My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 553

Chuck and Jiang Ran came in for the banquet. Jiang Ran took Chuck to a friend’s seat. Chuck felt that the banquet tonight should be good, and he could eat more. Anyway, he was already hungry.
“Don’t sit here,”
“Yes, let me eat with such a stingy person, I will not be able to eat.” Two Chinese friends said in front of Chuck’s face, the tone was full of sarcasm.
Yes, what about Chuckkai driving a luxury car?
There aren’t a few dollars in my pocket. What kind of rich man is this? ?
Rich people don’t understand this gift number?
What else to say, why didn’t you bring your wallet? ?
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“You two, just have dinner together.” Jiang Ran was a little angry. The two friends were too much today.
“What’s it?? I gave you a gift. I don’t want to sit with someone who didn’t give me a gift. Jiang Ran, can’t you let me eat?” said a friend.
“He didn’t bring a wallet,” Jiang Ran explained.
“Never mind, this reason doesn’t believe it. He just doesn’t want to give money. What do you say so much?? What is so nice to say?”
“Wen Wen, he is very rich, he really did not bring a wallet.” Jiang Ran was helpless.
“If you have money, let him take it out, and don’t give him money. What money will such a stingy person have?” The friend shook his head and said contemptuously, she didn’t believe it!
The rich are not like this, definitely not like Chuck.
Didn’t give the gift money, but still had a face to come in to eat, what is it so nice to say mixed food and drink? ?
She also said that she didn’t bring a wallet, she would laugh to death.
“Alas.” Jiang Ran sighed, his friend.
“Jiang Ran, sit here and let him go to sit elsewhere.” The blue-eyed beauty pulled Jiang Ran down.
She didn’t want to see Chuck.
She will eat without appetite.
“Don’t do this, you are my friends, and so is he, you” Jiang Ran was really angry.
Blue-eyed beauties can only compromise, what can they do? She didn’t want to be stiff with good friends for such a person like Chuck, and she would introduce her boyfriend to her later!
The other two Chinese friends despised Chuck. Why is this person so thick-skinned? ?
Forget it, for Jiang Ran’s sake, let you sit down.
“Chuck, don’t you mind, they are like this, sit down, the banquet is about to start,” Jiang Ran said to Chuck.
She is speechless. How about her three friends who are so uncomfortable with Chuck? ?
Chuck actually went to sit elsewhere just now, but he was full and he couldn’t help it. He could only sit here, forget it, just have a meal.
When the food came up, Chuck was really hungry, so he didn’t eat it politely. Jiang Ran was worried that Chuck was embarrassed, so he gave Chuck a dish.
In this way, Chuck was really embarrassed, “No,”
“Yes, are you hungry? Come on, eat this.” Jiang Ran gave Chuck a dish and filled Chuck’s bowl.
“Jiang Ran, why are you doing this? We still have to eat, but I paid for it,” a friend said with great dissatisfaction.
Only three dishes were served, and Jiang Ran caught Chuck so much.
“Have you not eaten? You haven’t eaten such good food as the countrymen entered the city? No wonder you don’t give gifts, but you also have to eat with a cheeky face. It turns out that you haven’t eaten good food!”
Chuck looked at her, did not speak, and ate her own.
“Pretend to be rich, hang wire, eat with such a person, I have no appetite,”
“Ah, people nowadays, you can do anything with thick skin, oops! How can such a person go abroad?”
“Ghost knows? I don’t have any appetite, but people don’t give money to eat so happy, why should we give money to don’t eat? We eat honestly and honestly, he eats secretly.”
“Also, let’s eat fast. If we give money, we must eat more than he does.”
The three girls don’t care about anything else. They despised Chuck for a while and ate it directly. They didn’t give Chuck the opportunity to make dishes. As long as they were Chuck’s chopsticks, their three chopsticks would definitely come over.
Chuck doesn’t matter, because Jiang Ran keeps serving himself.
Chuck ate almost, and put down the tableware.
