My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 575

Woo, you bastard, you are shameless, nasty! “The blue-eyed beauty collapsed.
Chuck has already pulled out her top, and she has no mercy on Xiangyu!
How can this be done like this?
“Can you let it go? I’ll ask you again!” Chuck said indifferently.
“Don’t let it go, I won’t let it go!” the blue-eyed beauty said annoyed.
This is a huge insult!
Chuck grabbed her clothes, “Can’t you put it on?”
“No, I let it go, I let it go!” The blue-eyed beauty was terrified. If she was seen by her men, she would be ashamed!
“Look at your acquaintance, let you take the gun and throw it away for me.” Chuck said.
“Throw a gun!” the blue-eyed beauty screamed.
She was threatened by Chuck, she was angry!
He lost his gun and Chuck grabbed her. This is his hostage, and he must ask the blue-eyed beauty to send herself out.
Chuck holds her and has come out of this. Many blue-eyed beauties have chased them out. If the blue-eyed beauties have an accident, they will definitely not survive!
“Let me go, what do you want?” The blue-eyed beauty screamed!
“Let your men back!” Chuck pinched her neck!
“Cough, back, back.” The blue-eyed beauty coughed violently.
These hands looked at each other and could only back away, because Chuck didn’t pity Xiangxixiyu, pinched her neck vigorously, and her blue-eyed beauties were almost dying.
“Let me go, otherwise you will regret it!” Blue-eyed beauty threatened.
“No, I’ll say it later when safe,” Chuck held her and walked into the deep forest of the Amazon.
He went in with blue-eyed beauties and stared at the people chasing outside, “One step closer, I’ll kill her! ”
“She, let our young lady, she has a little damage, your family will die!”
“Almost released!”
These men are angry!
“I’m safe, I will let her go,” Chuck was indifferent.
No hurry, this woman, Chuck remembered.
“Retreat! As soon as I find you follow, I will strangle her!” Chuck said coldly.
Your fingers are already hard!
“Cough!!” The blue-eyed beauty suffocated her eyes.
Where did these men dare to follow, immediately retreated.
“Don’t hurt the lady!” Some people scolded!
“If you don’t follow me, I will let her go,” Chuck stepped back, grabbing the blue-eyed beauty, and slowly disappeared into the deep forest.
All hands looked at each other!
“What to do! What to do! If something goes wrong, all of us can’t live!” Someone panicked.
“Follow, we must follow!”
“But, what happened to the man who found him, in case his dog jumped the wall and killed the lady?”
After thinking of these men immediately, after deciding, they must follow, let the best sniper follow, follow Chuck, and find a chance to shoot him!
Someone will prepare!
Otherwise, these men can’t stand it.
But at this time, someone ran over in a panic, “It’s not good, someone broke in!”
“What?! How could it break in? Kill me!”
The leader was angry, but a bullet came over. boom!
This leader was shot in a shot! !
Everyone at the scene was startled!
Who? boom!
The bullets were fired, and dozens of people on the scene were almost dead. The marksmanship was too accurate.
Yes, Karen li and the four of them came.
How could these men be opponents of the four of them?
“Ah, spare life, spare life!”
The rest are afraid to beg for mercy!
Karen li walked indifferently. They and Yvette had just searched around, but they couldn’t find Chuck.
They were a little flustered, did they find the wrong place?
“Say, is there a young Chinese man held here by you?” Karen li said indifferently.
“Yes, yes.” Someone nodded hurriedly.
They didn’t see such a terrible person as Karen li, like ice cubes, full of killing. This fear made them afraid of the bottom of their hearts.
“What about that person?” Yvette worried.
“Escaped, just caught our lady and escaped.”
The four of Karen li looked at each other and fled?
But I just came here!
Chuck actually fled by himself?
“Escaped there?” Logan asked anxiously.
Someone showed the way.
All four of you look at me. I see you. The black rose shot and killed everyone here.
Everyone here should die!
“I will chase.”
Logan can’t bear it anymore. This is the Amazon forest. There are too many unknown dangers in it. Chuck doesn’t have the experience of survival in the wild. This will cause big problems!
“I will go too!” Yvette eagerly.
“I’m going too,” said Black Rose, who had all arrived here, and missed Chuck.
Karen li looked at the direction of Chuck’s escape, she suddenly smiled.
Yvette was stunned, Logan, and Black Rose were stunned.
“My son grew up, it seems that I underestimated my son, he actually escaped himself.”
Karen li is happy. She has been worried about the extreme during this time. When she heard the news just now, she was stunned and happy.
This is a growing process, and now it seems that Chuck has grasped this matter and growing up, she should be happy.
This is an experience for Chuck. As a mother, she knows that Chuck is safe enough. Hasn’t she been like this before? ?
“But this forest is too dangerous.” Logan was absolutely uneasy.
There are all kinds of poisonous snakes, poisonous spiders, Chuck doesn’t know, what if I get bitten?
“Well, you have to find it,” Karen li agreed.
Logan, Yvette, and Black Rose immediately ran into the deep forest.
It won’t be seen soon.
An hour later, a helicopter flew in the sky, and it was Betty who brought him over.
Betty saw so many dead bodies at the scene. She was surprised and did not see Chuck!
“Mr. Li, this…” Betty came down from the plane and all the people inside came out.
All are well-trained people.
“Cer is here, but Cer escaped himself,” Karen li said with a smile.
“Master escaped by yourself?” Betty was stunned. How did you do it? ?
This place is heavily guarded!
“Yes, Logan, Yvette, and Black Rose have already gone to find,” Karen li rest assured that the three of them were looking separately, and one of them could always find Chuck.
Bettysong sighed, “Master is so powerful,”
Karen li smiled slightly, and then the smile disappeared until it was cold, “Betty, who is this place? Did you find out?”
“Check it out, it belongs to the Luofu family.” Betty said.
“Luofu family?” Karen li frowned. This is one of the four big families, but he doesn’t seem to be in conflict with them. Why should he do this? Karen li couldn’t figure it out. If you deal with yourself, why not call yourself?
It’s so strange, what the hell is going on!
“Yes, President Li, what should the Luofu family do now?”
“This will be dealt with after Zeer returns!” Karen li asked Chuck’s opinion.
“Yes!” Betty nodded.
This really depends on Chuck’s meaning. Chuck said how to do it, Karen li will definitely agree.
“Then we now?” Betty asked.
“Go back,” Karen li turned around.
“But don’t wait for the young master?” Betty was worried.
“Wait, wait for him at home. My son grows up, and I should be happy.” Karen li smiled slightly.
She was worried and happy. This process was really beyond description. Fortunately, Chuck grew up and knew that he was saving himself. Good thing.
Bettysong breathed, and Karen li got on the plane, some people left to deal with this place.
In the forest, Yvette, Logan and Black Rose have chased a long distance.
But they didn’t catch up, it should be Chuck to avoid those people’s pursuit, so he didn’t stop.
“That won’t work, we have to find them separately!” Logan suggested.
Now no one else is chasing, the only danger is the danger from the Amazon forest, so look for them separately.
“Well, I agree.”
“I agree.”
Yvette, Black Rose has no opinion, and the chance of finding them separately is still much greater.
“Then be careful,”
“I go here,”
“I go over there.”
Yvette, Black Rose left, and Logan was looking in another direction. Chuck must be found before she could feel at ease, otherwise she would be very panicked.

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