My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 579

Chuck heard the voice, and he was shocked. It was a woman’s voice, but it was a particularly strange woman’s voice.
Sure enough, there were really Chinese people who were really caught here and locked up. In this place, Chuck can kick a few feet, but for women who have no power, they are definitely not good!
“Me too, who are you?” Chuck looked darkly.
“I’m here,” the woman’s voice is too weak, how long has it been locked? ?
Chuck touched a woman’s hand. It was cold and cold. Chuck approached and saw a pair of beautiful eyes. This is a beauty. It should be eighteen or nine years old.
“Who are you? How were you caught in?”
Chuck asked.
“Aren’t you here to save me?” The woman was a little surprised. No, it should be a special accident.
“No, I accidentally met those people on Amazon,” which is nothing to lie about.
“Ah, isn’t it?” the woman sighed calmly.
“How long have you been arrested?” Chuck asked.
“It’s been more than three days. I ran out secretly and was caught.” The woman didn’t have any fear. In this case, she was very calm.
Chuck has doubts, where did her calmness come from? ?
Wouldn’t it be the children of a big family?
“What family are you from Huaxia?” Chuck was a little curious.
“I am not from the Huaxia family,” the woman shook her head, looking calm.
“Then where are you from? I don’t mind if I speak. I think you have a lot of confidence. What kind of children should you be from a big family? Tell me, what kind of family are you?” Chuck wanted to know.
He came to the rice country, of course, he did not continue to be alone, and knew many families in the world, including some families in China.
“I said you don’t know.” The woman shook her head.
“What do you mean? I definitely know. You said,” Chuck especially wanted to know. This woman’s talk is too emboldened. She has grown up in a big family since she was a child. This needs to be heard from a young age. Also cultivated.
It is definitely not pretended, nor is it possible overnight.
“It seems that you really don’t know, you don’t think that there are no other families in the world except for families now?” the woman said lightly.
“What do you mean by saying this?” Chuck was weird.
“Look, you don’t know, in this world, in addition to the superficial family, some secret family, you don’t know.” The woman said.
“What a hidden family?” Chuck smiled.
“What are you laughing at?” The woman was strange.
“I don’t want to hide you either. Your mother is very powerful. There are many industries in the world. Several small countries have bought them. There are many industries in the United States and China. Your secret family is more powerful than me. Mom is amazing?” Chuck smiled.
“Then tell me, who is your mother?” The woman seemed to be so interested.
“Karen li, my mother is Karen li, have you heard of it?” Chuck laughed. She really wanted to be so powerful in her house. She must have heard it.
“Karen li? Is it Karen li who has the most potential to enter our hidden family in the past two decades?” In the darkness, the woman’s eyes shine slightly.
“What? My mom can’t enter any hidden family?” Chuck was upset, how powerful was his mom? ? With so many industries around the world, this so-called hidden family can’t get into it?
“Can’t get in.” The woman simply shook her head.
“Then what is your hidden family doing?” Chuck wanted to ask clearly.
“It’s the same business as your mother,”
“What kind of business does your secret family do?” Chuck wondered, did he encounter a neuropathy? Being stupid?
However, the calmness of this woman’s talk really made Chuck feel the pressure.
“So tell you, there are three hidden families in the world, which have been passed down for thousands of years, I am one of this family, the world is divided by our three families, your mother, just barely entered our hidden family Threshold people, and still the kind of particularly reluctant.” The woman said.
“Is it true or false? The world is divided by three families? Is this possible?” Chuck was forced.
“So you don’t know this. Our family had already made enough money to buy global money when you were in the Ming dynasty. It’s just that the family has a legacy and shouldn’t show their heads. So our family was when my grandpa’s grandpa, It has really been divided into onethird of the world. When my grandfather’s grandfather died, my grandfather has always maintained this situation.” The woman said lightly.
“You mean, your family has been hiding? Where is it hiding?”
“Where else? Where you don’t know, in Dashan, your mother Karen li’s entire family property is only the money that our family can earn in a year. You said she is eligible to enter the secret family?”
Chuck was shocked. Are these hidden families really making money silently every day? ?
“The reason why our family is hidden is that we don’t want to be subject to family disputes.
Your mother Karen li, I have been paying attention in secret in recent years. She has been facing family problems in recent years. If she has also become a hidden family, then She would not encounter these problems, is it not good to make money silently?” said the woman.
Chuck feels good.
“But my mom has bought several small countries, she…”
“The countries she bought are all we don’t want, otherwise she can’t buy them,” the woman shook her head and interrupted Chuck.
Chuck was speechless.
“Your mother is still a bit powerful, but still far away from our secret family. After all, how many generations have our families accumulated?? You can’t imagine that she has only been for more than 20 years, but, If she died at the age of seventy or eighty, pass the property to you, if you can live to the age of seventy or eighty, then pass on the family property for several generations, but the premise is that you can have the commercial vision of your mother Karen li.
Seven or eight generations, your family barely entered the secret family.” The woman said calmly.
Chuck couldn’t say it, so I had to ask my mother. I don’t know if my mother knew about it.
Anyway, Chuck thought that my mother was rich enough.
Others have inherited it for so many years, if it is true, then the mother is certainly not as rich as they are.
“I said, you are so rich, how long do you live?” Chuck said, died too early, is it not a loss? ?
“Birth, sickness and death are inevitable, and no one can escape, but now my medical technology, my grandpa is 108 years old,”
“Haha, the longest living in the world, seems to be more than 120 years old?”
“That’s an individual gene. This is someone else’s longevity gene. Most people can only live in their 70s and 80s. This can’t be changed. My dad died at 80.” The woman said.
Chuck smiled slightly, “Yes, death is definitely inevitable, so why do you hide yourself?”
“Inheritance, inheritance, if it is too public, it will appear in three generations.” The woman has a trace of seriousness.
“If you think this, the money your mother makes is not enough for you to squander.”
“Yeah, my mother said that I can use it as much as I want.” Chuck shrugged.
“I think it’s funny, your mother is really, she doesn’t understand yet, her money is just a little,” the woman shook her head.
“But my mother said to me, she can do it, I can use as much as possible.” Chuck said.
“Well, she is a good mother and is very good for you. If you can’t use much, it is enough for you.” The woman nodded.
“So what’s your name?”
“This can’t tell you, people in my family should know that I was arrested and will come over to rescue me soon. I can take you out and be paid for your chat with me,” the woman said.
“Haha, no, I can take you out, but are there any other Chinese people?” Chuck smiled.
Keep waiting, who knows what will happen? ?
“It’s gone, but how do you take me away? Your mother seems to be fighting a little, do you too?”
“What does my mother know a little bit? My mother is the best fighting master.” Chuck was a little speechless.
“You are wrong. Really powerful combat masters will not appear. Your mother’s ranking is only the second in the world, but if some of our bodyguards also come out to participate in the ranking, your mother will not be able to enter the top 100.” The woman is faint Said.

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