My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 592

The blue-eyed beauty is also thinking these days. What does the person who saved himself look like that day?
High is not high, handsome is not handsome.
Why not show up? ?
Selfless dedication?
She certainly can’t do this, but the only thing she can be sure of is that the person who saved herself is definitely a rice country!
This is something she can definitely be sure of!
Because it is possible to stone three people. One of them was also smashed to death. This must be the strength of only the talents of the United States!
No one else! !
“Emily, you didn’t see that person at all?” Feng Yun’s young woman smiled slightly.
If she can save her daughter, then she will certainly not be stingy.
She still knows the remuneration of some money, as long as the person dares to ask for it, she can speak out. Then she will give! !
“No, no,” the blue-eyed beauty was disappointed.
Why didn’t the person who saved himself did anything?
Why didn’t you come out and see you at that time!
“Don’t worry, they will find it,” Feng Yun young woman comforted, she felt that her daughter was anxiously anxious.
This is, saved by the hero. and so? The deer crashed? ?
“Mom, I think he must be an American.” The blue-eyed beauty said.
“Well, I also think it is because only American talents will do that. So, you have to find that person, and then?” The young woman Fengyun smiled slightly, with a lot of amorous feelings.
Of course she understood her daughter’s thoughts.
“Mom,” the blue-eyed beauty is a little bit shy.
She was rescued in the most dangerous and desperate time.
It is as if this mysterious man has given himself a new life. What is this?
This is to pull myself out of despair! Like an angel!
The blue-eyed beauty is in love with this feeling of being saved, which is great.
She wanted to find this man now, just to be with him.
The pursuit of love by women in the United States is direct and decisive.
It’s not easy to feel emotional!
“Well, I know what you are thinking, I will not object, what you like, that is.” Feng Yun young woman touched the head of her daughter, revealing doting.
This person who can save people from leaving has no problem in character.
Then her daughter’s heart was moved and she liked it, and she certainly would not object.
After all, his daughter is so old. It seems that he has never had a girlfriend.
At this age, it should be.
“Thank you,” the blue-eyed beauty is happy.
With your life-saving benefactor, you will definitely be happy and happy.
Full of worship! !
“By the way, how is the person who caught you?” the young woman Fengyun asked.
This person, she had to see him dead, and actually caught her daughter to such a dangerous place, and almost killed her daughter. If he was not saved, his daughter must have died.
This person, she wants thousands of swords! !
“Run away, that man, I want him to die!” The blue-eyed beauty was exasperated.
If it were not for him, he would not be so dangerous!
So desperate!
“Relax, okay, is this person called Chuck, right?” Feng Yun asked the young woman.
“Yes, disgusting Chinese!” Blue-eyed beauty hates.
She still remembers how many times she was slapped by Chuck while in Amazon.
She particularly regrets now!
What do you regret?
Regret should not give Chuck a chance, after stunned him at that time, he should find a place to bury him and kill him! !
In this way, I will not experience that kind of despair!
“Emily, don’t worry.” The glamour young women’s eyes are cold? !
“Mom, I heard there, what is that Karen li’s son was arrested by, wasn’t you the mother?” the blue-eyed beauty asked boringly.
It’s really upset!
She wanted to see the man who saved herself too much.
“Of course not. What am I doing with her son?” The young Fengyun woman shook her head, not much fun.
“Who was arrested? The Ok family? I heard that Karen li called someone to kill a person in the Ok family, so the Ok family arrested Karen li’s son for revenge? This is called self-sufficiency!”
The blue-eyed beauty laughed.
In the eyes of the four big families, the others are not worth mentioning at all. Not to mention Karen li, who was kicked out of the Li family?
But, she was also surprised, because the blue-eyed beauty knew that Karen li actually attacked the Li family, and she was as successful as shit luck.
“Well, her son, I don’t know what the situation is. It may not have been secretly killed by the people of the Ok family,” Feng Yun analyzed.
During this time, Karen li is quiet and peaceful, it should be mourning for her son!
“If you die, die.” The blue-eyed beauty doesn’t matter.
“Well, is the daughter going to relax?” Feng Yun young woman smiled slightly.
“Forget it, I didn’t think about it. I think I liked the person who saved myself,” the blue-eyed beauty was unhappy.
“What if this person is ugly?”
“Then I like it too,” the blue-eyed beauty swears full of determination.
“Okay, I won’t interfere with you. Go out and relax, there is just an activity.” Feng Yun said.
“Okay,” the blue-eyed beauty barely stood up.
“Changing a set of clothes.” Fengyun young woman asked someone to bring the clothes over.
The blue-eyed beauty looks at her mother and feels that her mother’s figure is very well maintained. That kind of charm, she will be fascinated by a woman.
Good queen!
However, his mother divorced. Keep the window empty.
“What are you looking at?” asked the young woman.
“Mom, I tell you, that bastard Chuck actually said…” The blue-eyed beauty stopped talking, and she couldn’t talk anymore.
Chuck said he wanted his mother.
She heard the fire, not to mention telling her mother.
“What did he say?” The young Fengyun smiled slightly, and the charm was touching.
My daughter, what do you want to say?
“It’s nothing, Mom. Let’s go out and I’m bored.” The blue-eyed beauty said.
She has already changed her clothes.
The mother and daughter went out, and there were bodyguards nearby to ensure their safety.
Arrived at a reception site. It is full of flamboyant, full of noble atmosphere!
Fengyun young woman took her daughter to this reception.
How to say, they are the four big families of the Luofu family. At the reception of this kind of reception, they are also attracting attention, but the average person does not dare to come close, because they are not qualified to come close!
“Emily,” a man came, full of grace.
This man, the blue-eyed beauty knows, this is his classmate, and has chased himself. It is considered the second-rate family of the United States.
Fairly handsome.
“Something?” The blue-eyed beauty was indifferent.
“Emily, why haven’t you been here for so long, where have you been?” the man asked with concern.
It seems that she hasn’t seen this time, she is even more beautiful.
“What’s your business? Stop talking to me. I already have someone I like,” the blue-eyed beauty refused indifferently.
The one who saved himself, but the object of his own heart, must be with him, other men, let’s get away!
“People you like? Who is it?” The man was stunned. Who would be fooled by Emily? !
“It’s a hero!” The blue-eyed beauty is full of longing for love.
Mysterious person, did you do it on purpose?
When you really want to see you, will you appear in front of yourself?
It must be so, you are preparing to surprise me.
“Hero?” The man is still stunned. He faces money in the four big families. What kind of person can be considered a hero?
“Yes, so you are far away from me.” The blue-eyed beauty went to find her mother.
The man was stunned. Who is Emily’s hero? !
“Mom, what’s wrong with you?” The blue-eyed beauty suddenly saw her mother, and the young woman’s face was cold.
This is the call, then? what’s the situation?
“One of the bases has caught fire,” Feng Yun’s young woman’s face gloomed down, and she was surprised. She just received a call saying that a base in her family had caught fire for unknown reasons.
You know, as a base, how strict is the security aspect, and it actually caught fire? ?
This is usually impossible.
“Fire? This is their operation error.” The blue-eyed beauty immediately analyzed it. This base will definitely have this problem. It is also inevitable, normal!

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