My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 588

Betty was shocked. Karen li was refreshing her cognition again and again. It can be said that Betty believed that Karen li’s physical fitness at this time was almost reaching the limit of human beings.
“But, will this secret family start to deal with…” Betty worried about this.
Now the matter with the Ok family has not been resolved yet. This secret family is not comparable to the four major families.
“It’s okay, no one can force my son. I will help him with my son’s affairs,” Karen li said.
Bettyen, “Will the young master be brought back later, what about the Luofu family?”
Chuck was so miserable this time, this one must be doubled back! !
“I asked Ceer what he meant, he shouldn’t know about it yet, go, go back,”
“Well, by the way, what about the man who monitors the young master? Did he keep monitoring the young master?” Betty worried.
This is a big problem, this is not Chuck’s whereabouts, all that woman knew?
“Just leave, don’t move this family of tens of thousands of people for a while, wait for me to settle the affairs of the Ouke family, and…” Karen li suddenly fell silent.
“Your grandfather Zhang Qingyang?” Betty asked.
She could feel that Karen li was still very lost, even a little disappointed!
Yes, when Karen li followed the bullet on the tracker last time, she knew something.
In addition, Zhang Qingyang has not been in contact recently. After all, Karen li broke into the Li family, but it was spread in the United States.
“Well, I must understand this matter. He… why did he have that idea, Ceer is his biological son, why did he do that.” Karen li was a little uncomfortable.
She just couldn’t figure it out, why?
You did it wrong, so tell yourself!
“Mr. Li, don’t think too much, Master is still waiting.” Betty said.
She felt the sadness of Karen li.
After all, the man who has been loyal for so long has actually got distracted.
What is this for? !
“Well,” Karen li shook her head and sorted out her emotions.
She took the phone and called Black Rose.
The black rose still vibrating in the jungle here. She took it out to see that it was Karen li.
“My son has been found by Logan.”
“Huh.” Black Rose was relieved. After so many days, she had been searching for a long time.
Basically, she didn’t have a good rest. Today, you can take a good rest.
“I’ll send you the address, you come over and eat together,” Karen li continued.
“I still have a rest first. I saw a big tree, and I went to sleep for a while.”
“Well, thank you,”
“Yes, he… it’s okay,” Black Rose hung up the phone, she climbed a big tree, and found a forked place to lie down.
So comfortable.
She was feeling exhausted. She closed her eyes and suddenly thought of something. She licked her tongue. “Suddenly, it seems to eat mung bean cake…”

“Aunt Logan,”
Chuck continued to sleep, but he slept on Logan’s legs and could not fall asleep again.
Maybe I heard what my mother said just now, and he was thinking about something else.
“What’s wrong?” Logan smiled softly, and she arranged Chuck’s hair with her hands.
“can not fall asleep,”
“Want to talk?”
“Yes, Aunt Logan, can I ask you a question?” Chuck looked at her.
“Yes, you ask.”
Chuck actually wanted to ask why Logan didn’t wear jeans. After all, Chuck wanted to see what Logan’s back looks like, but it’s definitely inappropriate to ask.
“What’s wrong? Why don’t you ask?” Logan looked at Chuck for a long time, and she smiled slightly.
“I still forget it, don’t ask, I continue to sleep well,” Chuck shook his head, Logan so hard to find himself, he still asked that kind of question, how could it work? ?
Logan will definitely feel particularly embarrassed.
So how do you continue to chat?
“Why? You can ask, ask me what, I will tell you,” Logan took it seriously.
What can Chuck ask himself? It must be some of my own things, such as how to have the present, such as what I usually do, and other things…
Yes, Logan is particularly simple in this respect, but she never thought about it. Chuck may ask himself why he usually doesn’t wear jeans?
She might be so dumbfounded, so dumb…
“Well, don’t ask, I fell asleep,” Chuck shook his head, Meimei continued to sleep.
He still hugs Logan, so he can have a sweet dream.
Gradually, Logan saw Chuck fell asleep, she was at ease, she was thinking, what question did Chuck just want to ask? ?
How to stop talking, aroused her curiosity.
“Speaking again, what dream are you doing?… Have you ever dreamed of me? Have you?”
Logan lowered her voice and asked, Chuck fell asleep. Where can I hear it?
“I also sleep for a while.”
Logan secretly clicked on Chuck’s cheek. She closed her eyes and prepared to sleep on the sofa, but…
“Aunt Logan, you…”
A shocked voice came in.
Yes, this person is Yvette, the expression on her face is shocked, especially the pair of eyes, with a stunned incomparable!
She had just received a call from Logan and knew Chuck was safe. She was crying in joy in the forest.
Without a little delay, she rushed over non-stop, she had too much to say, too much…
She just wanted to stay with Chuck now.
However, when Yvette arrived at the door, and she was expecting to knock on the door with nervous expectation, she found that the door was not closed, and she unconsciously acted and pushed the door in…
Then I saw the scene just now, Logan kissed Chuck…
She was shocked. .
Yes, Logan did not close the door again in a trance, was seen.
In the face of Yvette’s shocked expression, Logan’s beautiful face suddenly turned red, her eyes dodged, and she put down Chuck’s head busy and covered him with something.
Silent! The room was quiet, and the needle was audible!
One second, two seconds, three seconds…
“Yvette, I…” Logan never felt that he would be as embarrassed as he is now! !
Just seen by Karen li just now, she just feels shy. After all, at the very least, Karen li originally made a match between Chuck and herself.
Then you kiss Chuck, and she is seen by Chuck’s mother. This is only shy.
But when Zhang Yi’s wife Yvette saw it, she felt panicked and instantly collapsed.
Embarrassment, pain, and loss, and even guilt over Yvette, all of a sudden made Logan panicked and confused.
She didn’t know what to do, she didn’t know at all. She wished Yvette came over and gave her a few slaps. She would not resist, she would only feel guilty.
It is impossible for Chuck and himself. Why do you kiss him? ?
“Yvette, I…” Logan felt Yvette’s eyes change.
Shocked, with a hint of anger, and then finally to loss, and pain.
“Aunt Logan, let’s talk,” Yvette went out.
Logan’s legs could not move, Yvette slapped himself a few times, and he felt better!
But Yvette didn’t do it.
Logan looked at Chuck, who was asleep, and she walked out with legs like lead pouring.
The two stared at each other, and Logan lost her confidence for the first time. She felt that she was particularly guilty and very special…
She couldn’t imagine the embarrassment just now.
“Aunt Logan, when did this start?” Yvette took a breath and calmed down.
“I… the time when you disappeared began,” Logan said, and Chuck was inseparable at that time, especially when she took care of Chuck because Yvette was missing and in a low mood.
Every night, Chuck falls asleep on Logan’s legs.
Yvette understood that it was really that time, because only then, Chuck and Logan stayed together for a long time, no wonder, Logan would come over so far.
I should have felt it for a long time, but Yvette didn’t think about it. How did she get it, Logan actually…
“You have fallen in love with me since then… fell in love with him?”
“Well, I’m sorry, I… I will never, never again.” Logan apologized.

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