My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 561

Hot pain! !
The blue-eyed beauty was stunned! She stopped and touched the slap-printed cheek blankly, she was beaten?
Why is it so fast?
Jiang Ran, the two girls were stunned!
But they clearly know the strength of blue-eyed beauties!
There is no pressure to play seven or eight Chinese men at the same time, but now, Chuck seconds? ?
“There are almost no attack skills, no speed, no pre-judgment on how opponents will move, almost no reaction, you are just a beginner, where do you have a face to say this?” Chuck stared at him, one Slap again hit her face heavily.
The blue-eyed beauties don’t have any counterattack! Was slapped for two consecutive times, standing blankly.
Chuck’s words plunged into her heart like a needle, the hot pain on her face, plus the shock of being spiked, this was something she had never experienced before.
Her self-confidence, her pride was wiped out by Chuck’s slap, she was ashamed, feeling shameless, and her beautiful blue eyes immediately burst into tears.
“Emily, don’t cry, don’t cry,” the shocked Jiang Ran ran to support the blue-eyed beauty.
The blue-eyed beauty wiped her tears stubbornly, pushed Jiang Ran away, and stared at Chuck,
“Come again!”
Chuckpa slaps past.
Without a hand, the pretty face of the blue-eyed beauty was red and swollen.
The blue-eyed beauty cried.
“What’s coming? You’re so rubbish, will you come?” Chuck looked at her.
This kind of girl, playing seven or eight ordinary people is really good. In ordinary people, it is like this, but in the fighting circle, this is a rookie.
Chuck has been taught by Logan, Betty, and Karen li for such a long time. It is easy for Chuck to beat her! !
“Come.” The blue-eyed beauty is stubborn.
Chuck slapped her fourth slap, so fast that the blue-eyed beauty could not see it.
The blue-eyed beauty was beaten to the ground, her face was swollen and ugly, she had more tears, Chuck defeated the confidence in her heart, she actually did not fight back in the hands of a Chinese, her dream was broken.
“Are you coming yet?” Chuck shrugged.
The blue-eyed beauty got up and walked to Chuck, “You, what did you learn?”
“It’s none of your business, pick up the money on the ground one by one!” Chuck said coldly.
Beautiful blue-eyed woman bites her lip.
Chuck slapped her fifth!
The blue-eyed beauty cried.
“What right do you have to throw money on the ground in front of me? Pick it up!” Chuck defeated her with a huge sense of oppression!
“Have you heard? Pick it up!” Chuck repeated, raising his hand.
The blue-eyed beauty wiped her tears. She squatted down and picked up the money one by one.
The tears were the same as the faucet. The aggrieved, shameful tears could not stop…
The two girls were completely shocked, including Jiang Ran.
What did Chuck learn, how is it so powerful? !
“To you,” the blue-eyed beauty handed over one million to Chuck.
Chuck came next, but the blue-eyed beauty didn’t let go.
Chuck frowned, “No?”
“No, what did you learn? I think you taught me.” The blue-eyed beauty was struck, her fighting spirit was ignited, and she wanted to learn!
Chuck took the money back and put it in his car.
The blue-eyed beauty followed, “You teach me, I give you money, my family has a lot of money, my family is…”
Yes, she has a lot of money in her family.
“Who cares about your house? Go away!” Chuck said.
How could Chuck teach this kind of person? Being arrogant and not humble, I think that I am a little powerful.
The blue-eyed beauty is stubborn, “No, I want you to teach me!”
Chuck didn’t want to ignore her, looking at the two stunned girls, “Repay the money! Have you heard?”
The two girls were scared again by Chuck’s indifferent voice.
“I said, I will help them back!” said the blue-eyed beauty.
“Who do you think you are?” Chuck asked.
“I.” The blue-eyed beauties were speechless. “They are not that many. Why are you doing this?”
“Then why did you stare at me just now? Do you want to beat me? Excuse me, I got you?”
Chuck expressionless.
“I, I…” The blue-eyed beauty was speechless again.
