My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 583

Nothing. ”
The woman shook her head, and the embarrassed expression on Chuck’s face was not pretended, and she didn’t care anyway. Anyway, Chuck’s hand had touched it last night.
“Why don’t your people come yet?” Chuck was speechless. Is this woman in the secret family?
Two days? No one has come yet? ?
“Something went wrong, so you sent me to the next city,” the woman said.
This one still has to look at Chuck. Finally, it’s hard to see a man who is barely okay. This depends on it. After all… The difference between Chuck’s mother Karen li and her family is too big.
This is considered to be a high climb. If married, the child born cannot be named Zhang.
Chuck compromised. Although he had no idea about this woman, she was also a beautiful woman comparable to Yvette in every aspect. It was not bad to be able to be with such a beautiful woman.
At least eye-catching.
“Well,” the woman stood up.
“Huh, is your leg injured?” Chuck was surprised. He was badly injured last night. How could it be better all night?
This is actually nothing for a woman. As a hidden family, her family has the most traditional Chinese medicine.
If you are just sprained, then apply the medicine.
“A little better,” the woman said lightly.
“That shouldn’t need to be hug?” Chuck asked, this is actually very uncomfortable, not that she is heavy, but it is, the pain of holding a beautiful woman, most people can’t imagine.
What’s more, her figure is similar to that of Yvette.
“You think?”
“Well, hugging me is a bit uncomfortable,” Chuck didn’t hide.
“Really? Then continue to hug me and leave,” said the woman. She would continue to test Chuck. If Chuck married herself, then she absolutely would not allow Chuck to do anything with another woman, absolutely! !
“Okay,” Chuck hugged her.
Chuck was so energetic that he had rested well, and it would be no problem to hold her for a day.
When Chuck didn’t pay attention, the woman clicked on the back, which was telling people nearby to follow.
It’s really impossible to move without money, neither by car, nor by phone, Chuck is speechless and collapsed, what’s the matter!
The woman didn’t speak, and she felt more and more secure. “You can be the richest man in the world, I can help you.”
“Help me? Why did you help me?” Of course Chuck doesn’t want to.
He is not a soft guy, and it is enough to have a mother to give money. With his own efforts, we can see if we can realize this wish.
“I’m willing to help you.” The woman did not say a word in the back, but I want you to go into trouble.
“I still rely on myself.”
“It’s not that I look down on you. With our hidden family, no one can be the richest man in the world!!!” The woman said lightly.
In this tone, Chuck felt a bit domineering.
“I will work hard.”
“It’s useless for you to work hard, because you walk three mountains above your head that you can never climb over. The reason why you can see a little sun is what we let you see. In this world, except I can help you, others, I can’t help you, let alone your wife,” the woman’s eyes narrowed.
Chuck didn’t care when listening to the front, but when talking about Yvette later, Chuck was a little annoyed.
“You are far from my wife, you are far away, she will never talk to me like that now, she is understanding…”
The woman frowned, “That’s because your wife is incapable, so you can only obey your words, which is the so-called empathy in your mouth. I am different from her. I can make you the richest person in the world, she can’t!”
“You are such a good pen, what about your people?!” Chuckdong.
“You are too ignorant, and I am starting to be a little disappointed in you.” The woman shook her head and said for ten seconds, someone came out.
Chuck actually said something like this.
“If you are disappointed, let’s be disappointed.” Chuck does not matter. This is not Yvette. Chuck is too lazy to coax.
“Let me down,” the woman said.
“Do you want to go by yourself?” Chuck looked at her, she has long legs, and if she limped later, it wouldn’t work.
“Yes, I’m disappointed with you. I can give you ten seconds. You let me raise hope for you again.”
“Forget it, I don’t need your hope,” Chuck shook his head.
“You don’t know what you missed, do you know? I can ask your mother to come and see me now!” The woman was confident.
“You bull pen, I’m too lazy to take care of you, I’m leaving.”
Of course, Chuck did the same, put her on the side of the road, turned around and walked away without any hesitation.
Decisive and simple, you bull pen, still call my mother over, I will not bird you.
The woman narrowed her eyes and stared at Chuck who had left.
Thirty seconds later, a man came out, “Miss, this person is ignorant, or give him a lesson, let his mother go bankrupt, it is also your thing.”
“No, I suddenly think he is more interesting, dare to refuse me?” The woman suddenly smiled, she said, how many men would kneel? ?
Chuck didn’t do it, but aroused her desire to conquer.
The man bowed his head, “He doesn’t understand.”
“He really doesn’t understand. He wants to be the richest man in the world. I can let him do it tomorrow. He doesn’t understand what he missed. I will tell him slowly! Now call Karen li and let her come here to see you Me!” said the woman.
“Yes,” the man pulled out his phone.
I found a number I had never dialed and dialed it.
Soon, the phone was connected.
“Hey.” This is the voice of doubt, yes, it is indeed Karen li answering the phone.
This number is unfamiliar, she has never seen it.
“Karen li?” the man asked lightly.
“Yes, I am.”
“My lady asked you to come over to see her,”
“Miss your family?” Karen li looked over here again. The phone number on the screen of the phone did not belong.
What kind of lady is this?
“Who is your lady, please?” Karen li is strange, what happened? ?
“Wanjia, you shouldn’t have heard of it, because you haven’t been able to reach this level yet.
You don’t understand. I can tell you a little bit.” The man said lightly.
“Ten thousand families?” Here, Karen li’s eyes flashed in a fine light.
Betty, who was in the office together, was stunned. Karen li, who was in a good mood these past two days, how did she answer a phone call? ?
“Need me to introduce some to you?!” The man’s tone was indifferent throughout.
“No, which lady in Wanjia?”
“So you have heard of Wanjia? Have you been in touch with something you can’t touch yet?
You’re not bad.”
“Thank you for the compliment, which lady is that?”
“You don’t have the right to know this, my lady is on Amazon…”
“Your family is on Amazon??” Karen li’s eyes flashed again!
Isn’t his son Chuck on Amazon?
“Yes, give you five hours to fly over! Because my lady only waits for you for five hours.” The man hung up the phone directly.
Respectfully said to the woman, “Miss, she has been notified, she will arrive immediately after five hours.”
“Well,” the woman nodded lightly, no surprise.
“That lady went over there, I have already arranged it.” The man made the gesture.
The woman looked at the direction of Chuck, “I will tell you now what you missed! No, I will let your mother tell you what you missed.”
The woman turned and walked, the man snapped his fingers, a man appeared, his eyes cold.
“Follow him!”
The man in black chased it, the speed of his movements, like the fastest man in the world… horror.
“Mr. Li, what’s the matter with you?” Betty was particularly surprised. Karen li answered the phone and was silent for a minute. Her eyes kept blinking.
“Mr. Li…”
Karen li came back, “Betty, you immediately prepared the plane for me, I am going to Amazon soon!!”
Betty was stunned, “Mr. Li, did the young master have an accident?”
Otherwise, Karen li wouldn’t be like this, but what danger is there for Chuck? No more, Black Rose, Yvette, Logan are all over there!
“Yes, Ce’er may have an accident, hurry!” Karen li said, her eyes staring in one direction, and she shined! !

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