couldn’t accept! !
Chuck stopped, “Auntie, come straight to the point, you say, how can you withdraw the killing order.”
“Do not withdraw, why should I withdraw?” The boss behind the scene turned around.
Chuck shrugged. “Really?”
“Little guy, are you threatening me to come? If you are not Karen li’s son, you were so close to me just now, and people have already minced you to feed the dog!” said the behind-the-scenes boss.
If Chuck really touched her just now, she would be really angry.
Of course Chuck doesn’t dare!
Chuck stood up and walked to the door. The boss frowned behind the scenes and sneered. “Call your mother to come in? Let her come in. What are you doing?”
Chuck suddenly jumped, as if running.
The boss behind the scene didn’t quite understand it, but after seeing Chuck’s sweaty running, he was panting.
She was annoyed and understood, “Well, you’re a little thing, dare to indulge me! Let your mother misunderstand?”
Chuck continued to run on the spot, the more sweat on his body the better.
The boss behind the scenes took out a golden gun, “Stop, run again and I will kill you!”
Chuck was unmoved and continued to run on the spot. His mother was outside, afraid she would shoot?
Chuck is not afraid, this boss actually has no major contradiction with his mother, but she is careful, too moody.
She shouldn’t shoot herself. As long as she shoots, her mother will definitely come in and kill her. She is willing to trade her own life for Chuck? ?
Certainly not!
The blue eyes of the boss behind the scene narrowed, “Good boy, stop, you can stop… I let you stop! I can withdraw after the hunt!”
Chuck Song breathed a sigh of relief and stopped, “Thank you aunt,”
“But I want you to promise me five conditions.”
“Five?” Chuck collapsed, and he really knew how to speak.
“Yes, five conditions!”
“play me?”
“Too lazy to play with you, the five conditions are that I have other things.” The boss behind the scene was indifferent.
Among these five conditions, she thought about one, and the other four were definitely useful.
Chuck was relieved, “Okay, I promised. But I will consider these five conditions. Not everything will be done. In case Li let me die, let me kill my mother, what shall I do?”
That won’t work.
“Little fool, I will let you do such a thing? I hate Karen li and hate you even more. I can’t bear you to die so fast. Come here and give you a big red envelope. This is your Chinese tradition.”
The boss behind the scenes Really. rich? Chuck shook his head, “No, my mother has.”
“I don’t want to hear such words again,” the boss behind the scene shot cold, Chuck shrugged and came over, “Well, then, how much do you intend to give me?”
“You say it yourself.”
“How much do you have?” Chucksi asked.
“Do you want all?”
“No, auntie, just give me a little, one dollar is enough,” Chuck said.

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