My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 556

The man just wanted to ridicule Chuck. The blue-eyed beauty had already said that Chuck didn’t bring a wallet and looked like he didn’t have the money to hold big money.
One hundred thousand yuan, used to laugh at a person, he thinks nothing.
The blue-eyed beauty has long been unhappy with Chuck. She is very satisfied with her friend’s doing this, giving you a hundred thousand dollars and sending you away, which is good enough for you.
You Chuck’s shameless face on Jiang Ran, let you make tens of thousands of dollars in shit luck, you should be satisfied, you should get out of the money!
A person who doesn’t give a gift to a banquet, 100,000 is very tempting to you, right? ?
The blue-eyed beauty stared at Chuck with contempt. the man? ?
If Chuck was not a friend of Jiang Ran, she would have knocked Chuck out with a punch.
A man like a mouse should lie on the ground.
“No, what does this money do?” Chuck shook his head.
“Hehehe!!!” The man sneered. “What are you talking about? What is one hundred thousand enough to do?”
If he didn’t want to maintain his demeanor in front of Jiang Ran, otherwise he would laugh to death.
What is one hundred thousand enough?
He himself is qualified to say this, because really, one hundred thousand dollars, he usually would not take a glance, but this is only limited to him.
In front of him, Chuck is qualified to say this?
No! !
Blue-eyed beauty disdains, how could there be such a superb man in this world? ?
It’s okay if you don’t have money. Just admit it right. It’s okay. Why should I lie and pretend?
She hates such dishonest men the most.
“I really don’t do enough, I don’t have enough to play with. I really want to gamble. I started by buying 10 million chips,” Chuck said.
Last time at the boss behind the scenes, Chuck bet like this, tens of millions of chips for.
This is the case with gambling, but at other times, one hundred thousand dollars is still very useful.
The ridicule on the man’s face can’t be concealed. He opened a casino, and the people who exchanged tens of millions of chips at a time are not without, but all those who have at least 500 million US dollars worth of money will spend tens of millions of gambles.
But this Chuck said that he had hundreds of millions of assets? ?
“Don’t pretend,” the man sneered. He had seen too many people like Chuck, and driving a luxury car thought he was a rich man?
The whole net worth is a luxury car.
You are far away!
The blue-eyed beauty couldn’t help it, and said in Huaxia, “You are so rich? Why can’t I see it?
Why don’t you give me a gift!”
“I didn’t bring a wallet,” Chuck shook his head.
“This reason is really high, don’t you say that you gamble to start with ten million chips? Then you change now…Oh, I know, would you say you didn’t bring your wallet right? So can’t you change the right?” The blue-eyed beauty mocked.
“No, I don’t want to bet today.” Chuck shook his head.
He originally came out today and did not expect to meet Jiang Ran, so he ate a meal and came to the casino. Chuck had the idea of opening the casino.
He is thinking about this matter, how can he be gambling?
The last time my mom won 50 billion in the casino. Later, my mom said to herself that Chuck didn’t need it at all. After all, it doesn’t matter how much money he wants to find his mom. Why is this 50 billion necessary? ?
“Oh, the reasons have changed?! So fast, I think the reason for not bringing a wallet is outdated, so did you change it? You have so many reasons!” The blue-eyed beauty was even more disdainful.
The man sneered, “You don’t want to bet? Then you can exchange 10 million chips and show me if you can? Is this always okay?”
“I don’t want to bet on the chips?” Chuck shook his head and refused.
“Well, don’t pretend to be ready. Hurry up and get away with 100,000 chips!” The blue-eyed beauty couldn’t hear it anymore.
She wanted to put a punch on Chuck.
“Emily,” Jiang Ran was very angry.
“Jiang Ran, open your eyes and see if your friend is a man? Anything is a reason, are there so many reasons? You see clearly, Owen next to you is a man, and he is not!!!” Blue eyes Beauty yelled.
She really can’t figure it out, is Jiang Ran’s eyes blind, or is it a beautiful aesthetic? !
Do all men like this?
