My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 609

“No, he didn’t do anything to me.” Young Fengyun touched her daughter’s head and became gentle.
“How is it possible? He didn’t say…” The blue-eyed beauty couldn’t believe it.
“Really, we thought about it for a while. I just reached an agreement with him just now.”
“What agreement?” The blue-eyed beauty wiped away her tears.
“It’s…” Of course, all the young women of Fengyun said it. Although Chuck said that he could not tell others, but this is her daughter!
However. She didn’t say that Chuck was going to be the richest man.
“Cooperation? He wants to cooperate with us?” The blue-eyed beauty just couldn’t believe it!
“Well, 30% of the shares.” The young woman has no choice but to help.
Compared with Chuck touching her, she is actually 50%. Sixty or seventy will do. As long as
Chuck doesn’t touch her, she promises everything.
It’s just that Chuck’s moderation is enough to make her feel that Chuck, this little boy, is not bad.
Cooperating with him means cooperating with Karen li, so the benefits are still great.
“That’s okay, but Chuck just looked at your eyes that way. Did he take advantage of you just now!” The blue-eyed beauty asked quickly.
Cooperation is cooperation, then it does not matter, there is no permanent contradiction, only benefits.
She all knows that cooperation with Chuck is cooperation with Karen li.
“Of course it’s gone,” Feng Yun’s young woman shook her head hurriedly, finding it difficult to speak.
How to say, although Chuck didn’t touch herself just now, she asked her name. Does this mean a bit of fun? ?
I also said a few times that I am beautiful, this is a flirtation!
She feels weird, especially strange.
She was also entangled, after all, she was molested by a little boy, the emotions in it. She’s really indescribable.
Blame it to the extreme.
“That’s good, but mom, why are you blushing?” The blue-eyed beauty was surprised.
“Drinking, of course blushing, let’s go home, and tonight, I can get a good night’s sleep.” The young Fengyun woman was relieved. After a few days of torture, she was already very tired.
Today, things unexpectedly resolved. She is going to rest.
“Uh um, I’m sleepy too, go home.”
The two drove home.
The charming young woman is lying on the bed, she may have it, she struggled for too long, and actually had a dream:
“My request is simple, that is, I want you to accompany me.” Chuck laughed.
The charming young woman was shocked, stunned, tangled, and desperate. Finally sighed and compromised, “Ah,…”
Chuck came over and she did not resist.
This dream came true in the morning, and the charming young woman became confused. Having a terrible headache, she went to take a bath…

Du Peixin continued to study in his mother’s casino, Chuck woke up, with Yvette in his arms.
In fact, Yvette felt the loss of Chuck last night. She was thinking, Chuck was so uneasy, did she like Logan in her heart?
But he didn’t know?
Is this possible?
“My wife, I’m going to get up and talk to my mother.” When I came back yesterday, Chuck learned from the black rose that his mother was no longer a member of the Li family. Actually was kicked out.
Chuck is very angry! !
He wanted to ask this question clearly.
“Well,” Yvette learned about Chuck last night. Cooperation with the Luo Fu family.
“Husband, you will be the richest person in the world, I will be happy, everything in my house is yours, and all the money I earn is yours, and I will continue to work hard to help you.” Yvette said softly Too.
In this matter, she felt that as Chuck’s woman, she had to help.
Chuck smiled slightly and took a sip on Yvette’s cheek. “I went to find my mother,”
“Huh.” Yvette also has other things to do.
Chuck got up and prepared to go out, but when he arrived at the door, the door knocked.
Chuck opened the door and saw Karen li with a tangled look at the door, and Betty, Chuck was stunned.
Yvette was all stunned. She saw Yvette. She hurriedly got up from the bed and walked behind
Chuck, lowering her head and not talking. Very cautious.
“Mom, are you here?” Chuck was surprised. What did the mom come to do this early in the morning? ?
“Cer, what I’m telling you now. Don’t be excited, things are still turning, don’t be impulsive!!”
Karen li is particularly serious.
At five o’clock in the morning, she called Logan, but it didn’t work. Still off.
She is a bit strange. Logan generally does not look like this. It should be said that it has never happened before. Whenever Logan is on the phone, it is not.
Also, the plane that was supposed to be in Beijing hadn’t arrived. There should be no delay!
Chuck was stunned again, “Mom, what are you going to say??”
Yvette raised his head, Karen li’s expression was very ugly, what happened?
Has the Ok family attacked? Or the Li family?
Yvette was thinking.
“Logan may have an accident,” Karen li said. She was reluctant to say that Logan was the one she grew up watching.
Logannong’s talent is very good. Karen li nurtured her from an early age. At first, Karen li didn’t want Logan to be Chuck’s wife. It was later that she saw Chuck, and then had the meaning of matchmaking.
“What? What happened to Aunt Logan? What happened?” Chuck was stunned.
Logan, who only sent herself yesterday, how could she be in trouble? !
Yvette was shocked, what happened to Logan? She suddenly felt guilty, and she should have gone yesterday, so persuade her that she would not be in trouble.
“Logan’s mobile phone was turned off, and the plane lost contact,” Karen li sighed. What it meant, she knew everything.
She can bear it, but she is worried that Chuck can’t bear it! ?
Chuck suddenly panicked, the plane lost contact? !
This is absolutely fierce!
Yvette was shocked, this…
“Mom. Let’s find it quickly.” Chuck said anxiously.
“Don’t worry, I’ve already asked someone to look for it. Logan’s flight routes are all prescribed.
“When Karen li knew about this, he immediately sent people to look along the way. She came to find Chuck, just to let Chuck follow her now.
“Okay, let’s go right now.” Chuck couldn’t wait, and didn’t want to wait for a minute.
At this time, Chuck regrets and feels guilty.
I should be at the airport. Forcibly let her stay, if Logan stays, then there will be no accident.
The thought of Logan who came over so far to save himself and ate so much bitterness in the
Amazon, Chuck felt as if he was heartbroken!
Logan is so good. How can she have something?
“Well, the plane is ready,” Karen li said. The people she sent were already one step ahead.
Where is Chuck waiting? Immediately ran out, Betty immediately caught up.
Karen li followed, and Yvette felt guilty to the extreme. “I’m sorry, I saw her that day. Then, I chatted with her. She only left because of this…”
Yvette blamed himself. If he pretended not to see it, wouldn’t Logan go back yesterday?
If you don’t go back, how could it happen?
“It’s none of your business.” Karen li shook her head. Logan told her about it. At that time,
Yvette’s reaction of pushing the door in was just a subconscious act. How can Yvette be blamed?
Yvette bowed his head and felt guilty.
“Don’t think about it, Logan’s strength, maybe where is peace?” Karen li comforted herself.
Yvette felt guilty, “Well, I hope she’s okay, I won’t say anything anymore.”
If Logan is fine, Yvette will never read it again. Even if she accidentally sees it, she will silently walk away.
“Wait until you find Logan,” Karen li said.
The two also ran out and drove to the airport.
Several people took the plane and followed Logan’s private plane to find him.
You must be able to find clues, how can the plane lose contact?
Chuck is full of tension:
Chuck shouted, Aunt Logan, you must not be able to do anything, you must not! !
But at this time, Karen li suddenly received the call. It was the call sent by the person just now.
She took a breath and answered it.
Chuck saw his mother froze, he was anxious, “Mother, how?”
Yvette and Betty were so nervous that Karen li couldn’t put down her phone and sighed in a complicated look. “Logan’s plane crashed in front…”

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