My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 610

Chuck was completely dumbfounded, and the plane where Logan sat crashed
Yvette suddenly felt guilty to the extreme, how could this happen
“Mum, that Aunt Logan” Chuck couldn’t speak anymore, he asked Karen li tremblingly.
If it crashes, the chance of survival is almost zero.
But Logan is a private jet. How could it crash?
“Cer, wait until the place talks.” Karen li didn’t show it, she sighed in her heart.
Logan can be said to have grown up watching Karen li. She has been smart and sensible since she was a child.
However, this crash was the first time that Karen li felt that God was unfair.
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There was no sound in the plane
The news of the crash made everyone silent. Chuck was at a loss. He regretted it in his heart. It would be nice if he forced her to stay yesterday. Why didn’t he do that?
The speed of the plane is very fast, but everyone feels long in it, especially very long
Chuck didn’t dare to get close, fearing to see Logan’s body.
She is so beautiful, so pure, how can she die here
“It’s here” Karen li stood up first.
She saw a place in the forest that seemed to have been shoveled, and a plane that had been ruined and fell apart fell below, as if it was still on fire.
A ruin
Chuck, Yvette, and Betty were all extremely nervous. Chuck saw this scene, his heart was empty, the plane crashed, and the chance of survival was zero. No one could avoid it.
Logan, Logan
Chuck’s trembling heart was crying, and Logan would definitely not be afraid when she crashed.
She would face it calmly because she has always been like that.
Chuck felt the extreme pain
There is no place to stop the plane in this place, all you can do is slide down.
The ruins below, a mess, seem to be sworn to life.
Karen li remained silent for a few seconds and sighed more in her heart.
She knew what this situation meant.
At a height of 10,000 meters, the plane crashed, this horror, no matter how strong the body is, it will die
The first person sent was already looking for it below, but saw what they looked like.
Karen li was sad and exhaled. These first-comers obviously had no results.
Karen li was worried about Chuck, and all told him, “Cee, you just stay on the plane.”
“No, I want to go down, Aunt Logan is so good to me, how can I not go down” Chuck shook his head blankly.
“Well, then I will do the demonstration, and you will follow.” Karen li did the demonstration, first sliding down with the rope.
“Master, be careful.” Betty then slipped.
Both of them are experienced in this aspect.
Yvette was worried about Chuck, so he also gave a demonstration to Chuck, and Chuck finally came down.
Chuck fell to the ground, he was always at a loss, and the cruelty of the scene, Chuck couldn’t bear to look at it, he began to look for, if Logan was in the ruins, he would personally hug this woman who was so good to him, and never again Don’t let go
Chuck’s search from place to place, he has fallen into despair and trembling, because every time he finds a place, the plane dismembers the same tragic situation, so that the only hope in his heart is almost gone, the plane After this, can people still live?
He was looking like crazy.
Thinking of seeing Logan for the first time, Chuck would never forget that kind of temperament.
The subsequent empathy, and then in order to save herself, then inserted her own three swords, then Logan fell into the pool of blood.
And when Yvette was arrested, Logan took care of herself to get through the difficulties.
And when he was chased by Black Rose, Logan personally protected himself, and this time not far away he came to rescue himself, this woman
In Chuck’s mind, it is vividly remembered. The more he thinks, the more painful it is. Why does such a good woman encounter such a thing? why
Chuck was crying, his heart was sore with blood.
“How is it?” Karen li’s face was serious. She looked at the situation on the spot, and she kept calm. She knew the general situation, but she had to ask specifically about it. This was also the most direct way to know the result.
The first few people she sent were all here, Betty was beside.
“Return to President Li, the situation is not very good,” led by a woman.
It has been half an hour since she came here. She knew the situation at the scene, and even a few kilometers away, they began to look for it. As a result, they knew it, they were not optimistic, or even miserable.
The plane crashed to such an extent that people did not survive.
“Straight talk” Karen li was ready, even though she took Logan as her daughter, but it was useless to be sad, and now calm treatment is the best way.
“Four bodies were found at the scene, three men and one woman,”
Karen li had tears in her eyes, “What does a woman look like?”
“It should be a service person on the plane.”
Karen li exhaled, “Logan, I didn’t give you the photo of Logan I wanted.”
“This.” The woman headed suddenly fell silent.
“Say something straight.” Karen li was ready.
“None of the four corpses on the scene were intact. Last night, they were eaten a bit by the beast.
There was a trace of it, which belonged to the fifth person, and was dragged to a place by the beast. There was only a physical defect on the scene. When a woman headed by a woman who was barely able to recognize it was a woman, she was a little uncomfortable because the picture was too bad.
The body was completely eaten by the beast, only a few bones.
That is to say, there are five people, one of whom is eaten up.
Karen li couldn’t listen anymore, “Take me to see.”
“Yes, here.”
The headed woman led the way, and soon arrived in the pool of blood. Karen li stared at the pool of blood, and suddenly fell into silence. There were bones in the pool of blood, and there were women’s personal clothes, but the blood was red. Some were bitten by the beast, and it was tattered.
Bettydu was stupefied by such a scene, and his look was extremely complicated.
“Betty, you take blood and immediately do a genetic comparison for me to see if it is Logan.”
Karen li said.
Let her rely on this pool of blood to conclude that Logan is dead, she is not reconciled.
“Well,” Betty immediately took blood.
“There are also the identities of other people who died at the scene. I found out, and then everyone compensated 50 million,” Karen li continued.
“Yes,” Betty immediately did, and the people on the scene died so miserably. What can be done now is only compensation.
Karen li is also nervous, is it right?
Yvette came over, she saw the blood pool, her tears came out, is Logan really dead?
She wiped away her tears, and Karen li saw her.
“I’m sorry, I should” Yvette regretted why he saw Logan’s pro-Chuck that day, he wanted to make a voice
I was shocked and should leave silently under control
If you don’t see it, Logan won’t leave. There is no such thing.
“It’s none of your business,” Karen li shook her head.
She didn’t blame Yvette. After all, it really didn’t matter to Yvette. She just reacted normally.
What’s more, Yvette didn’t get angry at the time and calmly dealt with it.
Yvette has done well enough, and now Logan’s situation can only be described as a fate.
Beautiful woman, too fatal.
“Don’t blame yourself, this matter is not what you mean,” Karen li knew.
Although Yvette wanted to kill herself, she never sneered.
This is something that Karen li can clearly determine.
Yvette was completely in pain. She saw that Chuck was still in the ruins. She rummaged desperately, her hands were all bloody, and she also called Aunt Logan blankly, and Logan’s voice was almost hoarse.
Yvette felt heartbroken when Chuck was exhausted.
Time passed by one minute and one second, Betty was on the scene to compare, the result came out quickly, she ran to Karen li.
“How is Logan?” Karen li also felt uncontrollable.
Yvette’s heartbeat must stop, is it really Logan?
Yvette prayed in his heart, never be, never
“No, not Logan.” Betty shook her head with a breath.

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