My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 605

“You are not angry when you say you have a spare tire? You are really a spare tire.” The woman was lazy, with a little sarcasm.
“You come and tell me this?” What’s so angry about Logan?
She wouldn’t be cranky just because the woman said a few words.
In fact, she also thanked Karen li, without Karen li, and without her Logan today, before matching herself with Chuck, but she did not seize the opportunity.
Blame yourself.
“Yes, I’m here. Just to tell you that you are a spare tire!” the woman said lazily.
“Okay, I already know what else do you want to do?” Logan asked.
“It’s true that Karen li trained Zhang Zhang’s spare tire. I actually saw me and it was quite calm.
Ok, I will give you a chance now. I will accept you as my personal caretaker. I will give you one.
The opportunity to serve me.” said the woman.
Logan understood why Karen li had a strange expression when she came back after seeing her last time.
“Thanks, I don’t like to serve others,” Logan shook his head and refused.
It’s even ridiculous.
The secret family Logan knows, knowing the strength of this family, he certainly can’t compare, but let Logan be the maid, is this appropriate?
“I don’t like to serve others. Then do you still obey Chuckyan? Whatever he asked you to do, you do what you do. Your spare tire is doing well!!” There is a cold light in the woman’s beauty.
She didn’t want to come, but the person who monitored Chuck said that Logan actually let Chuck sleep on her leg. Also kissed Chuck. You know, Chuck is in love with her. Her overbearing psychology absolutely does not allow such things to happen!
So she came today! ?
“Finished? Between me and him, there is no word to follow.” Logan shook his head.
“Not yet? Ha ha ha, I checked your information. I’m 30 years old. I didn’t have a boyfriend. I don’t have any men. In your case, Chuck can sleep on your legs. If he mentions other things,
Yes, don’t you promise immediately??” The woman’s eyes narrowed.
Logan silently did not answer this question.
She had also thought about what she should do if she made other requests and other things. !
Refuse? !
Logan felt that he could not do it.
But promised?
Logan felt it was not easy to do.
Logan’s own answer was that when Chuckti was really mentioned, she knew what her reaction would be. At least Chuck could not mention it now, because Chuck didn’t like herself, how could she mention other things? !
“Can’t answer? You also said you didn’t obey him?! Sure enough, it’s a spare tire! I hate spare tires the most, so I want to unload your spare tires!” The woman’s voice was a bit cold.
Logan did not change his expression, “Unload me in this sky?!”
The woman became lazy and looked at Logan lightly, as if to see a toy destroyed.
“The spare tire should still be at ease? I can’t stand you. Unload her.” The woman said lazily,
“Oh, yes, you said that I unloaded you, will you know below?”
Loganmei’s eyes flashed.
“You have been discharged, you have to obey, otherwise, I ruined everything about Karen li, don’t you know?” The woman smiled lazily, as if discussing with Logan.
Logan was silent.
“Don’t worry. If something happens to you, I will arrange everything with you. That’s the usual plane accident. How can I treat you?” The woman smiled lazily.
Logan’s eyes narrowed!
The man came out, “It seems that you are very confident in your strength. My young lady said that she wants to remove the tires, but it has not been possible.”
Logan took a breath and let go of what was in her hand. This was something she was looking at when she was about to rest. She remembered what Karen li said. Facing this person, she must find a way to leave.
But this is the plane, how to leave?
Logan did not panic. She was also a person who encountered things and did not panic. There was nothing to fear.
The man laughed sarcastically and attacked at once! !
This punch, with strength, has not been caught by this strength. This time when dealing with a woman, his only thought was to kill Logan in seconds.
Don’t waste any time.
Because of her time, it is precious! !
The fist came, and Logan felt the power, the punch. Significant weight.
Without any consideration, she avoided the punch with clever attack skills, and the man sneered and kicked his legs.
Logan resisted! !
Woman sitting on the sofa. Looking at all this lazily, she had such a pity, what a pity? ?
She really wanted Logan to be her own maid, but she didn’t agree, so she died.
It’s not bad. It’s okay to be able to resist so many attacks from your bodyguard
Suddenly, bang! !
Logan took a hard punch from the man, and she backed away. There was a trace of paleness on her pretty face. This punch was too powerful.
“Huh, it’s okay, but you know? I’m only one-third of my strength now, you can’t even carry it, then. No need, you can die!” The man laughed and banged a punch !
With his fighting strength, he doesn’t need fancy fighting skills, just fight! ?
The fist is hard enough to attack directly, no one can resist! boom!
The punch came over, Logan only had hard resistance, but there was a gap in her strength. She was beaten back again, and when she stopped her body, she coughed out a bit of blood.
Her pretty face was pale, she tried hard, but there was a feeling of upset in her body.
Logan spit out blood again, her expression fainted, her beautiful face covered with sweat beads, making her face paler.
There was no fear in her eyes, she stood on her own.
“You’re really rubbish. In this situation, you still want to continue breathing? Rest assured, how can I give you this opportunity?! Die!” The man grinned grinously. The fist was like a hammer, and it came over! ?
To Logan, this is to punch Logan to death! ?
Logan is calm. She has been mentally prepared for so long, but is it today?
Are you going to die? ?
However, Logan felt sorry, he liked him, and he didn’t say it in the end!
The man banged his fist in terror. A punch close to the wall hit Logan’s temple!

Chuck had a drink in the bar, a cup of drink, the bad mood in his heart was not better.
Sad, regret!
Why didn’t you force Logan to force yourself? She is so understanding and will definitely stay.
The black rose is in the corner. Follow Chuck’s every move.
However, many men nearby looked at themselves, and the black rose frowned, and she did not like to appear in such a place.
Don’t like being imagined by men.
This is also justifiable. Today, Black Rose doesn’t wear leather, but he wears jeans and a white
T-shirt. This is the most common dress for women in the United States, but wearing it on Black
Rose is the ultimate. Feeling.
It’s normal to be watched, she is the focus of the bar!
Seeing that many people came to talk to herself, Black Rose was annoyed. She felt that she could not go on like this. She came to Chuck, “Enough?”
“Yes. What vision of this beauty actually went to talk to a weak Chinese man?!”
“Envy, the beauty has a unique taste!”
In the bar, the men who had been watching the black rose, saw the black rose actually went to talk to Chuck, who was drunk. They only envy, jealous, and hate!
There is nothing to understand! why? !
“I want to drink a little.” Chuck shook his head, emotions arrived, no matter how to drink.
“Can’t you go back and drink?” “The black rose was annoyed, but Karen li had hidden a lot of good wine. How much did you drink?”
“Drink with me, just a little.” Chuck poured a glass of black and black roses.
“No! No!” Black Rose refused directly.
“Drink, I will leave, can’t you?” Chuck sighed.
“Okay, you said,” Black Rose took a full glass and sipped it out.
“Can you go?” The black rose looked blank.
The man nearby looked at herself, and she was really bored.
“Have another drink.” Chuck fell again. !
The black rose was annoyed, “Are you playing with me? Believe it or not, I will leave immediately?”

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