My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 572

Logan took Director Zhang of his company to the United States all night. At the airport, Betty drove over to pick up and went directly to Karen li’s technology company.
Director Zhang immediately went into repair work.
“How long has Ce’er disappeared?” Logan didn’t sleep on the plane, mainly because she couldn’t sleep.
I was too worried about Chuck. The gunshot wound on her body was almost all right, but recently Chuck came to Mi Guo and did not call her. She was a little lost in her heart, but it was fine.
Chuck’s safety, happiness is the most important, myself… not so important.
It’s good to hold the feeling in my heart.
“It’s the fourth day now.” Karen li was haggard.
I haven’t slept for four days. This is not something that ordinary people can resist. It is also due to Karen li’s strong physique.
Switch to another person and have been in the hospital long ago.
“For so long, are there no other clues?” Logan’s voice trembled.
Four days, what this means, she dare not think about it.
Because when a person disappears, it will be more and more dangerous when it is a time!
Four days, maybe…
Logan’s heartbeat must stop!
How could this be? ?
“No, the scene has been dealt with, more professional treatment, now only rely on this monitoring to find clues.” Karen li felt no way for the first time.
I still have too little protection for Chuck. In the most recent time, I should not agree to let him go out.
“Well, Aunt Karen, please go to sleep for a while,” Logan was worried. If Chuck hadn’t found it yet, Karen li would be exhausted first.
“No need, me…”
“Go, I’ll watch, Betty, you have a rest too.”
Logan said to Betty that she was too haggard!
Karen li looked at Betty and found her haggard. By the way, she forgot her. Karen li took Betty to rest. There is Logan who can rest assured.
“Director Zhang, the trouble is speeding up. This person is particularly important to me,” Logan couldn’t suppress the anxiety in her heart. Yes, Chuck was the most important person she is now.
“Relax,” Director Zhang seriously.
He was dug by Logan, but did not see Logan like this!
This process continues, a day later, the results came out, this waiting process is to live like years! !
For Logan, she is anxious every minute and every second, but it is useless to be anxious.
I can only pray to God constantly, and I can make Chuck alive.
When the result came out, Logan almost burst into tears, Karen li, who had rested, and Betty came.
“Three people, this monitoring damage is too serious. At this stage, only one third can be repaired, which is already the limit.” Director Zhang after a day of hard work, he was also haggard to the extreme, but it was better. A little result.
Director Zhang began to release the repaired monitoring screen.
Karen li, Logan and Bettydu are watching closely.
Puff, puff!
The monitoring started to be released, but after a long period of blurring, I couldn’t see anything at all. Karen li was nervous, and the picture appeared soon, the picture! !
After a long time, there is finally a picture, but the picture is still blurry, you can see Chuck and several people fighting, very brave, in the face of the siege of several people, there is no falling wind, Zhang Chi is gentle, not panic. Busy one by one broke.
“There is no reason, Ceer should have no problem dealing with these few people, how could he be caught?” Karen li’s eyes were cold and doubtful.
“Yes, Ceer’s fighting is improving very quickly. These few look down on their faces, but in terms of figure, they are absolute mercenaries. It is no problem for Ceer to beat them. How could… Ah, hide, hide!”
Logan said, and suddenly saw a blurry woman carrying a steel pipe and attacked Chuck’s head.
Chuck lay softly on the ground, and there was a lot of blood on his head.
Karen li is full of murderous opportunities! ?
“This is actually the case!” Karen li was so cold that she felt terribly sad to see her son attacked!
In the next picture, a few people carried Chuck into the car and then handled the scene.
Logan was heartbroken, and Chuck was taken away like this. The woman’s stroke made Chuck like that. It must be very painful! !
“Director Zhang, trouble repairing the picture. I want to see what the kidnappers look like!”
Logan said coldly.
Director Zhang nodded and began to repair as much as possible.
However, the process was also lengthy. The memory card was badly damaged and difficult to repair. Finally, Director Zhang and several people from Karen li Technology Company joined forces to repair some pictures.
No one can see the picture of the car, especially the woman, it is useless to repair it, it is not clear at all! !
“We tried our best, this picture is our best.” Director Zhang said tiredly.
“Betty, immediately give me a comparison of the monitoring in other areas, where did I finally get a few cars, and I found out!” Karen li’s voice was cold.
Betty immediately went to deal.
It was another long wait. One day later, Betty came over tiredly. Karen li and Logan were nervous, all in unison, “How?”
“Going abroad.” Betty said tiredly.
In the past few days, Karen li has sent people to look for in the United States, but they have not found it.
“Where did you go?” Logan asked.
“Still checking, one day, give me another day, absolutely,” Betty knew, Chuck has been missing for a week, too long, the probability of survival is too small.
She was also worried.
“Okay, you go.” Karen li agreed.
Betty went to investigate. At this time, Karen li’s cell phone suddenly rang. She took it out to see that it was black rose, and her eyes were shiny! ?
Black Rose and Yvette didn’t come over the phone for a week. At that time, they drove to chase according to their feelings.
Is this a result now? ?
“Hey, black rose!”
“Yvette and I went to the Amazon side. I drove around the clock for a week and night. I think Chuck should be somewhere in Amazon.” Black Rose said tiredly.
She has seen those cars, and they have been chasing them all the way. The two of them are based on feelings, thinking about their location. If she is said, where will she take Chuck? ?
They considered that in the end Huang Tian was not disheartened, and finally let Black Rose and Yvette find clues, and asked someone that they saw a plane entering Amazon!
Calculated according to time, it should be.
“Amazon?” Karen li was stunned. Why did Chuck be tied to Amazon?
Why is this so?
“Yes, you can ask someone to come over. Yvette and I are ready to go in.”
“Okay, I’ll come over immediately.” Karen li hung up.
“Aunt Karen, how is it?” Loganxin was about to stop, too nervous.
“Amazon.” Karen li’s eyes flashed.
“Amazon? How to go back to Amazon?” LoganBetty was surprised.
“Betty, what do you think?” Karen li asked.
“I think when I go abroad, according to the route, I also think of where it is, but I haven’t determined yet.”
“Enough is enough, Betty, Logan and I are going to Amazon now, and you will lead people over!” Karen li said.
Amazon is too big, and it is still virgin forest, this must be looked for in all aspects.
“Okay!” Betty nodded her head. It must be enough for a few people to go.
“It’s best to check first, what hidden buildings are there on Amazon, and maybe it’s in one of these buildings,” Logan was careful.
“Well, I will do it.”
Karen li and Logan had already gone out as perseverance, but Betty asked, “The Ouke family…”
“No matter, my son is the most important.” Karen li didn’t think about it at all. As long as the Oak family dare, then she found Chuck and she would wash the Oak family! !
Karen li drove, and Logan arrived at the airport.
She called people on Amazon. She also has a base in Amazon, but it is not there, but she can be provided with equipment to go into Amazon, which is too dangerous.
Less than a day later, Karen li drove a plane to the Amazon. The equipment she had prepared was already ready, super-powered off-road vehicles, as well as guns, daggers, and various wild survival things.
Logan and Karen li have changed clothes for too long, and they are all in a hurry! !
Loganmei stares at the deep forest in the distance, Ceer, don’t be afraid, we’ll save you!

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