Yeah, Chuck didn’t mess with himself, but he always looked down on him.
If he can do this, why can’t Chuck?
“Talk.” Chuck was indifferent.
“I. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t look down on you.” The blue-eyed beauty bit her lips and apologized.
“I’m sorry, just to go? They both borrowed my money.” Chuck reached out his hand, “Repay the money!”
“Woo, Chuck, we are wrong, wrong.”
The two girls knelt down pleadingly.
Jiang Ran sighed and was speechless. What can he say? ?
“Give you a week, not to repay the money, you are at your own risk, and there is no use wherever you go.” Chuck said coldly.
“woo woo woo woo……”
The two girls sat on the ground in shock, this is a dream, a dream…
What should I do? Not so much money, run? Chuck said that he could not run away.
Is that really going to sell? !
The two of them are in pain and regret, why should they do that?
Chuck didn’t have any mood to eat anymore, “Jiang Ran, I’m back, thank you today.”
“Ah? Chuck, are you going back?” Jiang Ran recovered and ran to Chuck.
“Well, go back.”
Jiang Ran lost, “There is still food over there at night,”
“I won’t go,” Chuck shook his head.
“But, can you do it? I have promised my relatives,” Jiang Ran pleaded, and Chuck let her fall into a heartbeat again.
The muscles of the lines are so powerful! !
Chuck considered, “Come on,”
Jiang Ran was right, or Jiang Ran couldn’t be sad.
“Hmm,” Jiang Ran breathed a sigh of relief, “Then you get in the car, I’ll take my friend’s car,”
Jiang Ran had to comfort them three.
Chuck shrugged into his car, but the blue-eyed beauty ran over, “I will let you teach me, yes!”
“No,” Chuck shook his head decisively.
“Yes, my family has more money than yours, you will!” The blue-eyed beauty is confident. She has never said to others that she is a descendant of one of the four major families in the world.
She could see that Chuck had a little money, but compared to her family, what could it be? ?
“No.” Chuck said the same.
“You will, my name is Emily, I… Hey!” said the blue-eyed beauty, Chuck had already started the car.
“Your face is not swollen enough, is it?”
Chuck is indifferent.
The blue-eyed beauty let go unconsciously, “Well, although I look down on you, but I won’t be a villain, if I tell my mother, you will die.”
Yes, the four major families are omnipotent. In one sentence, Chuck would have to admit her mistakes respectfully.
“Then you tell your mother quickly, say you fight with me, lose, and I slapped five times to see how your mother reacted,” Chuck smiled slightly, how could she ignore her?
“You die!!” The blue-eyed beauty was angry.
She got annoyed in her car, Jiang Ran let two girls get in the car, where are they still thinking about eating? Dazedly left by car.
Jiang Ran sighed and got into the blue-eyed car.
“Emily, are you okay?” Jiang Ran asked with concern. The beautiful face of the blue-eyed beauty was still red and swollen. Fortunately, she was beautiful.
“It’s okay, why don’t you say he is so powerful?” The blue-eyed beauty was annoyed.
“I don’t know,” Jiang Ran shook his head, and his heart accelerated.
“This bastard is hiding too deep. He is a little bit more powerful than my housekeeper, like, what does his family do?” the blue-eyed beauty said.
“I don’t know, it’s much richer than my family anyway,” Jiang Ran remembered Huaxia.
“That’s not worth mentioning.” The blue-eyed beauty drove.
“Emily, don’t be angry, he didn’t do it on purpose,” Jiang Ran explained. She didn’t know the identity of the blue-eyed beauty, but knew that she was also rich in the United States. She worried that the blue-eyed beauty would retaliate against Chuck.
It’s useless to play that strategy again.
“Intentional? Isn’t he intentional?” The blue-eyed beauty was annoyed and slapped herself. If her mother knew about it, Chuck would definitely die.
But the blue-eyed beauty decided that she would oppress Chuck to teach herself, and then defeat him again. Blame it on you, Chuck, without my family having money! !

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