My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 585

“Why not” Karen li’s smile was gone, she could feel Logan’s sadness.
Logan didn’t know how to answer at all, she sighed, “Because Ce’er doesn’t like me at all, he just respects me, he likes Yvette.”
Logan has a sad feeling of falling out of love. The first love, no, it should not be love, this is the secret love of unrequited love, but Chuckhao is fine, he is not so important.
“I can’t take care of you,” Karen li shook her head.
She can only guide this affectionate love. She certainly cannot force Chuck, and she is not overbearing.
“Well, I know. By the way, what happened just now, what happened just now,” Logan broke again and again.
Karen li smiled slightly, “I didn’t see it, neither did Betty,”
Logan can like his son, which is a good thing, but Logan is suffering.
“Thank you,” Logan felt relieved. She did it secretly, and if Chuck knew it, she would collapse.
“By the way, Aunt Karen, you suddenly come here to have something.” Logan thought of the key point.
Why should Karen li come here?
“Did you find any other abnormalities when you met Ceer?” Karen li glanced at her eyes.
“No,” Logan shook her head, she didn’t find it.
Not at all, maybe she was stunned by surprise.
“Now” Karen li asked again.
At this time, Logan was on the balcony, her beautiful eyes glanced out, she still shook her head,
“No, is something wrong?”
“Let me tell you, don’t look, there is a man in your building at about 500 meters at three o’clock.”
Karen li said.
“What is this person?” Logan certainly didn’t read it.
“If I guess well, this person has been following Ce’er. When you meet Ce’er, he has always followed him.” Karen li gazed at a place intentionally or unintentionally.
Her sixth sense is accurate. When she first came, she hadn’t noticed yet, but when she walked into the hotel, she felt that someone was monitoring herself.
Sure enough, she came in to find a place to cover and really saw the suspicious person.
Logan dignified She is not bad, but she can’t find anyone else. The strength of this person is extraordinary.
“I’m going to solve this person now” Logan absolutely does not allow such things to happen.
“Don’t worry, I came here because I received a call from someone” Karen li calmed down.
Karen li’s eyes flashed in the eyes of “hidden families and thousands of families”
“Miss, time is up. This Karen li has already arrived here, but it’s still not coming.” Inside the luxury hotel.
The man looked at the woman who had put on clean clothes.
“It’s kind of interesting, Karen li is so precious to her son, it must be to see her son first,” the woman said lightly.
“She can’t tell the lesson from her,” she said
“Ask it there,” said the woman.
“Yes.” The man immediately contacted the person who followed Chuck. A minute later, he received a message.
There is a picture in it, a man and a woman.
“Miss, look,” the man handed his cell phone respectfully.
The woman glanced and frowned.
“This woman is Yvette” asked indifferently.
“No, it’s a person called Logan from Huaxia.” The man explained.
“Logan had never heard of it.” The woman was more indifferent.
“Logan was cultivated by Karen li in one hand. A deep biography of Karen li’s fighting. Now in a movie company that has sprung up in recent years, she is the behind-the-scenes boss, but she should be a “man stop.”
“What should be”
“Logan is eleven years older than Chuck, and Karen li nurtured her in this way. I think Karen li’s plan is…”
“Train a spare tire for Chuck,” the woman said lightly.
“Yes, Logan is older than Chuck, but she is also a master of fighting, with good physical quality, which makes her look”
“It doesn’t look like this. It’s getting old when it’s old. It’s getting older when it’s older. It’s the same for maintenance.” The woman shook her head, her tone indifferent.
“That is, where can she compare with you who just turned 20?”
“This is nothing to worry about Logan. I can give Karen li a chance this time to let her see her baby son and come over to see me again.” The woman closed her eyes.
“Do you want to make Logan busy? Her foundation is not as stable as Karen li. It’s too simple to handle.” The man commented.
“Forget it, don’t move first, I have to see what gesture Karen li uses to see me,” the woman’s eyes didn’t open. During this process, her mood didn’t fluctuate at all.
“Yes.” The man lowered his head.
“Aunt Logan.”
Chuck was confused about Betty, Betty collapsed, “less”
Betty didn’t dare to call, in case Karen li saw it, what to do Chuck would be reprimanded by Karen li.
After being caught for a while, Betty endured, but fortunately Chuck was dreaming, and soon let go, Betty dared not sit beside Chuck.
She just watched Chuck sleeping on the sofa. She worried that Chuck fell to the ground before she sat down. did not expect. .
“Mr. Li,” Betty saw Karen li and Logan coming in, and she lowered her head.
Karen li looked at her strangely, “Betty, why are you blushing?”
“Master just said a dream, I heard it,” Betty said.
“Well, this kid doesn’t know what to think all day long, don’t mind.” Karen li is in trouble.
Of course, Betty shook her head. If Chuck caught him, Karen li would definitely scold Chuck.
“Aunt Karen, you are going to see her now,” Logan asked.
She already knew about it just now, the secret family, Karen li once told her once, but Logan didn’t remember much. This time, listening again, Logan remembered it.
Wanjia, this family has been passed down for dozens of generations Knowing this is enough.
“Well, she asked me to see her in the past, then see you,”
“However, I think that I should wake up and ask what is going on.” Logan thinks it should be like this.
“Yes, Mr. Li asked about it, what should the young master know,” Betty also suggested.
Karen li considered for a few seconds, “Yes.”
She came over, “Cer, wake up,”
Chuck, still dreaming, woke up suddenly, “Mom, why are you here?”
Chuck was pleasantly surprised. He had a dream just now, and he still had a mobile phone. He called his mother and told her something, but I didn’t expect it to be true.
Karen li touched the back of Chuck, “Qie Er, do you still hurt?”
“It doesn’t hurt, it’s just a little uncomfortable,”
Chuck said it.
Karen li, Logan, and Betty looked at each other, but they saw Chuck was beaten with their own eyes, so heavy, or head. .
Chuck saw Betty and called Li sister, Betty immediately lowered her head.
Chuck was stunned.
“Relax, Ce’er, when you arrive in the United States, I will take you to the inspection immediately. It will be fine,” Karen li said comfortably.
“Cer, I will ask you something.” Karen li was serious.
“Mom, you said.”
“How did you escape, then tell me everything you encountered, don’t miss anyone,”
“Okay, I’m holding it.” Chuck said a lot, including meeting those people and saving the women of the secret family, all of which were said.
Karen li, Logan and Betty looked at each other again
“Cer, what name did you save that woman?” Karen li asked.
“She didn’t tell me, mom, there are really hidden families,” Chuck asked curiously.
“There is, of course, there is light, there is darkness,” Karen li nodded.
“That world is really of three families”
“Well, yes,” Karen li also nodded.
Chuck was shocked. There were really three hidden families. Chuck felt incredible. “The woman said, “Mother, you have all the property, and they earn it in a year. Is this true?”
The woman said very confidently. Chuck felt that way. If it was true, then his family could not be compared with others. This is a huge gap.
Karen li was stunned, his eyes rolled, and suddenly he smiled slightly, “Cer, what do you think?”

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