My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 527

“Can you surprise me?”
There is coldness in the big eyes of the black rose and blue, is this surprised? Did you come here to find yourself?
This is not surprising, and after you recover, you will find you Chuck!
“That’s not necessarily, I am surprised, can let you come and take the initiative to find me, do you believe it?”
Chuck smiled here, but this smile was full of coldness.
“I will take the initiative to find you, you can rest assured.”
“No, no, I want you to come and find me now! You saw me this surprise, you will find me, do you believe it or not?”
“Don’t believe it!” Black Rose said coldly. This is the radical method. If she is not injured, then she must have gone, but now this state is not good. can not go.
“haha, really?”
Chuck hung up his phone and immediately found a photo of the black rose and sent it according to this number.
Here the black rose frowned, and it seemed that the phone number was temporarily unavailable.
Her cell phone was put away, her eyes were even colder, and Chuck actually challenged herself! !
Black Rose wants to kill and vent his anger!
Suddenly, her phone rang again, and she didn’t want to watch it. Chuck was so surprised, she wouldn’t be surprised! Absolutely not!
She opened it and looked at it. It was a picture. She frowned and was familiar. Who is this?
She stared at this photo without a face for a few seconds, her big blue eyes were full of anger! ! this is? my own?
Impossible, how could you be photographed by someone!
The black rose hit immediately.
“Hey, are you surprised?” Chuck said.
“Who is this? Who is this?” Black Rose’s voice was as cold as a thousand years of ice!
“What do you say?”
“You think you just find a photo and send it over, you just…”
“Don’t worry, many, many, I will send you slowly, don’t hang up,” Chuck shrugged and continued to send a few.
At this time, Black Rose clearly saw that it was himself, but how could Chuck have his own picture in his hand?
Is this s? But the physical characteristics are all my own!
Black Rose’s heart trembled in such a moment!
“Are you? Surprised?” Chuck smiled.
“Where did you get it!” The black rose sounded like a needle!
She has never done anything with any man. How could someone take a photo while taking the opportunity? ?
Suddenly, she looked at herself in the photo, her face pale and unconscious? When is this? What did she think of…
“You don’t know yet?” Chuck said.
“say clearly!”
“I’m a little sorry for you, who did you take these photos for, you don’t know?”
“Being…” Black Rose thought of this suit, this background, only when he was in China, he was injured that day, Ouyang Fei helped him to treat the wound, but it was too hard, and he fainted.
So during the period of unconsciousness, Ouyang Fei seized this opportunity?
But why did she shoot? why? ?
Black roses and big blue eyes stared at the door of the private room!
“Let me tell you all right, Ouyang Fei! I didn’t expect you to believe her that much, and she was taken by her. She had to say that Ouyang Fei made it very clear. She knew how to take the photo.
You have a black rose. Good!” Chuck said.
Black Rose was angry and almost spit out blood. At that time, when Ouyang Fei wanted to take a photo of Logan, he should have thought that Ouyang Fei was a person with no bottom line!
She was overcast by her!
“Ouyang Fei took it, how could it be in your hands?”
“Last time, Ouyang Fei’s mobile phone fell off, hehe, I picked it up, right, how is your signal? I’ll pass the video to you, and the video!”
“Shut up!” Black rose blue eyes suddenly reddish?
Being so vigilant, you would be attacked by that kind of woman?
Ouyang Fei, Ouyang Fei! !
“What is the taste of being betrayed? I think Ouyang Fei took your picture just to threaten you.”
“Give me the picture!”
“Are you surprised?”
“give me!!”
“No, come and find me, and I will give you, otherwise I will appreciate you alone, and give you three hours to come and find me, I am in my mother’s house, you should know! Time is up, you But come, then I will send to the major websites of the United States, so that you can become the hottest person in the country in less than a minute!” Chuck said coldly.
The phone hangs up!
Here the black rose bloody eyes, she was surrounded by anger, she was murderous, suddenly, she rushed in.
The boss behind the scene was stunned and frowned, “What are you doing? Where is this place?”
“Sister, what’s the matter with you?” Ouyang Fei shivered without asking.
Because when Black Rose came in, the murderous eyes stared at her.
Ouyang Fei trembles and can make Black Rose look like this, but it can’t be a good thing.
“I am so good to you, saved you, taught you so many things, you are so kind to me?” The blood in the big black rose and blue eyes was blurred.
She has never been nice to anyone. The only time she actually got this kind of result this time.
She took advantage of her coma and took a picture of herself?
Black Rose was willing to be killed by Ouyang Fei at the time, and he was not willing to be photographed, and he was also killed by someone he wanted to kill. Chuck saw his body.
Every sarcasm of Chuck has just been inserted into the heart of the black rose like a knife. At this time, the heart of the black rose is already riddled with holes.
She was sad, she was sad… why is this so?
“Sister, what are you talking about?” Ouyang Fei shook back.
She is fighting now, but how could it be the opponent of Black Rose?
“What I said, you know!” Black Rose walked over to kill! boom! !
The black rose kicked out, Ouyang Fei screamed and fell to the ground, covering her stomach and spitting out blood.
“I want to take everything I have to you back!” The black rose was surrounded by anger, and she came over step by step!
“Ah, sister, save me, save me.” Ouyang Fei got up and ran behind the boss behind the scenes.
The boss behind the scene frowned, “Black Rose, what do you think of me here?”
Seventy or eighty men rushed in from the outside, with guns in their hands against black roses!
When I came in just now, the black rose’s gun was temporarily caught. This is the rule!
Dozens of guns were pointed at the black rose, she had no fear, her anger was still there!
She moved, the gun was close to her, close at hand!
“Black Rose, I advise you to recognize what you are doing. This is my place!” the boss behind the scene said coldly.
“She, I fancy it, you leave!” The boss stared at the black rose behind the scenes!
Ouyang Fei is proud, how about being discovered by you? I have a new backer now, a hundred times more powerful than you! !
Seen by Ouyang Fei’s sneered eyes, Black Rose couldn’t help it. She suddenly felt powerless and sad. Why did she do that?
Everyone is a woman, why!
“Black Rose, you know my rules, don’t force me!” the boss behind the scene said coldly.
Kill someone in your own place? Still kill someone you think you can?
This is absolutely impossible!
“You want to protect her?” The black rose was weak. With so many guns at her, she moved.
Even if she was a black rose, she would be killed. What’s more, Chuck let herself pass in three hours!
If you die here, your photos will be seen by countless people.
The black rose closed his eyes in pain.
The boss behind the scene frowned, “Black Rose, what is your situation? Why should you kill her?”
“Because she did something that made me sad,” Black Rose’s tears came out. This was the first time she shed tears. In this weak situation, she shed tears.
Anger, weakness, grievances overwhelmed her.
“What’s the matter?” The boss behind the scene questioned. Black Rose knew that she was very disciplined and never did impulsive things. She was so annoyed today and still crying. What’s the situation? ?
Ouyang Fei panicked, “Sister, I took her things…”
“What? It takes so much fire? Black Rose, you say!” said the boss behind the scenes.
Black Rose couldn’t say anything. She decided that if she could come back, she would definitely die with Ouyang Fei! !
“I won’t let you go!” Black Rose turned around and she stopped. “Boss, the person you are guarding is not as simple as you think. She will do things without a bottom line, even for our women.” same!”

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