My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 597

The charming young woman feels ridiculous, even if Chuck is your son of Karen li, then what about?
The gap between families, can you be more important than my daughter?
! “Let my sister, how much do you want, I will give you!”
Young woman in jeans scolded! The relationship between the two is the best. They manage the Luofu family together. She sees that her sister has been caught, and she is extremely angry! “I’m not asking for money.”
Karen li shook her head and stared at the blue-eyed beauty.
“Then what do you want, if you dare to hurt my sister, I will kill you, I will kill your family!”
Young woman in jeans threatens.
She can definitely do this! ! Didn’t Emily catch your son?
You ruined ten bases, but you can’t say enough?
! Who do you think you are Karen li?
What is it?
! “I don’t like others threatening me, even less, and threatening my family. You sister, I think it’s better to let her rest for a while!”
Suddenly, Karen li’s eyes were cold, kicking on the young jeans woman! ?
! ”
The young woman in jeans flew out like rubbish, wow, lame, and fell on the sofa in embarrassment, the sofa actually collapsed.
The young woman in jeans hummed and passed out.
The blue-eyed beauty was shocked, and the young Fengyun woman was annoyed at once, “Dare you dare to beat my sister?”
“It’s her who hits!”
Karen li said.
She knows this young woman in jeans, she has long wanted to fight.
Even with a doctor on this foot, she couldn’t get up for half a year.
Must lie on the hospital bed for at least half a year! “Karen li, you know what you are doing?”
The charming young woman is angry.
Her sister is so beautiful. At this time, she was so embarrassed that she was so stunned that she felt the heartache.
“You don’t know yet?
Since I destroyed your first base, you should know that I’m on fire! ! ”
Karen li is indeed on fire.
She had never felt this way. She saw that a piece of meat that had fallen off her body was beaten by someone and was still kept in that kind of place. Eventually she almost died in Amazon. She was very distressed.
“Karen li, what do you want?
What’s the matter, rush me and let my mother go?
! ”
The blue-eyed beauty’s blood-red eyes stared at Karen li.
“Daughter, stay away.”
The charming young woman said quickly.
This Karen li has no human nature. Just now her own sister all fight. At this time, her daughter must not be spared?
! “mom.”
The blue-eyed beauty does not retreat! “Don’t you know what is wrong?”
Karen li asked.
“I don’t know, I’m not wrong, nothing wrong!”
Blue-eyed beauty screaming! What did you do wrong from start to finish?
Nothing wrong?
No, the most wrong thing is that Chuck should have been killed at that time, and he shouldn’t be foolish and ready to let him go! This is my biggest mistake from start to finish! ?
“and so?”
Karen li’s eyes were cold.
Chuck is staring at her, is that right?
! Logan, Yvette, and Betty all looked cold.
This woman, shameless! ?
“So it’s wrong for you to catch my mother, it’s wrong to beat my aunt, and it’s wrong to ruin my base. It’s you, and your son Chuck!
The blue-eyed beauty was furious, and she was right! Karen li’s eyes were cold, and she was holding a young woman with charm.
“Don’t move my mother, move, I will die with you!! It’s all your fault, especially your son Chuck, he’s all wrong!”
“He shouldn’t be a Chinese, he shouldn’t beat me, shouldn’t he?
I arrest him, this is punishment! This is what he deserves! ”
“You still don’t know what’s wrong, that’s good, it’s simple,” Karen li walked to the blue-eyed beauty, holding the young woman.
The blue-eyed beauty’s body was trembling, and Karen li’s approaching gave her a sense of oppression never felt before.
“You said that my son is a Chinese person wrong?”
Karen li said.
“Yes, Huaxia men are weak and timid, this is his biggest fault!”
The blue-eyed beauty stared at her.
“Then what do you mean is that you are very good at rice?”
“Yes, we Americans are a hundred times more powerful than you Huaxia people, we are taller, we…” the blue-eyed beauty said, mocking a little.
