My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 584

Chuck continued to walk, and ignored the woman. She was completely tall. The key is that she didn’t use her a penny. Her arrogance really made Chuck feel sick.
He walked for a long time by himself, and felt that he could not go on like this, so he had to call his mother as soon as possible to ask about this matter.
There must be really this hidden family, so is the gap between mom and this hidden family really so big? ?
Mom has all the property now, and people earn it in one year? !
This is too scary!
Chuck felt a little uneasy, so it’s better to contact his mother earlier.
But if he didn’t understand it, he couldn’t borrow his mobile phone. He thought of a way.
Anyway, he was hungry. Then go eat a king’s meal. When paying the money, people will definitely let themselves call.
Then it’s time for my mom to send someone over.
Chuck saw a restaurant and stepped in. Someone received him. Chuck ordered several dishes. He sat and waited.
In this place, Chuck is actually not used to eating, but there is no way, he is hungry. !
After he finished eating, he called the waiter to come, Chuck showed no money. The waiter immediately got angry and roared, and several strong men came over, kicking and kicking Chuck.
Chuck is speechless, these people don’t let people call to send money over? !
If you don’t follow the rules, Chuck is full. How could he be overthrown by the big guys and a few fights? Chuck grabbed a mobile phone.
This person is terrified. Chuck collapses. How important is a foreign language!
Suddenly a person ran out, did he still have a gun, Chuck ran away, bang, bang! !
Gunshots continued.
Chuck was so angry that he ran into the crowd. So many people dare not shoot.
Chuck’s scalp ran madly, no matter how powerful he was, even a bullet came to death. boom? !
When Chuck ran, he suddenly hit a man.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Chuck ran away without even seeing it.
But one hand suddenly pulled Chuck.
Chuck collapsed, “Sorry, I didn’t mean it,”
What a dangerous thing it is to be caught while running away? !
“I did it on purpose.” This was an excited voice.
This is Hua Xia’s voice. Chuck turned her head and saw a woman with wet eyes, and her lips were shaking.
Chuckxi burst into tears and hugged her tightly, “Aunt Logan, Aunt Logan… Really?”
Chuck was excited. At this time, it was so exciting to see Logan.
“It’s me! It’s me,”
Logan said softly that her tears were coming out. She had been searching for so many days. She was suffering every day, not the exhaustion of physical and mental fatigue, but the worry.
She worried that Chuck had an accident.
She was just about to leave here quickly, and when she was looking elsewhere, she was suddenly hit by someone. When she saw someone who hit her, she burst into tears in a flash.
Since the last time I saw Chuck’s head shot by a steel pipe, she felt distressed.
On the way to find, she was distressed all the way. How much hard will Chuck without any unexpected survival experience be able to come out? !
She didn’t want to come out from Amazon because she thought Chuck might not be able to come out, but after she considered, she still chose to grow up.
So she came out to find it, but after a day of searching, there was no result. She was shaken and wanted to go back to Amazon to find it again, but at this time, she met the person she most wanted to see.
“Wow wow…”
A group of people chased over, Chuck loosened Logan and blocked Logan.
This group of people was fierce and glaring at Chuck, with a gun at Chuck.
“What are you doing?” Logan’s eyes froze.
Chuck was stunned, Logan actually spoke the language of this place? She would actually?
And still so standard! Bravo!
Chuck has worshipped.
“He doesn’t give money for meals and beats people.” Someone said annoyed.
Logan was stunned this time, “Cer, do they say they don’t give money for meals?”
“Me, Aunt Logan, I don’t have any money.” Chuck was embarrassed.
Loganpo smiled, “silly boy.”
She scratched Chuck’s hair.
Then she took out a few dollars and came out, “Give it! He has money, a lot, a lot!?”
These people saw their eyes straight for hundreds of dollars.
The glare just now disappeared, he laughed and laughed, said something, and then left with satisfaction.
Chucksong said, “Aunt Logan…”
“Silly boy, have you been full just now?” Logan asked gently.
“There is still a bit.” Chuck touched his belly.
“What do you want to eat? I bring it,” Logan was particularly gentle, and could not leave her eyes open.
“Aunt Logan, do I have a dream?” Chuck felt that this smile was too familiar, but wasn’t Logan in China? !
“Stupid boy, no.” Logan was stunned because Chuck suddenly hugged herself.
This hug feels so good.
Logan took Chuck to dinner elsewhere. Of course, he found the most luxurious hotel. Chuck wanted to eat and order something. Logan was also hungry, but she wanted to see Chuck eat, so she felt real. . She did not dream herself.
“Cer, are you full?”
“I am full,”
“Then go to rest for a while, and stay for one night today.” Logan wanted to call Yvette, Black Rose, and Karen li, and Chuck found it.
“Well, but Aunt Logan, can you accompany me today?” Chuck felt that today, he especially wanted to sleep on Logan.
Seeing Logan, he felt dreaming.
“Okay, take it.”
Logan smiled slightly and took Chuck up.
“Wow, that Chinese girlfriend is really beautiful,”
“Yes, it would be nice if my girlfriend,”
A few locals envy Chuck, saying that Chuck doesn’t understand, but Logan understands.
Logan was happy.
When he arrived at the hotel, Chuck’s tiredness at this time suddenly became better. He just wanted to sleep and leaned on Logan to sleep.
“Cer, go to take a bath first. During this time, you are in the wild and need to take a bath and rest,” Logan said.
“Well,” Chuck was sleepy, and he came out after bathing.
Logan did not want to let go when he came out.
In the past few days, Logan’s tenderness is the best sleeping pill. Chuck fell asleep by Logan.
Loganan looked quietly, and she didn’t want to think of anything, just wanted to look at it like this. Isn’t this what she likes to do? ?
When Logan saw the sleeping Chuck, she couldn’t help but suddenly bit her lip together and let Chuck take a sip.
“Took my first kiss, and I also… Ah!” Logan suddenly covered her mouth, and her beautiful face suddenly turned red to the extreme.
Because two people came in, one was Karen li and the other was Betty.
Karen li was stunned. She was stunned. “Do you open the room without closing the door? I pushed and opened…”
Betty was also stunned. Logan actually kissed Chuck? Did you read it right? !
Logan was extremely shy, just clicked on Chuck, this was seen by Karen li! !
She wanted to find a hole in the ground. For the first time, she felt that she could not face Karen li at all.
“Logan, Ce’er fell asleep and came out, I have something to say,” Karen li was lost in consternation, with a trace of dignity! !
“Ah? Me, me.” Logan blushed and put Chuck lightly, covering something for Chuck.
Then came out with Karen li.
Betty took care of Chuck in the room. She saw Chuck and felt relieved in her heart. “Master, it’s so good to live…”
“Me, Ceer and I did nothing, really nothing.” Logan explained, she suddenly felt so nervous.
Because it was seen by Chuck’s mother Karen li!
She suddenly had a feeling of doing something wrong, bowing her head without any confidence, this was the first time she spoke intermittently.
“Well, Logan don’t be nervous, I wish to do something with him, really did nothing?” Karen li suddenly smiled.
“No, there really isn’t,” Logan lowered her head. She suddenly lost, and she didn’t really do anything. She kissed herself when Chuck didn’t know it was her. There was nothing else.
However, this is not representative, it is impossible for two people? ?

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