My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 54

Chuck stopped thinking about it after a while. How could he mess with the ill Yvette at this time? Yvette might not like it if he forced her into doing so, even if she was willing to, her weak body was not suitable for that activity too.
Chuck came out of the bathroom and saw Yvette eating the porridge on the sofa. He was relieved seeing her up and about as her complexion looked a little better. Chuck no longer had any intention of sleeping with her after seeing her current condition.
“I guess it’s time for me to go back,” Chuck said gently.
“Alright then, thank you.” Yvette stood up coldly and then said, “It’s better to walk further to the main street as it’s easier to flag a taxi there.”
“Okay.” Chuck did not tell her about him driving over.
“Take this.” Yvette took out 500 dollars from her bag, walked over, and handed It to the dumbfounded Chuck.
“What is this for?”
“The money is for the medicine you brought, as well as compensate you for traveling back and forth from here.” Yvette said coldly.
Chuck felt helpless. It was only a few dollars for the medicine and there was really no need for her to pay him back.
“No, you keep it.” Chuck shook his head. This was too courteous of her.
“Take it. You need money to pay your rent and also your meals.” Yvette insisted. Then, Chuck grabbed her hand and refused.
Yvette’s cold body was tremblilg, and her face was a little red.
“You really don’t have to do that. We’ve been together for so long. No need to do that.” Chuck was a little disappointed.
It was not a good thing for Yvette to be too courteous. After all, he didn’t come for money. He came for…. Although they didn’t do anything, it was also good for him to come and see Yvette.
“Mm.” Yvette’s cold hand struggled for a moment before she withdrew her hand. Her expression was unnatural and the atmosphere in the room became a little awkward.
Chuck wanted to kiss her so badly. Her lips were very sexy. They had slept together for so long but Chuck had never kissed her before. He wanted to know how it felt to kiss her lips.
However, Chuck held himself back. He knew clearly that her impression of him would deteriorate badly, if she refused his kiss and pushed him away.
“Have a good rest. I’m leaving now.” Chuck broke the silence.
He opened the door and went out, but Yvette suddenly said, “Has the owner of the plaza you’re at changed?”
Chuck shook his head and indicated he didn’t know.
“Okay, be careful on the way.”
Chuck went downstairs and left after getting in the car. He smiled as he thought about it over and over again on the way. Although he didn’t do anything this time, he managed to improve Yvette’s impression of him. It was one step closer for him to win her heart again.
The next morning, Chuck called Yvette and asked her how she felt. He was relieved to hear her voice sounding better. He wanted to send Yvette some breakfast so he made a phone call to check on her first.
Chuck immediately hung up the phone before Yvette could even refuse. He then drove to Yvette’s place and parked the car by the roadside. Next, Chuck bought some breakfast and went upstairs to knock on the door.
Yvette opened the door and she looked much better. Chuck didn’t step into the apartment. He then handed her the set of breakfast and said, “Have a good rest.”
Chuck turned around and left after that. He had no intention of entering the apartment at all.
Yvette was stunned. She thought that Chuck would come in and stay there for a while. Although it would be a little awkward, Yvette had already prepared herself for it. However, she did not expect him to not come in at all…..
Yvette looked at a large set of breakfast – there was porridge, buns, and jam. The portion was more than enough for 3 people. She looked at them for a few seconds and suddenly shook her head and chuckled. “Can l even finish this much food?”
Chuck got in the car and received a phone call from Wilbur Wendel. Wilbur was calling him to ask him about the dinner at the five-star hotel tonight. Chuck was surprised. He did not hear of this event before this. Besides, a fancy dinner organised at five-star hotels normally required invitation cards to attend. He didn’t intend to be there for free food and drink. He was not that shameless!
“Why aren’t you invited? Did you not receive the invitation card?” This time, it was Wilbur’s turn to be surprised. After all, they had all already received an invitation card. Why didn’t Chuck have one?
“No, what’s it about?” Chuck was curious.
“Oh, I heard that it was organized by a woman named Karen Lee. I have never heard of her before but she seemed to be someone important. There were rumors that she bought the most luxurious five-star hotel in the city two days ago with cash! It is impossible to buy the entire hotel without two or three billion dollars. Then, Karen Lee, also known as Madam Lee, issued a party invitation! My dad got it, and you….” Wilbur’s voice was even more unexpected.
“Karen Lee?”
Chuck muttered to himself. He had never heard of this name, but someone who had billions to spend must be really rich.
“I didn’t receive an invitation. I am not attending it, enjoy yourself tonight.” Chuck shook his head.
“Well, by the way, why haven’t you driven your 911 home?”
Chuck had no free time these days. He had been busy at the plaza wth Yolanda. Besides, there were much more pressing issues to attend to before driving the new car home so he had to delay it for a bit. He had a car of his own anyway.
“Well, it’s okay. You can park there anyway, its okay.” Wilbur commented.
“Alright,” Chuck replied.
After hanging up the phone, Chuck drove back to the plaza first. When he arrived at Yolanda’s office, Chuck was surprised to see two exquisite boxes on the sofa, and there was a beautiful card on it. “What’s this?”
Chuck asked curiously. Yolanda said, “Someone delivered them early in the morning.”
Chuck opened the card and was surprised to see an invitation card from Karen Lee. Chuck smiled. She probably wanted to invite the owner of this plaza. Since he had an invitation, he could be present at the dinner. Anyway, he would have to socialize more sooner or later. Chuck opened the box below to find a high-end suit, leather shoes, a watch, belts, and ties.
Chuck was surprised. He didn’t know much about this, but it was Yolanda who became surprised next. It an Italian handmade suit, and…. it’s a limited edition…..”
She had some knowledge of such things, but she was also shocked at the moment, because the suit alone cost more than 300,000 dollars. Not to mention other leather shoes, belts, watches…..
Chuck had never heard of these brands before, but he knew they should be very expensive. But what did Karen want to do? Why would she treat all of them to dinner and even bought them suits? Chuck opened another box and was stunned again. It was an exquisite evening gown, high heels, and a diamond necklace…..
It was a complete outfit for a lady to attend a luxurious event.
Chuck was shocked, why was this Karen so generous?
Looking at the female outfit, Yolanda’s eyes dazzled with excitement. The dress was also custom-made and extremely luxurious. It would be such an honor to be able to put it on!
Chuck wanted to go alone, but now that a woman’s outfit was also prepared, he hesitated. Who should he take with him?
Yvette? Of course not. Yvette had not recovered from her illness yet. Zelda Maine? Since Wilbur had received the invitation, as the owner of a large restaurant franchise, Zelda’s assets were worth more than 100 million dollars, so she must have received the invitation too.
Chuck thought hard for a long time and decided to attend the dinner alone. But Chuck suddenly realized that Yolanda was still admiring the dress happily, should he bring her with him then?

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