Yes, the people of the United States are tall and cannot be compared with Chinese people. This is a natural physical advantage! “You are tall, you are brave, but why can’t you beat my son?”
Karen li asked.
“I…” The blue-eyed beauty was speechless.
“Why are not you talking?”
“I can win him now, but you will let my mother go!”
Blue-eyed beauty scolded.
Karen li looked at Chuck.
Chuck came out.
The blue-eyed beauty is poisonous, “This is what you came out of, die!”
She rushed out, the amazing speed made her confident, you can beat Chuck, surely! The long legs kicked out and were close to Chuck.
But Chuck was indifferent, turned around, and slapped it out with a slap! Snapped! ! The wide palm hit the beautiful face of the blue-eyed woman, so crisp! The blue-eyed beauty froze and covered her face.
Snapped! With a slap, the blue-eyed beauty fell to the ground, feeling that her face was no longer her own.
The charming young woman was shocked. Her daughter was a bit too powerful. Was she slapped by a slap?
! Chuck looked at her.
The blue-eyed beauty got up from the ground.
“Are you amazing?”
Karen li spoke.
The blue-eyed beauty covered her cheeks and looked back at Karen li, “Yes, I am amazing, I am not wrong!”
“Daughter…” Fengyun young woman suddenly felt that something was wrong.
His daughter provoked Chuck and was beaten, this, how should I say! The latter matter was also made by her daughter. This mistake made the young woman feel a little bit wrong.
“Mom, what am I doing wrong?
The Ministry is all wrong, the Ministry is all him! I hate him, hate him! ”
The blue-eyed beauty burst into tears.
The desperation she experienced on Amazon is vividly visible. That kind of desperation was almost taken by her. That must have been a terrible death. It was Chuck! If it was not the face of Chuckhua, how could he do that kind of thing! ?
The charming young woman was speechless. She wouldn’t be like this when she was caught by Karen li. She was just questioned by her daughter. He did.
“Chuck, do you know my despair?
Do you know how I got here? do you know?
I let you enter that village, you must enter, why should you enter? ”
The aggressive questioning of the blue-eyed beauty.
“You don’t want why you appear on Amazon?
You caught me in,” Chuck was indifferent.
“I caught you, but it means you can catch me out?
Can you take me to Amazon?
On behalf of you can take me to eat human race? ”
The blue-eyed beauty growled like crazy.
“I was taken away by those people. Do you know what they are doing to me?
You don’t know, I am a girl who was pulled into a room by them, they want to force me, I can’t resist, despair is going to die, you have no experience with these,” the blue-eyed beauty said with tears, that kind of despair, she didn’t want to experience it anymore Arrived.
At that time, she was ready to die. Fortunately, someone saved herself, and this person has not appeared selflessly to this day.
“Desperate! Didn’t you come out?”
Chuck is indifferent.
At this moment, he particularly regrets, what did he do to save her then?
Should leave directly.
Chuck felt that in the future, she would definitely not be able to be compassionate. If she did something wrong, she should let her suffer the consequences?
! “come out?
Do you know how I came out?
When I was desperate, a man showed up and hit three men with stones. Only then did I get a chance to run out, otherwise I would have died long ago because of your stupidity! ! I almost died, did you say it wasn’t you wrong? ”
The blue-eyed beauty questioned, she growled! The desperate picture made her tremble. At that time, it was really the darkest time in her life, and this is because of the Chinese person in front of me, this Chuck! He gave it to himself! If it weren’t that person, he would have died long ago, and he still died miserably! “I was wrong,” Chuck shook his head.
“Huh, now admit your stupidity?”
The blue-eyed girl sneered, and finally admitted?
You Huaxia people are so timid that they don’t admit to making mistakes?
! “No, I was wrong. I should have left by myself at that time, and I should not have saved you,”
Chuck said suddenly. The genius remembers the first three and five first

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