My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 563

Chuck’s family is rich, and Jiang Ran certainly knows, but it is not enough to live in that kind of place, where the net worth starts at $50 billion.
Chuck’s family is unlikely to have so much money. The reason why Chuck said this is that she didn’t want to let herself go to her.
Jiang Ran was lost.
“Well, I remember,” Jiang Ran smiled.
“Then I’m leaving,” Chuck went to the parking place.
Jiang Ran is lost and sad, is he so unattractive? ?
She sighed and left by car.
“What are you doing here again?” Black Rose said coldly.
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This allows others to see, how can they secretly protect?
“Here,” Chuck gave her the packed snacks.
The black rose was stunned, and his big blue eyes were cold. “Who wants your stuff? Go back to your car.”
Chuck shrugged, “I don’t want anything? What about the mung bean cake for you at noon?”
“Lost,” Black Rose lied, she ate, and she wanted to eat a piece, which was particularly delicious.
“You, what a waste.” Chuck collapsed.
“Who asked you to give it to me? Haven’t got in the car yet? Let others see it, and I won’t protect you anymore,” Black Rose said coldly.
Chuck felt kindly…forget it.
Chuck got into the car by himself, and Black Rose saw Chuck drive away. Black Rose smelled a clear scent, and her stomach was hungry. She couldn’t help but open the box, not the pastry to eat at noon. What is this? ?
She took a bite and felt delicious.
These Chinese snacks are really good, but they only bring one piece. Why not bring one more piece of delicious food?
Black Rose was thinking, maybe Chuck was stingy, if he took seven or eight pieces, he would be able to finish it all.
Black Rose drove with Chuck from afar, and drove and ate while she was finished. She put away the box and couldn’t let Chuck see it, otherwise it would be embarrassing.
But she was suddenly alert, because there was a car behind her who suddenly followed, she immediately called Chuck.
“See if there is a car following you, you speed away from them!” Black Rose said coldly.
“it is good.”
Chuck in the front accelerated, and in the cars that followed, there was a beautiful girl sneering.
That’s right, the blue-eyed beauty.
How could she leave so easily? She was angered by Chuck and ran out to call someone.
How could Chuck run away so easily? She must let Chuck obediently promise to teach herself, and then defeat him!
This must be done! !
“Chasing!” said the blue-eyed beauty.
“Yes!” The strong man driving obeys the command.
Increase the throttle and chase directly!
The Black Rose who was about to catch up was annoyed because a big truck or two just blocked her! She couldn’t see Chuck’s car all at once!
Chuck looked at the rearview mirror and saw three cars chasing over. He frowned, he had been driving for a while, and his car skills were fine. He slammed on the accelerator and the engine roared and roared!
His car was galloping on the road. It’s nothing. Isn’t it right? Isn’t there a black rose? ?
What’s more, Chuck wants to solve this kind of thing by himself, and has also convinced you to keep the black roses protected. There will always be a day he faces, so it is necessary to solve it from now on.
Chuck’s driving speed is amazing.
The blue-eyed beauty was exasperated, “What did you open?”
“Miss Hui, he was driving Mai…” The strong man was careful.
The performance of Chuck’s car is so good that Karen li has modified it, so ordinary cars simply can’t catch up.
“Let me drive!” The blue-eyed beauty was angry.
Immediately changed, the blue-eyed beauty suddenly stepped on the accelerator, the speed was equally amazing.
She chased up excitedly, bang! !
When he hit Chuck’s car, Chuck saw her from the rearview mirror, Chuck frowned, and the blueeyed beauty came over, side by side with Chuck.
“Parking, you promised to teach me, then I won’t hit you.” Blue-eyed beauty proudly said.
This has already given Chuck a face. In the past, she had already crashed Chuck’s car.
Chuck’s eyes were cold and drove away. The blue-eyed beauty was annoyed and continued to chase. She had too much experience in chasing cars. She was not your opponent in fighting, but you did not drive me well, and I knocked you over.