“Finally finished, a table has been eaten by a third of a person, have not eaten?” Someone said dissatisfied with Chuck.
“The rice bucket is so bad that I don’t have enough to eat. I don’t want to eat with such a person anymore. Today is the worst time I have had for a long time.”
“Me too, I’m really lacking in quality. I just eat by myself and finish all the dishes. What are we going to eat?”
Several people muttered, especially dissatisfied.
In fact, they eat and take pictures, and everyone else has to eat too.
Chuck ignored them, no need, he came over for dinner, not quarreling.
“Chuck, and a few of you, wait a minute. I’ll go chat with my relatives.” Jiang Ran originally wanted to bring Chuck to the past.
But Chuck is definitely not willing.
Jiang Ran didn’t want Chuck to be questioned by his relatives. How embarrassing? ?
Chuck shrugged.
“Don’t talk nonsense about the three of you.” Jiang Ran warned.
The three girls did not speak.
Jiang Ran didn’t worry about saying hello to his relatives. This is a must. He came here thousands of miles, and he must be like this.
Chuck sat drinking tea and waited for Jiang Ran. When Jiang Ran came, he also greeted and left.
Originally, he came out to eat, not to go shopping.
“Why didn’t he leave? What are he doing here? Still wanting a meal?”
“Sure, there’s a place for rubbing rice, don’t you seize the opportunity to rub a few more times?”
“Hush, don’t be so loud, what if he will tell Jiang Ran about our bad things?”
“What are you afraid of? Doesn’t he understand English? I scold him now, he doesn’t understand anything.
“Yes, look at his hanging sample, alas, why is Jiang Ran’s vision so low?”
“The ghost knows? Maybe Jiang Ran looked at him pitifully, so he pityed him and barely liked him? Don’t you know that Jiang Ran is very loving?”
The three girls spoke English. At this time, someone brought dessert.
“Yeah, there are desserts,”
“Good, take it quickly, don’t let him take it, let him take it away,”
Both girls, including blue-eyed beauties, ate desserts, for fear that Chuckduo would take them.
Chuck didn’t want to eat it because he was full, but looking at this dessert is a traditional Chinese dessert. It is very good. I want to try black roses.
After all, what she said was protecting herself.
Chuck asked the waiter for a box and took a piece of pastry into the box.
“Mum, I can’t stand it, I still pack it? It’s not enough to eat so much, I still pack it? My mother,”
“Why don’t you think he’s gone?”
“Really, okay, I don’t need to see him anymore. Hurry up,”
The two girls, including the blue-eyed beauties, were happy, whispering, Chuck packed the dessert and went out, anyway, the black rose was outside, and it was just delivered.
“Let’s go early, but what will we say when Jiang Ran comes over? Jiang Ran would think we drove him away.”
“Afraid of anything? Just say he left.”
“It is estimated that he is still happy when he leaves,”
The three girls muttered.
Chuck came out of the hotel, looked around, and found the black rose’s car, he walked straight over.
“What are you doing? Don’t get close to me, maybe someone will find you!!!” Black Rose said coldly.
In this way, Chuck would tell others that someone secretly protected him? ?
“It’s okay,” Chuck shrugged.
“What are you going to do, just call me.” Black roses and big blue eyes are cold light inside.
“This can’t make a call. This one is for you. Our traditional Chinese mung bean cake is delicious.” Chuck put it in the car and left.
Seeing Chuck leave, Black Rose became even more angry. He didn’t eat this, he already bought a burger just now.
The black rose calmed down and took a few deep breaths before his anger disappeared. What green bean cake? Is there such a thing? ?
The big black rose and blue eyes stared at the box on the seat, there was something in it, a little scent, she hesitated for a few minutes, opened the box, and saw it for the first time.
“Eat? Delicious?” Black Rose expressed doubt.
She took it out, put it in her mouth, and took a bite. The black rose was a little stunned. “Sweet, how is this done?… a little delicious…”

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