My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 549

The man covered his wounds and drove to an ordinary place. There were many people in this place. Others simply didn’t expect anyone to be here.
He drove in.
When he got out of the car and walked through the streets, when he reached a house, he knocked on the door, and then pushed the door in. There was no sunlight and no lights on, but he saw a person on the sofa who could not see his face clearly.
Is a man.
“Failed?” The man’s voice was very soft.
“Yes, it failed. A man suddenly appeared. It was particularly powerful. Two shots hit me.
Fortunately, I was wearing a bullet-proof jacket.” The killer man said angrily.
He has been debuting for so long, he hasn’t met such a powerful opponent.
That black rose cannot reach this level.
It must be that Karen li is right.
“Two shots hit you?” The man sat on the sofa, his voice fluctuating slightly.
“Yes, fortunately I was wearing a bullet-proof jacket, or else…” The killer man pointed at his shoulder, and the pain made him angry.
I actually suffered such a big loss in front of a woman.
“She can hit you with two shots, can you come back?” The man’s mood fluctuated.
“Yeah, I wore a body armor, so…” The killer man explained, it had something to do with his preparation! !
It has something to do with his own strength and decisiveness. Seeing the other party so powerful, he decisively left!
“Your body armor is completely useless in her eyes, do you understand? The person who can hit you in two shots, the second shot can kill you, but it hits your shoulder, do you know why?”
“There is no reason, she didn’t hit, I used to cover but used…” The killer man defended!
“I said, it’s nothing but fiction, don’t you understand?”
“I…” The killer man was annoyed. He was obviously experienced and decisive. Why did she say that she was so powerful?
“She really wants to kill you, even if two shots won’t work, the third shot, the fourth shot, and even the fifth shot will continue to be shot until you die, you have no chance of escaping, you still believe it is you Your own ability? Do you know ridiculously?” said the man.
“What do you mean?” The killer man is angry!
“I said you were a pig.”
“You, you are looking for death, you think you have paid, you can scold me? I will still kill you!” The killer man pointed his gun at the man on the sofa.
The man shook his head. “Unbelief? Then you dig out the bullet on your shoulder and cut it with your dagger to see.”
The killer man frowned, but did as he did, digging out the bullet with pain, and then slashing it hard with his dagger. The bullet split in half, with a glowing crystal in the middle.
The killer man was shocked, “This is? Tracker? When is there such a tracker?”
“You are ignorant, Karen li’s technology company is arguably the world’s most technologically advanced company. You know she has invested a lot of money in research and development, you will be surprised! This kind of thing, for her technology company, It’s just a small thing.” The man said.
“This?” The killer man was covered by shock.
“So I said you were a pig, she could kill you with a second shot, and you still smugly thought you were hiding well? No wonder you are always a killer.” The man stood up from the sofa.
“I thought that you could help me do it, but I didn’t expect that you not only failed to do it, but now also brought her to me. Are you a pig?” said the man.
“I…” The killer man suddenly felt terrified!
Karen li can really kill himself in the second shot?
Look now, yes!
I picked up a life myself.
“It’s a pig, so don’t live and waste food,” the man said suddenly. When the killer man raised his gun in exasperation and pulled the trigger, a thing came silently.
The killer man’s eyes widened, and because this thing hit his throat, he instantly felt suffocated!
This is actually just a knife and fork.
“You…” The killer man is unbelievable, he actually died like this?
“Don’t be a pig in your next life. You’re stupid like this. If you don’t come to me, then I’m too lazy to kill you, but I came here to find me. I don’t want to kill you?” The man said.
The killer man struggled painfully, and finally stopped moving, his eyes were still wide, he didn’t believe it until death, he was killed by a knife and fork, and he had no time to rebel. .
The man wiped his hands with a tissue.
“…Hehe, quiet, why are you so unpredictable? After studying so many gadgets, what’s the use?”
The man said with a slight chuckle, but he smiled very lightly, suddenly he stared at the door, his voice fluctuated, “Come so fast? Worthy of being the world’s second fighting master, but I don’t want to use this now Meet you with an identity…”
The man said, tidy up and leave.
Suddenly, his cell phone rang, which was shaking. He took it out to see that it was Karen li, and he smiled slightly, “Interesting, actually doubting me? You have never been like this before, to me Smarter?”
Answered, he left indifferently from behind.
“Hello, um, I’m still outside, I will go back immediately…”
The man’s calm voice grew further and further away until it completely disappeared. Ten minutes later, the door was pushed open.
A person came in.
It is the expressionless Karen li. She saw the killer man lying on the ground in the pool of blood.
She was not surprised. The man was dead.
He just shoots. Others don’t. It is normal to kill him.
Karen li stared at it for a few seconds and started to check the place. After an hour, there was no clue!
It’s too clean.
Karen li sighed. She took out her mobile phone and looked at the phone number she just called.
The note above was Zhang Qingyang…
Karen li stayed in this room for a long time, and suddenly the phone rang, Betty.
“What’s the matter, Mr. Li?”
“Why? No one should be able to see through!” Betty was particularly surprised. This kind of tracker installed in bullets, this method, is generally impossible for others to know.
“After seeing it, the bullets were cut open,” Karen li looked at the two halves of the bullets cut on the ground.
“Mr. Li, did you see this man?” Betty asked after waiting a minute.
“Is that young master’s dad…”
“Not him!!!” Karen li said solemnly, but he didn’t feel confident?
Karen li has never seen him shoot, never, but will he not fight at all?
Karen li didn’t see it. At any time, Karen li took care of him.
But what if it is hidden? It may be hidden for one or two days, but it has been hidden for more than two decades. Karen li has not found it. If it is really hidden?
How deep is this city? ?
This person is a pillow person who shares the same bed.
But why is he doing this?
Kidnapping for money? will not.
Didn’t you give it yourself? His money has always been endless, how much to give, as long as he said, then no matter how much Karen li, Karen li never said nothing, immediately made money.
In his card, there is always a hundred billion dollars.
No matter how many times it is used, it will always be there. If you use Karen li, you will get in.
There is no reason!
“Well, it’s not him. Don’t be like this, President Li. I’m scared,” Betty was scared. Karen li was rarely. He basically didn’t have such a gaffe. Betty’s face was white just now.
“Sorry, never again.” Karen li sat on the sofa, unable to leave.
“Don’t say that, Mr. Li, come back, don’t stay too long, dangerous, or should I come over to pick you up?” Betty cared.
Of course, she heard that Karen li was not in a good state. She worried that Karen li would be attacked by him.
Karen li is a person who attaches great importance to emotions. Maybe, if she is attacked by surprise, she may not respond.
“No, I’ll come back by myself.” Karen li stood up, and she stood up and went outside.
“Mr. Li, can I say a word? I want to say,” Betty said after struggling.
“Well, you say it.”
“Is it possible, President Li, when did you do something sorry for him? He knows, so he wants to retaliate?” Betty asked.

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