The blue-eyed beauty has caught the time!
Boom it!
Rumbling, Chuck’s car was overturned. Chuck responded well and was under control. He was hit by a bump and felt very painful.
After the car stopped, Chuck opened the seat belt and crawled out of the car, staring coldly at the blue-eyed beauty who got off the car with a sneer.
Others, there are seven or eight people who are tall and powerful.
Usually blue-eyed beauties don’t call people at all, but when she enters, she is trembling with anger and must be called! ?
“Miss, do you want us to beat him a few times?” a strong man asked cautiously.
Snapped? !
The blue-eyed beauty slapped it and hit the strong man’s face. The strong man didn’t dare to move and didn’t dare to squeak.
“If I only give you a fight, I will come out again? Use your brain!” the blue-eyed beauty said in exasperation.
“Yes, yes.” The strong man bowed his head and dared not talk back.
This blue-eyed beauty background is too big.
If he dares to talk back, he doesn’t know how to die.
The blue-eyed beauty walked past with a sneer, and several strong men stared at Chuckhu!
“Chuck, you should be a little more fun, teach me well, and when I defeat you, I will give you a sum of money that you can’t use for life,” the blue-eyed beauty said sarcastically.
Of course, Chuck has no fear at all. Black Rose is hiding in a dark place to protect himself, so today is a good fight, just to see what his strength is.
You can also exercise yourself!
“No, let them go.” Chuck said.
These strong men should be powerful mercenaries, but Chuck has been fighting for so long, and playing these should have no problem.
“Chuck, you are too ignorant, I said, I will give you money, will you give 100 million US dollars enough?? I say one thing, say it to you, I will give it to you, if you don’t believe it, I can give you now, But you have to teach me!” Blue-eyed beauty is angry!
“Do not teach.” Chuck refused. “There is another 100 million? What is it?”
Mom’s winnings are all tens of billions of wins. One hundred million dollars is really nothing.
“Chuck are you still pretending? One hundred million dollars is nothing? Ha ha ha!!!” The blueeyed beauty is angry and disdainful, and one hundred million dollars is nothing? ?
In this case, only the four big families in the world can speak? Other people have this qualification? ?
“You forced me, but you can rest assured, I will still give you money, 100 million dollars, you are only worth so much! Grab him for me, remember, don’t hurt him, I want him to finish Teach me completely, and then I will defeat him in a fair and fair manner!” The blue-eyed beauty commanded!
Several strong men passed by.
Chuck was expressionless, and a few strong men caught him, Chuck immediately attacked! !
The fighting reaction made Chuck dodge and punched out!
This punch is amazing!
On the stomach of a strong man, the muscles on the face of the strong man were twitching, he felt something to spit out, he fell on the ground, his face shocked.
At a very fast speed, the attack moves have not been prevented!
This is a master of fighting! !
Yes, because of the short training time, Chuck’s strength is not up to Betty’s level, not to mention Logan and Karen li’s level, but Chuck got Logan’s fighting skills, and his mother’s dumplings.
Granted, Chuck knows the skills of attack and fights, not afraid.
Skills make up for the lack of strength.
A few strong men were angry, but the blue-eyed beauties ordered him again, they could not hurt Chuck, they could only catch Chuck.
The blue-eyed beauty was shocked. These few people knew that she had no problem playing a dozen or so, but she was knocked to the ground by Chuck. This skill is really powerful! !
The blue-eyed beauty wanted to teach her this technique awkwardly, and then defeated Chuck with teeth!
Chuck’s fists are like the wind, and he dodges like the wind. Several big men catch Chuck, but they can’t catch them at all. Chuck’s speed is fast.
A big man came over and asked, “Miss, he is too fast. If you don’t hurt him, it’s not easy to catch him!”
“You guys are waste! Seven or eight people can’t catch him? Huh, okay, hurt him a little, just a little bit,” the blue-eyed beauty stared at Chuck, his eyes were breathing fire, and today you are done!

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