My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 562

It was not intentional,” Jiang Ran sighed.
“Okay, didn’t you do it on purpose?” The blue-eyed beauty pouted, touching the red and swollen cheek herself, and died of pain.
The fighting spirit in her heart was inspired and she must defeat Chuck, a Chinese!
Wash away today’s shame.
Jiang Ran breathed a sigh of relief.
To my relatives.
The three people got out of the car. The blue-eyed beauty didn’t give Chuck a good look anyway, and Chuck wouldn’t care about her. She was beautiful and had a good figure, but her personality was too bad.
This time there are no more two girls, and they are a lot quieter during the meal. However, Chuck’s sentence made the two girls pay back the money after a week. This is not a joke. Chuck will definitely get the money back.
So, after a week, Chuck will definitely find them!
After eating, Chuck went to the toilet, and the blue-eyed beauty also secretly followed. Chuck came out and saw the blue-eyed beauty.
“I will let you teach me, and then I will defeat you with blue eyes!” The blue-eyed beauty felt that only in this way would the shame in her heart disappear.
This is the best revenge for this person.
You teach me, I still beat you, step on you, blue-eyed beauty thinks this is the real revenge! !
I was slapped so much that I was aggrieved to cry.
“I said impossible.” Chuck shook his head.
The blue-eyed beauty stopped Chuck, “I said it might be possible, my family is rich.”
“What does your family have to do with me?”
“Of course you have. You Huaxia have a saying that money can make ghosts grind.” The blueeyed beauty hummed.
“Do you mean to ask me to teach you?” Chuck touched his nose.
“Yes, teach me, and then I beat you!!” The blue-eyed beauty said confidently.
“So how much do you give me?”
“How much do you say? I can give it to you,” the blue-eyed beloved, give? Yes, but can you spend it?
“Forget it, it doesn’t matter whether money is money or not, as long as you follow my three requirements, then you can teach you.” Chuck shrugged.
The blue-eyed beauty was pleasantly surprised, but immediately arrogantly, “It doesn’t matter if you pay the money or not? What do you pretend to be? What are you pretending to say? Isn’t it good to teach me for money?”
“No,” Chuck shook his head. “Because you don’t compare with me, I’m not afraid of anyone.”
This is true. Last time my mother said that she had bought a few small countries. Chuck knew that the amount of money her mother had was comparable to the rest of the world.
“Are you making me happy?” the blue-eyed beauty sneered.
Her family is one of the four largest families in the world!
“Do you know who my parents are? I still have money compared to me, I don’t want to compare with you, because you are not qualified to understand?” The blue-eyed beauty said disdainfully.
Chuck doesn’t matter.
“I’m too lazy to tell you, don’t you say so much to tell me that you have money, and then do you want to ask for more money? It’s okay since you’re worth it. It’s okay, how much do you want?
I’ll give it to me immediately,” the blue-eyed beauty was too lazy Say more.
“I said no money, just follow my request, three.” Chuck said with a shrug.
“Huh, pretend that I hate people like you the most. It’s just for money. It’s so nice to say. It’s also roundabout. Okay, you say your request.” Blue eyes were impatient.
She can’t wait for Chuck to teach her now, and then she beat Chuck on the soles of her feet.
So the humiliation of being slapped back was taken back.
“Listen, it’s too easy to be my apprentice. The first one is, no, wear, clothes, I will teach you,”
Chuck said.
“You are going to die!!” The blue-eyed beauty was exasperated.
She was only 18 years old and was actually teased by this Chinese man?
“This is what you don’t want, isn’t I not teaching you? Don’t bother me.” Chuck left.
Where can a blue-eyed beauty stand?
He kicked a sneak attack against Chuck, Chuck had already been guarded, grabbed her leg, and slapped it across her face with a slap.
The blue-eyed beauty is scared, can’t she attack herself? ?
Seeing Chuck’s slap hit her face, she closed her eyes tightly because she couldn’t hide.
However, after two seconds, his face did not hurt.
