My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 612

Then I will go to Logan now,” Black Rose couldn’t help it.
After all, Logan is an opponent in her heart!
Rare opponent!
“Don’t, you can help me look at my son. Don’t intervene in this matter.” Karen li shook her head.
She analyzed what might be the secret family’s shot. What could be the evidence?
She needs to find evidence.
“I am alone, and I can die at any time. After all, if it were not for you, I would have died long ago,” Black Rose looked down on life and death.
After all, she died once, and she didn’t care about it anymore.
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“Don’t say that, life is important because you haven’t met someone who wants you to live.”
Karen li shook her head.
“Forget it, I don’t pursue this aspect, a person is very good,” Black Rose said.
“Then I will follow Chuck. For the secret family, I still think that you can’t go directly to see the situation now. Logan should run away by herself, otherwise she must have died in the crash,…”
Black Rose is such an analysis, if the people of the secret family succeeded at that time, then they will definitely die in the crash!
There is no corpse of Logan now, so maybe Logan fled somewhere, or maybe he was caught by the people of the secret family, but this possibility is very low.
Black Rose personally felt that Logan was at large.
“Well, I will find Logan now, and say,” Karen li has made a decision.
“Okay,” Black Rose followed Chuck.
At this time, Betty, who could not find it, came over. “President Li, the identities of the five people have been clearly identified. According to what you said, they have already transferred money to their home,”
“Well,” Karen li nodded.
“So now?” Betty asked.
Karen li said this analysis, Betty was shocked, she was very angry, “Will that woman really do this?”
“Most possessive women will do the same. Whoever touches what she wants will make her disappear,” Karen li said coldly.
Betty was angry, Karen li said that, that was normal, and that woman would really do that.
“Betty, ask someone to search here, according to where the plane crashed, it should be over there at the time, you take someone to search over there, you must find Logan.”
“Yes, I’ll call someone here,” Betty immediately did.
Karen li’s eyes flickered coldly, she slowly lowered her head, took out her mobile phone, and saw Logan’s photos when she was a child. At that time, Logan was adopted. She was also braided with braids and was only twelve or three years old.
It’s so big now, but this time…
Karen li sighed, “Logan, you have to live…”
Three days have passed.
Chuck searched in the forest day and night, with no results, but he was not desperate and kept looking until the rain fell in the forest yesterday, Chuck was in the rain, looking in the rain, drenched all night, and finally in the morning At that time, his lips were white, he fell ill and became comatose.
Suddenly the eyes closed, and the wood lay flat on the ground without moving.
Yvette was terrified at that time, and weeping immediately called Karen li. Karen li came and took Chuck away.
“Doctor, how is my son?” Karen li sighed anxiously.
“Did not eat or drink for three days, nights and nights, plus the rain, and the injury to his head, making him sick, infected, and very serious,” the doctor checked Chuck’s body just now and was surprised !
Chuck is desperately trying to find Logan. What should I do? New diseases and old injuries can’t be combined.
“Alas,” Karen li sighed.
“But don’t worry, Mr. Li, I’ve dealt with your son. I specifically let him rest for one night. He will wake up tomorrow,” the doctor said.
“Um, trouble, right, my son has a head injury, how to cure it? Did something come to mind?”
Karen li cares about this.
“Don’t worry, President Li, I’m already studying,”
“it is good,”
Karen li saw the comatose Chuck, Yvette fell asleep next to Chuck tiredly, only Black Rose sat and watched, she turned her head, “I will do what you want to do, I will watch him.”
In fact, when the black rose followed, Chuck was allowed to eat, but Chuck was afraid of delaying time, so he didn’t eat it and never did.
A drizzle caused this result.
Hearing Chuck’s dream, “Aunt Logan, don’t you die…”
Very sad voice.
The black rose is weird, so concerned about Logan, do you actually like Logan? ?
But Karen li said, Chuck didn’t mean it, and Black Rose didn’t think much about it.
Karen li came out with peace of mind. Three days have passed, and search and rescue have no clue. This is not a good thing!
The longer the delay, the more dangerous! !
Karen li decided to see this woman in Wanjia personally! !
She took out her mobile phone and called the man who called her before…

In a luxurious villa!
The woman was lazy and sitting on the sofa reading a book. She saw interesting places and smiles on her pretty face. In this case, nothing happened at all, and she did not disturb her in the same good mood.
Man knocks on the door.
“Come in,” the woman said lazily.
The man came in, “That Chuck is sick and unconscious…”
The woman immediately frowned. “For that woman, it’s worth it? What’s the situation with him now?”
“It has been taken home by Karen li and should be treated,”
“Well, if he really has something to do, remember, it must be shot, I don’t want him to die, but he wants to be my man,” the woman continued to read her book.
“Yes, but…” The man stopped.
“But what?” The woman looked up. “Oh, I know. Should Karen li come over to see me, right?”
“How do you know, Miss?” He came in mainly to talk about this matter. He received a call from
Karen li just now, so he wanted to come in and ask about it.
“Karen li can have the present, without smart thinking and analytical skills, it is impossible to reach her present. She should have analyzed it, I did it, so come and ask me,” the woman said indifferently, lazy Extremely, there is no mood swing at all.
“She analyzed it?” The man was stunned. “There was no trace left on the scene!”
He called a special person to deal with it. The crash made would not have any problems at all.
Karen li actually thought of the lady? !
He was surprised.
“She doesn’t rely on traces, but analysis. I feel more and more that this woman is interesting.
What did you say just now?” the woman asked lightly.
“I said you are free, miss,”
“No time? How come I have no time? Let her come over to see me. But make it clear to her, don’t wear old clothes to meet me, and don’t wear hairy clothes. I don’t like to smell sweat, this point If she can’t do it, she won’t be able to see me,” the woman said lightly.
“Yes,” the man immediately followed suit and called Karen li.
Said the woman’s request.
“She said she came,” the man received his phone.
“Come on,” the woman lazily collected the book.
The man considered, and said cautiously, “Miss, I think she came over this time, just to be sure that you did it, so it is better to solve her this time, so as not to have extra trouble,”
Actually suspected Miss, he felt that he must kill Karen li in this matter! !
“Solve her?” the woman asked lazily.
“Yes, anyway, Chuck without Karen li, is a prodigal son, so that Chuck has no backing, then surely think of the young lady, and then, Chuck will definitely obediently agree to enter into trouble,” the man said.
This is the easiest way to break Chuck’s financial path, then Chuck has no money and will definitely find money, so who will he find? ?
Will definitely come here!
“Oh, this is really a good way!” The woman became interested, and without a steady stream of money, Chuck would definitely not be the richest man, and he would definitely ask for help. This method is good.
“Miss rest assured, Karen li, I will kill her easily, as long as the lady agrees, I can kill her now!!!” The man showed a terrible! ?
Although he didn’t fight last time, but he already knows Karen li’s strength, there must be no problem solving her by herself!
The woman thought lightly, “This…”
“Miss rest assured, since I say this, then I have absolute certainty that she can go back and forth this time! Absolutely clean, Chuck wouldn’t think of what you mean, Miss,” said the man fiercely.

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