My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 615

This is not clear yet. Judging from the traces left on the scene, this person who saved Logan is very secretive, and it can be said to be very careful. This kind of treatment should be a member of a big family. “Betty analysis said.
“Saved?” Karen li muttered to herself, and now she is at ease, at least Logan is still alive, isn’t she? ?
This is great. The next thing is to find out who saved Logan! ?
“Well, Logan is kind-hearted, and she is lucky this time.” Betty also breathed a sigh of relief.
Maybe someone happened to pass by and saw Logan, who was seriously injured and unconscious, so she was saved.
This is a good person.
“Yes, Logan shouldn’t have died so early, Betty, according to the clues left by the scene, find this person who saved Logan,” Karen li said.
“Um… President Li, you just went to see that woman, she…” Betty was worried about Karen li.
In Bettyxin, Karen li gave her now, she is very grateful and willing to give her life for Karen li.
This is repayment.
“She should do it for me,” Karen li’s eyes were cold.
This is obvious. After all, how can a woman so possessive be tolerant of what happened just now? ?
“Then, what should we do?” Betty was worried.
That woman, but from the secret family!
“Simple, not at odds with her!” Karen li’s eyes were cold.
“Well,” Betty feels at ease. She believes in Karen li, no matter when.
“You continue, I’ll go back and talk to Ceer, alas, I don’t know if he woke up,” Karen li sighed.
When she thought of Chuck, she sighed.
“Well,” Betty will definitely continue to search hard!
Karen li nodded. When she walked towards the plane, she turned her head to look at Betty. “You are the one I grew up watching, so whatever you do, no matter what, it is the most important thing to survive, to survive. Best, I told you before, if money can solve the problem, no matter how much it is, the life is the most important. I also told you this sentence, you know?”
“I, I know,” Betty moved, her eyes wet.
“Well,” Karen li turned and walked away.
Betty ran over and hugged Karen li for a while, “Mr. Li, thank you. Actually, in my heart, I have always regarded you as an elder…”
“I know, I didn’t take you as a man.” Karen li said.
Betty loosed her hand and dared not pass it. This was the first time she grew up and embraced Karen li who raised herself for the first time.
Just now Karen li also sighed with impermanence in life, so after saying this, she came out with feelings about Betty after all.
“Thank you,”
Karen li left by plane, Betty suppressed the emotion and began to search for clues at the scene! !

In a room.
Luxury is extreme, big, big, big!
The decoration inside the house is indescribable. It gives people the feeling that they are like luxury in the sight of heaven!
Everything is noble! !
On the bed lies a pale woman!
There is gauze on his head, and blood can be seen.
On the arm, there are wounds scratched by branches, and there are gunshot wounds under the shoulders!
Everything makes her look very pale!
Like snow lotus, people feel pitiful.
There is an old man at the door of the room. He has a very good temperament. When he was young, he was absolutely handsome.
He looked at the woman on the bed, just like that.
That’s right, this person is Logan! !
She was alive, but she was in a coma and fell asleep!
“Master,” a young man came over, bowing his head respectfully.
“How is she,” the old man said.
Three days ago, when he was distracted in the forest, he saw Logan who was seriously injured and comatose, so he ordered and rescued Logan.
“The situation is not very good. When she fell, her head hit a branch, causing a concussion, as well as a gunshot wound on her body, which was too close to her heart. It can be said that it was put on the average person and died long ago. Yes, but her physique is particularly good, and she has a strong willpower. This is her desire to survive, making her stay up to now…” said the youth.
“Can you survive?” the old man moved.
“Yes, when she has resisted the most dangerous time, 80% of them may be better, but…” The youth stopped talking.
“but what?”
“Her head hit the tree, which might have a great impact on her.”
“What aspect?”
“This is not easy to say, but usually the head is hit so badly, and the memory will definitely be particularly affected, which may cause her to lose memory,” the youth said.
He was also surprised when he saw Logan, because Logan was covered in blood! !
Especially the head, it hits too hard. It can be said that it is a miracle to be able to breathe at that time. It is a miracle to be able to resist, and it is a miracle!
This woman’s willpower and desire to survive are not generally strong!
At least she has encountered this situation.
“Amnesia?” The old man muttered to himself.
“Yes, this possibility is very high, after all, it hurts your head, and it is so heavy!”
“Well, I asked you to check her name and found it? She has a good temperament and should also be from a big family in China.” The old man said.
“Yes, she has strength, but she is not a big family,”
“It’s Huaxia’s name, Logan. Many of the companies she controls are created by her. Her net worth is above the four big families in China. But it has exceeded the five big families five years ago, but she compares Low-key, but lord, her background has a little meaning.” The youth said suddenly.
“Oh? What? What does it mean, does she have any strong background?” The old man said indifferently, as if to say a very small thing.
“Powerful is not counted, but it is also a figure of the past two decades, Karen li, she was trained by Karen li…” said the youth respectfully.
“Oh? That’s really interesting,” the old man said quietly.
“Yes, Karen li is a relatively popular person recently. It is also good that Logan leans back on Karen li.”
“Karen li, a woman, has great ambitions, and I don’t like it very much! However, since it is backed by Karen li, why would Logan be injured like this?” The old man became interested.
“This… I haven’t officially confirmed it, sir, would you like to hear it first?”
“Let’s say, you have a good working ability. Since you can open this mouth, then you should also have 60% to 70%, enough.” The old man waved his hand.
“Yes, someone in Logan’s private jet went in early, the behind-the-scenes boss, you know…” said the youth.
“Oh? Hehe, it’s interesting, you mean Wanjia? How come they can’t stand loneliness anymore?
They want to regain their heads in the world?” The old man calmly smiled a little.
“This is not easy to say, but we are in the eyes of Wanjia, knowing that Wanjia’s girl came out and was caught by someone…”
“Really? Things are getting more interesting, then?”
“It seems to have been saved by one person. That person should be Karen li’s son…”
“Son? So what does this have to do with Logan?”
“Karen li trained Logan. According to Logan’s age, it is likely to train a wife for her son…”
“Wife? I see, you mean, the girl in Wanjia took a fancy to Karen li’s son, so he shot Logan?” The old man became interested.
“Yes, this should be the case, the motivation is clear.”
“The girl in Wanjia is really weird. When I let my son be with her, she was reluctant, and now she actually fell in love with the son of an ordinary person, really… forget it, forget it,” the old man waved his hand, not wanting to mention this Old age is gone.
“That’s because she has a problem with her vision. The young master is so good. She’s really close to her. She doesn’t want to be a dog licker?” The young man shook his head, and there was contempt in his voice.
“That girl can’t do dog licking. She should let Karen li’s son go into trouble and find ways to go into trouble,” the old man shook his head.
“Well, yeah, lord, shall we inform Karen li?” After the young man hesitated, he asked this question and came out, after all, it took a lot of effort to save this Logan!
A lot of rare Chinese medicines have been used.
“Notify? Why should I notify her? Karen li is qualified to let me notify?” the old man said lightly.

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