My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 547

Chuck hung up the phone and his mother came over immediately.
He stared prostrately outside. Black Rose was still in a shootout with this man. Yvette’s eyes were puzzled, “Not right,”
“What’s wrong? What does the wife say?”
Chuck didn’t see anything. He heard the sound of the shooting from afar, and there were flashing spots in two places like flashing flashes.
“I think Black Rose is an aunt… Yes, Karen li sent to protect her husband,” Yvette is also a smart person.
This is obvious. Black Rose saved herself last time. When she left, Karen li and her said something alone. At this time, it should be persuading Black Rose to protect Chuck.
Yvette remembered that when she was in the car at the time, she also saw the tangle of black roses on her face.
“She will promise to protect me??” Chuck was stunned.
To be honest, the last time Chuck wanted to kill her. After all, Logan was hurt like that, and it had something to do with her.
But when she saw that she shot herself with a gun for her own photo, Chuck suddenly felt that it was not too good to use a photo to lead a woman over.
And still in front of women like Yvette and Betty.
So when my mother said that, when dealing with it, Chuck did not have any opinions. Although, as long as Chuck mentioned it at that time, his mother would definitely die.
But Chuck still did not. He might have been shot by Black Rose and wanted to take a picture of herself, and it was so touched!
How do you think that black roses become like that, most of them are caused by Ouyang Fei. If she didn’t take photos of Ouyang Fei, how could Chuck use the photos to threaten her?
“Yes,” Yvette of course saw who the black rose was.
Chuck is puzzled to look outside. Really?
Yes, no, Black Rose will not call himself at all.
It will not continue to desperately with others.
How much did this mother spend to ask her? The first female killer, this should be considered a sky-high price.
“There is something wrong,” Yvette also experienced many shootouts and found out the problem.
“Where is wrong?” Chuck asked.
“My husband sees that Black Rose has too few counterattacks. This is not like her character. She may have been injured. This gunman is too powerful. She may die,” Yvette said seriously, but Black Rose saved himself once. Yvette is also a person who has gratitude, and she can’t stand it anymore.
“Her husband, be a little bit, stay here, and wait for Karen li to come over. I’m going to help Black Rose now, otherwise she might die,” Yvette stood up immediately and took the gun.
Chuck got entangled, “I’m going together,”
Chuck is not worried about Yvette.
Yvette didn’t say anything, so he kissed Chuck, “Husband, be good, wait for Karen li to come here, and Black Rose saved me before, so I have to go,”
Chuck sighed, Jiang Cenan’s character, Chuck also knew.
If Yvette is forced to stay, Yvette will be sad.
Yvette went to get a gun, and soon she took a sniper rifle. This distance was too far, which was very difficult for Yvette.
What’s more, she couldn’t put the battlefield here, which would have affected Chuck.
Yvette ran out, according to the location of the person in memory, to find the best sniper location, two people teamed up, may kill this person! !
Yvette went to look for it.
Chuck looked in the room. He saw that Black Rose had fewer and fewer counterattacks. Does this mean that Black Rose was seriously injured?
Suddenly, Chuck saw a low roof in the distance. A man fell down and was wearing a black dress.
Is this a black rose?
Chuck struggled for a second and ran out. He is also a man, so hiding here is also suffering for her. boom!
The bullet shot relentlessly, and the black rose bit her lip. The gunshot wound on her body was already very serious. She didn’t know how long it could last.
The bullets fired one by one, this is to force yourself out.
Black Rose took a few deep breaths to make herself feel better, but the gunshot wound was too heavy, she gave herself another shot of painkiller.
Doing all this well, she decided to continue to support, she must insist that Karen li came over, otherwise Chuck who protected herself would be in great danger! suddenly!
There was a shot in the other direction! !
Black Rose is stunned, is this?
She didn’t see who it was, but this level of shooting was definitely not Karen li, then it was?
It should be.
Suddenly there were other gunshots. In a corner, a man sneered. This precision is a rookie in his eyes!
He moved the already hot muzzle to find out where the new shooter was.
“With it, die!!”
He pulled the trigger and fired a shot. boom!
At the shot, Yvette’s face was cold, so accurate shot!
She felt a huge danger, but how could Yvette, who was in danger and weathered, be afraid?
She already has a strong psychological quality.
She shot, and the black rose in another place also responded, Yvette sighed.
“Look for death, then I will solve it first! Black Rose, you can die!” The man shot a shot! boom!
The stone shattered and the black rose was injured. She was suddenly exposed to the shooting range and the like. The man saw it and pulled the trigger.
Bullets shot out!
Black Rose evaded. Suddenly, one hand caught her. In surprise, Black Rose pulled her behind a wall.
There was a strong man’s breath.
The big eyes of black roses and blue are all stunned. boom!
The bullet hit an empty place.
The man frowned, “There is still a person, is that Chuck? This is a bit interesting!”
“Yes?” Black Rose saw the person clearly, but she was a blank expression.
“What are you doing out there? Are you going back soon? Hurry up! Let go!” Black Rose frowned, his face pale with cold sweat.
Her hand was still grasped by Chuck.
Chuck didn’t answer, but let go and took the black rose’s gun. The black rose’s hand clenched tightly, “What are you doing? Don’t take the gun!
“I’m always in touch with this kind of thing,” Chuck said.
The killer on the opposite side is so powerful that if Black Rose can’t reach Yvette, then Yvette is in danger.
How could Chuck see Yvette have an accident?
“To contact, let Karen li teach, don’t hinder me!” Black Rose said coldly, making the cold sweat on her face more and more.
“Is my mother please come to protect me?” Chuck wanted to make sure.
Black Rose didn’t want to answer this question, but she answered, “Yes, if it wasn’t Karen li, think I would appear here?”
“Hide behind me, don’t make trouble! I don’t want my mission to fail,” Black Rose continued to shoot.
Chuck stared at her every move.
Black Rose and Yvette have joined forces, and they are not their opponents.
Because Black Rose was shot at the beginning, his strength was greatly reduced. It didn’t take long for Yvette to get in touch with this, and it would take time for him to be talented.
What Yvette lacks is experience and time.
However, these two are fatal weaknesses in killer sniper battles.
“Look for cover to find the one who covers all of your body. If you reveal it a little, others may be killed.” Black Rose said coldly. boom!
The bullet came over.
Black Rose guarded Chuck, “Is it really dragging your legs, still not squatting down?”
Chuck listened, he secretly watched how the black rose shot, he knew.
“What are you looking at? Looking down!” Black Rose covered Chuck’s head with his body and pressed him down.
“I’m watching that person,” Chuck said.
“Look at the neuropathy, the other party has a gun, look at it with his head?” Black Rose was angry.
Scolding Chuck in jerky Chinese language.
“There is no need to protect me like that, and I am not a fool. I know what I can’t do,” Chuck certainly knows. He just wanted to see how Yvette was doing. If Yvette was in trouble, he would really feel the sky. Collapsed.
“Thought I would? I promised Karen li, and I must do it!!” Black Rose said coldly.
To be a killer requires professional ethics. If you agree, you must do it, even if you die. This is the bottom line of Black Rose! This is the bottom line of her first female killer!

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