The blue-eyed beauty opened her eyes and found Chuck’s big hand stopped on her cheek.
“Don’t dare to fight, right? Don’t you dare to fight if you know my family has money? Ah, let go, hurt!!!”
The blue-eyed beauty was proud and stared at Chuck, but she didn’t expect Chuck to pinch her cheek. In an instant, she felt that her face would be torn off.
The blue-eyed beauty immediately burst into tears.
“Pain, pain.” The blue-eyed beauty struggled.
“Knowing the pain? Still attacking me?” Chuck expressionless, squeezed her hard.
The blue-eyed women all shed tears, but Chuck didn’t pity Xiangxiyu at all.
This can be more painful than a slap.
“I dare not, let go,” tears flowed out of the blue-eyed beauty Dou Da.
It hurts.
Chuck let go, “face is quite meaty.”
Chuck also took the leg she kicked, and let her go, pushing her, and she fell to the ground.
“Hey,” the blue-eyed beauty touched the stinged cheek and grieved up.
“I can’t do it for the first request. The other two requests don’t seem to be mentioned,” Chuck said.
“You! You did it on purpose!” The blue-eyed beauty glared at her, how could she not wear it, and what fighting would she learn? ?
What’s that?
Rice is open, but she is not open to this point?
This is totally insulting! Great insult! !
“Why? You are not saying that our Huaxia men are thin and thin? Let me see how good your American women are. I am right?” Chuck asked.
“Your Chinese men are not only weak, but also shameless! But I can’t stop what Emily is going to do, I will let you teach me obediently! Then, beat you and step on your face!” The blue-eyed beauty is angry , Lengheng left.
Chuck looked at her long legs and shrugged her shoulders.
However, she really would not wear it, and she was too lazy to teach her.
No time.
Chuck went to see Jiang Ran. After the meal was over, he could leave.
Jiang Ran saw Emily leave angrily, she was helpless, but there was no way, she could only persuade, “Chuck, this Emily’s family is rich, you still pay a little attention…”
“My family is also very rich.” Chuck didn’t hide it, it was.
“It’s different. Emily’s home is in the United States. Your home is in China. It’s different.” Jiang Ran shook his head. It must be different, and the nature was different.
Chuck is rich, she knows, but there is still a big gap between those who develop in China and those who develop in China!
The obvious gaps are seen globally.
“What’s the difference? My mother is really super rich. Last time my mother won 50 billion dollars in the casino.” Chuck said.
“This, don’t say it,” Jiang Ran was speechless, really speechless.
Where can a casino win or lose so much? ? It’s impossible.
Fifty billion Chinese dollars is about the same, and $50 billion is simply impossible.
Is Chuck bragging in front of himself?
“Yes, don’t say nothing, then let’s go out.” Chuck didn’t want to say more.
“Okay,” Jiang Ran agreed.
Chuck still packed a dessert, which was regarded as a dessert for Black Rose.
The two came to the door, Jiang Ran bit her lip, and if Chuck said to take her to go somewhere else, she would agree.
After all, Chuck gave her a big surprise today.
Jiang Ran’s heartbeat is accelerating, and he feels like dating.
It’s really super.
“Thank you today, I’m going back,” Chuck really did.
“Oh.” Jiang Ran was disappointed. Chuck was not interested in himself at all?
But when I was studying, it was also a school flower. Chuck also peeked at her.
She remembered clearly.
But this is no wonder Chuck, Chuck now has too many beauties, see more, of course, he will not have too many thoughts about women.
Chuck took the dessert to the parking place, Jiang Ran bit his lip, “Chuck.”
Chuck turned to look at her, “What’s the matter?”
“Chuck, where do you live?” Jiang Ran asked. She was still a few days away. She could go to Chuck for another play. You could take the initiative and be better, otherwise you would have no chance.
Chuck said, Jiang Ran was disappointed. She knew where Chuck said, but one of the most famous rich areas in the country, Chuck didn’t want to tell herself.

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