My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 529

Black Rose drove over, she was reporting the determination to die, she was dead, and the photos would be destroyed!
Karen li, Chuck, Yvette, and Betty all looked at the black rose driving.
This villa, it was a super large, empty courtyard, and the black rose car stopped.
The black rose came down, and there was blood in the big blue eyes, “I’m here, give me the photo!!!”
The sound is dry!
Black Rose does things with the utmost attention to cleanliness. I did not expect to be caught by the handle this time.
And it’s still the kind of picture. Black Rose attaches the most importance to his body, not the injured one, but the psychological one.
It’s been a long time since Black Rose debuted, and he has never made any men. At that time, the boss was looking at her and wanted to find some people who broke her. Black Rose refused directly.
It can be said that the black rose is particularly conservative in this respect, but the photo was taken and still seen.
She came over, her eyes were all red, Ouyang Fei, she already hated it!
Chuck looked at her calmly, as did Yvette.
The black rose came quite simply.
But why didn’t Ouyang Fei come? Chuck frowned.
“Chuck, give me the photo!!!” Black Rose walked in front of four people.
Karen li looked at her like this.
“Return the photo to me!” the black rose growled.
“Karen li, I know you want to kill me, okay, you let your son give me the picture!” Black Rose’s bloody eyes stared at Karen li.
Karen li kept looking at her.
Black Rose pulled out his gun and faced himself. Karen li was expressionless and Chuck touched his nose. There was a little surprise. Black Rose valued the photo so much?
“How many shots?” Black Rose’s voice was hoarse.
She had thought of a sneak attack, but she knew that her own strength was not Karen li’s opponent, so what use is a sneak attack?
Two lessons from the past, she assassinated Karen li twice, both after the strictest arrangement, but the final result was still a failure.
Karen li was not hurt twice, and the gap was obvious.
What’s more, Karen li is still waiting for her. Her photos are still in the hands of others, and she has no chance.
So she chose the most direct method!
Get back your photos!
“Karen li, I will ask you how many shots will your son give me the picture? I ask you!!!” Black Rose growled.
She was really hurt by Ouyang Fei.
She won’t treat anyone anymore.
“I don’t need you to shoot, you…” Karen li shook her head.
Black Rose can come over, so Karen li has enough strength to deal with her, there is no need to let Black Rose shoot himself.
This is not consistent with her usual style.
Karen li likes fair play. If you want to kill, then you can just come over and fight with you.
Karen li is like that.
Her strength is enough to support her like this.
But yes.
Peng! !
Black Rose pulled the trigger, a bullet pierced her body, blood flowed out, and Black Rose didn’t frown.
She was pale and sweaty.
Karen li was surprised, Chuck, Yvette, Betty were stunned.
“Give me the picture!” the black rose growled.
“You don’t have to do this, me…” Karen li shook her head.
Peng! !
Black Rose pulled the trigger again, and the bullet pierced her body again.
Blood is coming!
With two shots, half of Black Rose’s body was stained with blood.
The black rose was shot twice, she stood still, and the sweat on her forehead dropped to the ground.
“Return the photo to me!” Black Rose’s big eyes were blood red, and his voice was hoarse to the extreme!
Karen li watched her silent for a few seconds, “Cher, give her the picture.”
“Well,” Chuck took out the cell phone he picked up Ouyang Fei.
Karen li catches the black rose!
Black Rose reached out to pick up, Karen li shook his head, “Gun! My son is here, I don’t want anyone to use a gun!”
The gun is too dangerous. In case of a shot, no one can carry it!
Black Rose threw the gun on the ground. She took the phone tremblingly and opened it. There were a lot of photos and even videos. After she deleted them all, she was completely relieved and got back her photos.
She wanted to cry.
Never encountered such a thing.
“You assassinated me twice, I can not care about you! But you hurt my son, hurt Logan, these two things, I will count with you!” Karen li looked cold.
This is something she can’t tolerate!
The black rose broke the phone, her eyes were red and covered with blood, her hands were covered with two gunshot wounds, the blood was still straight, “Okay, I know I can’t escape here today, you can kill me now!” ”
“It’s easy to kill you! Before you shoot, I’m still easy to kill you,” Karen li was cold.
Her strength, killing Black Rose is simple, this is no matter whether it is injured or not, there is no difference for Karen li’s strength.
“Yes, it’s easier for you to kill me, now it’s even simpler.” Black Rose didn’t have any fear.
“I will not bully you, three moves, you can resist my three moves, you can go!” Karen li said.
The black rose froze, “Three strokes?”
She did not expect Karen li to say such a thing.
But when she heard it, she was not so surprised. She wanted to kill Karen li very much. She had followed Karen li for a long time.
She thought that Karen li, who was so powerful, would be a cruel, unscrupulous person, but it was not.
Black Rose himself has to admit that Karen li is a very special person.
If someone respects her for a foot, she will pay for it.
Karen li should be ruthless to others and good to others, especially with principles!
That’s why Karen li said this.
“Three strokes, if you promised not to deal with my son anymore, then three strokes! It can be used to make up for the injury of shooting yourself two shots.” Karen li said.
Black Rose looked at Chuck, and she bit her lip, “I, I can’t kill him now.”
“I will let you speak later,”
“That’s ready, three strokes!” Karen li walked out.
Black Rose covered her wound and stared at her. Suddenly, Karen li punched out.
The strength of her arm is amazing!
The Black Rose was tall because of the American, but the punch hit her, and the Black Rose flew out, and fell to the ground like a movie, spitting blood.
Black Rose climbed up, two gunshot wounds had hit her, she had no energy to resist, this punch, Black Rose fainted.
Karen li walked over, and Black Rose gritted her teeth.
Karen li punched again!
Black Rose snorted and fell out five or six meters, spitting blood at the wow, struggling on the ground, dying.
With these two punches, Karen li didn’t keep his hand!
Black Rose finally knew the gap between the two, and even if she didn’t get hurt, she couldn’t resist the two punches.
“Get up!!” Karen li said coldly.
The black rose gritted her teeth, but she lost her strength, and more blood shed from her body, and her limbs were weak.
“Get up!” Karen li repeated.
The black rose’s lips were bitten, and he barely shivered and climbed up. boom! !
Fist banged!
The black rose fell out, into the grass in the yard, motionless, and blood had spread.
Karen li turned around, “Cer, let’s go in,”
Chuck shrugged and pulled Yvette into the house, and Betty also entered the house.
Karen li arranged for Chuck and Yvette to return to the room. Karen li said, “Only the black rose came, but Ouyang Fei did not come.”
“This, will the black rose kill her?” Betty analyzed.
Is this something a normal person would do? ?
The person who secretly took the photo, Black Rose knows the truth, and will definitely kill Ouyang Fei!
In other words, she will do the same.
“This is possible, but this girl, Ouyang Fei, has such a big mind and will be killed as simple as that!” Karen li was thinking about this.
To be honest, she felt ashamed of Ouyang Fei’s behavior.
“So, what do you mean?” Bettymei’s eyes flickered.
“This Ouyang Fei pays close attention and finds her as much as possible. If you die, you can’t find the body. Then this Ouyang Fei is definitely not dead!” Karen li’s sixth sense is very strong.
She always feels that someone is somewhere. Mocking, and this man is Ouyang Fei hiding in the dark!
“Yes, I will check now.” Betty said.
Karen li nodded, her eyes looked outside, and the place remained motionless.

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