“Emily, you are too much.” Jiang Ran’s eyes were red. She was sad. She knew that this friend was for her own good, but she didn’t need it!
“Do I know it for you? I take you as a friend, so I want to give it to you,” the blue-eyed beauty said.
“I know, but don’t tell him that.” Jiang Ran sighed.
“But he just can’t do it. Why can’t I say that you look at him more? I really can’t stand it anymore,” the blue-eyed beauty told.
Jiang Ran sighed. She knew that her friend’s prejudice to Chuck was too great, and she said nothing.
And Jiang Ran knew that Chuck had a lot of money. Of course she knew that Chuck was qualified to say this. She already felt the smell of gunpowder between Chuck and this man.
On the one hand, she was a little happy because Chuck seemed to be for herself.
But on the other hand, she was worried. She was worried that Chuck was beaten by this man.
Because this man is too strong, Chuck will definitely not lose.
Chuck is angering this man now. Chuck will be knocked down by this man.
Jiang Ran was anxious to ease the atmosphere, “Chuck, sorry, let’s go somewhere else.”
She can only do this, otherwise Chuck will definitely be beaten.
“It’s good here, no need to go anywhere,” Chuck suddenly changed his mind.
Jiang Ran’s worried eyes just now, he saw, how to say, this Jiang Ran is also his classmates, Chuck just didn’t care, just don’t think Jiang Ran is so sad.
“But Chuck.”
Jiang Ran was worried. She saw that the man laughed at Chuck very much. This means that in the eyes of this man, Chuck is someone who can bully casually, meaning that if he doesn’t agree, the man will kick and kick Chuck.
The strength of Chuck and this man is so different that he can’t stand it.
“It’s okay,” Chuck shrugged, and then looked at the man named Owen, “I want these 100,000 chips,”
“Oh? Whatever you want, I should be a beggar anyway,” the man laughed.
“You just said, no matter how much you win, you can take it right?” Chuck asked clearly.
“Yes, I said that, as long as you have this ability, then how much money you win, how much I change for you,”
Men are joking and winning money in their casinos. This is not a big chance. Those who are not brave will soon lose their heads in fear.
“Well, remember your words.” Chuck took the one hundred thousand dollar chip.
The blue-eyed beauty disdainfully sneered, “Is 100,000 enough? Didn’t you just say that you gamble money, at least you need to change tens of millions of dollars in chips?”
“Yes, it’s not a gamble today. Let’s play with you, not to mention, this 100,000 US dollars will soon become 10 million.” Chuck said plainly.
“Are you kidding me?” the blue-eyed beauty sneered.
The man also showed some playfulness.
“No, I’m not kidding you.” Chuck shook his head, “Jiang Ran, let’s go play with you guys.”
“Well,” Jiang Ran agreed.
Anyway, she is beside Chuck. This Owen really wants to fight Chuck. She will definitely stop it.
After all, this Owen will not hit a woman, right? ?
Chuck and Jiang Ran walked in to play. This casino is similar to the last one behind the scenes of the boss’s casino. You can play everything. Chuck has a look. As long as there are no particularly powerful masters today, there should be no problem in winning money.
“Don’t worry, I’m carrying money, not enough for you to change your chips.” Jiang Ran said with empathy.
She was worried that Chuck would be scared. After all, a college student, shouldn’t have played this before?
Chuck may lose! Fortunately, I brought my own card.
“Humph, let him pick up a bargain!” The blue-eyed beauty was a little unwilling.
“What are you afraid of? I’m afraid of gambling when I open a casino? I’m afraid he won’t play.
People like him with 100,000 chips will soon lose. As long as he loses, he will be hung up and lose more The more, the last car will be lost, but he wrote a lose word on his face, I saw it.”
Owen smiled.
He has seen too many of these people. Chuck is a loser at first glance. Today, Chuck will lose a lot of money. It is best to lose all! !
The blue-eyed beauty is happy, too, where is it so easy to win money?
She can also see how Chuck, a mouse-like person, lost more and more today!

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