My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 541

Black Rose didn’t hesitate. Karen li could say this. In fact, Black Rose still had something strange in her heart. Is this what Karen li can deserve? ?
“my son.”
“What’s wrong with your son?” Black Rose looked at Chuck in the car.
It’s a little strange, why did Karen li mention this?
“I want you to protect him secretly, at your own price.”
Karen li thought about it, still felt Chuck’s safety, and still had to further ensure that this place, the Li family would always shoot, she could be there every day, in case she was delayed?
Karen li didn’t want to let her suffer for life for herself.
Therefore, letting the black roses protect at any time is more reassuring to Karen li.
“Let me protect?” The black rose was tangled in a flash.
Black Rose originally had a big mustard because Chuck looked at her photos. She wanted to leave Chuck far away. Now she still has to protect it secretly? ?
“Well,” Karen li persuaded, “you can casually mention the price.”
This is true. When it comes to Chuck’s safety, Karen li will not blink his eyes for how much money, because there is only one life, and it is worth the money spent.
“I, it’s not a matter of money, yes…” Black Rose said tangledly.
“What is it? You can tell me.” Karen li is approachable.
“This can’t be said,” although it is all women, but those things are difficult to tell!
Also tell Mom Chuck, Karen li? How do you say this?
Could it be said that your son has seen my picture, and I still have a mustache in my heart? ?
In this case, it would be more difficult to speak to the black rose that had been silent.
“Understood, do you still think that my son will kill you?” Karen li really understood.
She didn’t understand this verbally, she understood it in her heart.
At the age of Karen li, she was so eloquent, she saw the tangles on the black rose’s face. Why did this tangles come from?
The clever Karen li thought of it all at once.
“No,” Black Rose shook his head.
“Then there are other things? My son has something that I forgot to remember after reading it,”
Karen li smiled slightly.
The black rose was stunned. It turned out that Karen li really understood it, but can you really forget it after reading it? ?
Black Rose looked at Chuck in the car. At the very least, Chuck didn’t look at himself much, and it should have been forgotten.
“Me.” The black rose was entangled.
This is a human relationship. Karen li let her down. Black Rose refuses to do so, and Karen li will not force her.
But the black rose is actually in her bones. If someone like her treats her well, she will keep it in her heart forever.
Just like Karen li, she will respect her life.
She couldn’t refuse Karen li’s request. It can also be said that Black Rose is actually a person who knows how to move.
“You can consider, one yard to one yard, the price you can casually mention,” Karen li smiled.
“I… well, I picked it up,” Black Rose bit her lip and agreed.
This is the first time Karen li let her do things, she does not want to refuse, even if the mustard in her heart is still there.
“Okay, thank you. I will post 50 million US dollars to your account later. This is not your remuneration. Your remuneration is calculated separately,” Karen li said.
“No,” Black Rose refused. She must not be as rich as Karen li, but she still has a billion dollars.
After all, she is the number one killer! ! It’s been so many years since she debuted, and because her consumption is not high, she doesn’t pursue any luxury goods. Of course, she has a lot of savings.
But her ability to make money, even if it is a luxury, there is no problem.
As much as you can earn, you should have a matching consumption level.
“I want one yard to one yard.” Karen li said.
Black Rose can only accept, “But I still have one thing to deal with.”
“It’s okay. After you’ve dealt with it, you will secretly protect my son. If you don’t need it, you can’t do it,” Karen li said.
In terms of concealment and protection, Black Rose’s ability is still outstanding. Karen li only needs to determine Chuck’s safety. After all, if people want to grow up, they cannot avoid setbacks.
Karen li had to guarantee Chuck’s life and death, but also had to let Chuck grow in frustration.
What she wants is a growing Chuck. If you want a greenhouse flower, then find a hundred, a thousand people can protect it, or even let Chuck go to a country, then it will be particularly safe.
But Karen li did not want this, nor did Chuck want this.
At the very least, Chuck’s fighting spirit is still great! “Yep.”
“Then I will go first,”
Karen li got in the car, took Chuck, and Yvette left.
Black Rose stayed quiet for a while, and then sighed to call her boss’s house. She actually wanted to secretly protect Chuck’s safety. This thing, Black Rose had never thought of it.
She saw the boss who urged her to call, and then asked who was going to kill, she resolved the person in a day.
After tidying up things, he began to watch Chuck in one place at any time.
Of course, there are some pictures of Chuck and Yvette at night. Of course, she chose not to watch them. This is a natural thing, and she certainly understands it.
But she seems to have discovered something. Why hasn’t Chuck and Yvette been together? ?
She didn’t think much. After seeing Chuck fall asleep, she stared for a while, looking for a place to lean on, and closed her beautiful blue eyes…
The next day, she opened her big blue eyes and began to continue to stare, but when she woke up, she discovered that Yvette was helping Chuck.
Her big blue eyes moved away immediately.
Soon after, Black Rose discovered that Chuck and Yvette were going out. What is this for?
She received a call from Karen li.
“My son goes to Jiang’s house, you shouldn’t have to take action on this matter.” Chuck didn’t say, Karen li knew that, she was so smart, why couldn’t she think why Yvette was injured? ?
Chuck wants to help Yvette get what belongs to her. This is also a kind of exercise. Karen li will not stop Chuck’s idea, only tell Chuck’s right or wrong.
The road is to rely on Chuck to go by himself!
However, Karen li couldn’t laugh or cry.
Chuck brought a lot of people, but he didn’t tell Karen li, what is this for? ?
Clearly told Yvette that Chuck did not ask Karen li for help.
Karen li was amused by his son’s move.
For Yvette, this is “anything to the extreme.”
“Well, I will follow.” The black rose was ready, and he packed up and followed, of course, from afar. This could not be discovered by Chuck.
Actually, it was a little embarrassing to be found.
Black Rose did not want to face this embarrassment.
Of course Chuck doesn’t know about this matter. If he knows it, he will be surprised. Once he wanted to chase his own black rose so that he would protect himself in secret? ?
“Wife, it’s almost approaching, they have to agree if they don’t agree,” Chuck said.
“Well, husband, after we finish this, will we go back to China?” Yvette wanted to go back to China.
The main reason is of course Karen li.
She didn’t want to face Karen li, because Karen li was kind to her, but she still wanted to kill Karen li.
She didn’t know that her father’s death was okay, but now that she knows, how can she turn a blind eye? ?
Yvette couldn’t do it!
She was afraid, and Karen li would treat herself better, and her determination would be shaken.
So leaving here and returning to China is the best choice!
But she went back alone, worried that Chuck would be sad, so she had to ask Chuck’s opinion.
This must be asked.
“Well, go wherever you say,” Chuck said.
Yvette moved and returned to China.
When the car stopped, Bettydao driving, “Young Master, here.”
“People surround this place!” Chuck said.
Betty immediately commanded with a walkie-talkie, “The first team and the second team will enclose a two-kilometer radius, prohibit anyone from entering and leaving, and the third team controls the altitude!”
When she said it, Chuck heard the sound of the helicopter. Chuck saw that ten helicopters were flying in the sky, and Chuck was stunned. This was so much better than any family guard of the Zhao family.
This helicopter is beautiful!
“Master, the blockade is over,” Betty said.
Chuck looked at Yvette, “Well, my wife, you can get your things back today.”

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