My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 551

This blue-eyed beauty hates the Huaxia man very much. She is not responsible, but she is weak and thin. She learns boxing. In the school, no Chinese student can beat her.
In her school, the Chinese men are synonymous with the weak! !
“Don’t say that.” Jiang Ran was helpless.
“Why can’t you say, Jiang Ran, we are studying in the United States, and the Huaxia men we meet are not good,” Jiang Ran said of another Huaxia friend.
“Yes, in our school, no Chinese man can win me. Just like the one you just said, I can play five or six. I will invite him later and see if he dares!” Lan Eyed Beauty laughed.
The men in the United States are strong and the men in China are thin. This gap is still very big!
“Don’t, I know you are great, don’t do this.” Jiang Ran was frightened.
Her blue-eyed beauty friend is really amazing. She has seen it, not to mention a few Chinese people, just three men from your country. It is difficult to get close to her.
“Why not? You are my friend. I have a responsibility to help you check it out. A man who can’t give you a sense of security. What did you do?” the blue-eyed beauty said.
“Don’t do that.” Jiang Ran was speechless.
“Jiang Ran, what do you like about this man? So thin, there is no masculinity at all. I would never like such a man. Give me, I don’t want it,” the blue-eyed beauty said seriously.
“Alas,” Jiang Ran was entangled in her heart. She didn’t know whether she liked it or not, just thought, when she was in the bar, she didn’t know it was Chuck at that time, so she used to talk to her.
Afterwards, she was ashamed. She dreamed of Chuck in those nights, so at that time, she wanted Chuck to go to Huagang to play.
Later, I haven’t contacted for a long time, and I haven’t seen each other. The feeling is of course much lighter. However, when I was playing in the United States, I suddenly saw Chuck.
That kind of surprise is beyond words, it just feels amazing. How good is it to meet people you know in places like the United States? ?
She has a feeling of seeing surprises. Is this a surprise to Chuck?
The blue-eyed beauty drove to the side of Chuck. She looked at it. The car was not bad, but it was not good.
Huaxia men are too thin.
Jiang Ran got off a few of them, and of course Chuck got off!
The black rose that followed in the distance saw all this and stopped in the distance, paying close attention.
“How did you come to Rice Country?” Jiang Ran asked.
“Uh, nothing,” Chuck didn’t want to say that he came to revenge.
“Well, I’ll introduce to you, these are my three good friends in the United States, this is…” Jiang Ran pointed at the blue-eyed beauty, but the blue-eyed beauty didn’t want Chuck to be so weak Chicken recognition.
“No need to introduce, you can speak English?” the blue-eyed beauty asked.
“Emily, don’t do that.” Jiang Ran whispered in English, her girl, although English is not as good as Yvette, it is still good.
“I’ll help you see.” The blue-eyed beauty said.
“However, don’t fight with him, you are so powerful.” Jiang Ran didn’t want to see Chuck, his friend just beat him up!
This will definitely not work!
Chuck’s muscles have a sense of line, but it should be caused by fitness. Fitness and playing can be two concepts.
She saw the blue-eyed beauty fighting with the Chinese man in person. Chuck’s height and body, she fell down and asked for mercy.
There is no power to fight back!
Chuck must be the result! !
“It’s okay. I watched the fight. I sent him an invitation. If he wanted to, then I would knock him down on the ground and stop fighting. If he didn’t want to, he wouldn’t grow. Then such a timid man wouldn’t even need it. Can’t like it, you can’t protect you, what do such weak men want?
Should we let our women protect men?” the blue-eyed beauty asked.
“No.” Jiang Ran explained that there are not so many bad guys in this world.
“Listen to me, don’t talk about it,” the blue-eyed beauty has come to Chuck.
“It will be a little bit,” Chuck said, it’s nothing, learning something, there must always be a process!
Chuck believes that he can speak fluent English, but this takes time.
But Chuck felt that it should not take long, after all, Yvette is a professional teacher.
“Then I can understand what I said?” said the blue-eyed beauty.
“Can barely,” Chuck nodded.
“Okay, I’m sending you an invitation. I’ll fight you.” The blue-eyed beauty said straight.
She hated such a weak man. The weak one couldn’t help the wind and fell down with one punch.
It was useless.
Anyway, she was in front of Chuck and couldn’t see a sense of security, that is, a feeling of garbage.
Chuck didn’t understand this sentence and could only ask Jiang Ran, “What did she say?”
Jiang Ran breathed a sigh of relief, “She said you were good.”
Chuck smiled slightly, “Thank you.”
The blue-eyed beauty frowned, pretending to be silly, right?
“I said I’m going to fight you, don’t you understand? You’re pretending, why are you so uncultivated? No, or are you willing to say it?” The blue-eyed beauty shook her head.
What men are my friends looking for?
If you don’t fight, you can’t fight. I knew I was pretending to be crazy.
“Jiang Ran, what did she say?” Chuck didn’t understand.
“It’s okay, where are you going?” Jiang Ran opened the subject.
“Turn around,” Chuck originally came out to turn around.
“That’s okay, why don’t you join me, my relative’s birthday, can you see it?” Jiang Ran invited.
I think it can be encountered in such a large place in the United States, so is it proof that the two are still in a fate? ?
Jiang Ran, take a look, try it with Chuck.
Chuck looked at Jiang Ran. Today is particularly beautiful. Girls from the United States are all sexy. Jiang Ran has come to the United States and is wearing almost the same. The standard Chinese woman’s figure and long legs are still particularly eye-catching.
Chuck felt that there was nothing wrong with it, and it was enough to go around and he agreed.
“Well, you are driving with us,” Jiang Ran was delighted. Chuck promised to be so simple, does it mean he likes himself a little? !
“Well,” Chuck got in the car and followed suit.
Seeing if there is anything to invest in, if there is, then let Du Pei come to the country and establish his own business empire in the country!
In the car, the blue-eyed beauty disdain, “The person you like is spicy chicken, it’s too spicy chicken, he doesn’t fight me, he is so timid?? Such a man, how can you deserve it?”
The blue-eyed beauty couldn’t understand it.
She’s so timid, it really makes her uncomfortable!
“Don’t say it.” Jiang Ran was helpless.
The blue-eyed beauty drove, “Tell me, what did he say?”
“He said he didn’t want to fight,” Jiang Ran could only say so, did Chuck want to?
That policy must be lying down today, she doesn’t want to see it.
“You don’t want to be courageous. Like a mouse, the person you like is a mouse. It’s timid and likes to pretend,” the blue-eyed beauty laughed.
As a friend, she didn’t laugh at Jiang Ran, but wanted Jiang Ran not to like Chuck. She didn’t dare to accept the invitation of a woman. How is such a man different from a mouse? ?
Not at all!
What is it!
“Alas,” Jiang Ran said nothing.
“Jiang Ran, I advise you, since I came to Miguo, then I will introduce you to a Miguo boyfriend, which is a hundred times stronger than the one you like!” The blue-eyed beauty started as a month old.
It should be, my friend came over, and asked her to see what a real man is, not a skinny man.
A man from the United States is a man. Others? Ha ha ha! !
“No,” Jiang Ran didn’t come to find her boyfriend. She saw from the car window that Chuck had followed.
“Why not? The man is not his way. I dare not accept my challenge. What kind of man?” The blue-eyed beauty said disdainfully.
Faced with the question of the blue-eyed beauty, Jiang Ran didn’t know how to refute. Chuck was not as strong as the American man, as tall as the American man, but he was also a man.
“No, he is a man.” Jiang Ran said.
“It’s a man, then let him accept my invitation, and I will punch him down with a punch!” said the blue-eyed beauty.

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