My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 618

“Yes, that person is rubbish!!”
You Tianle said coldly, “Logan, why do you even remember the garbage, and I am so good to you, but you don’t remember? Why? Did I not hurt your heart?”
“No, just this kiss, I remember too well…” Logan was at a loss.
It’s a lingering memory, but I just can’t remember what this person who wanted his first kiss looked like?
It seems, tall, pure, and cute?
Seems like this.
Pure and lovely, how could it be garbage? ?
“Okay, alas, think slowly, I’m in your heart. Since I met, I have no place at all?” You Tianle sighed.
“I don’t know, I just remember this kiss,” Logan shook her head blankly.
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“Oh, Logan, forget it, forget it,” You Tianle turned and went out.
If you are so sad, you will definitely stop me, but You Tianle has reached the door, and Logan hasn’t called him.
You Tianle is angry, is she! !
He came out, looked at Logan through the glass, and saw her staring blankly out the window.
You Tianle sneered, “It’s kind of interesting, my set of picking girl method is actually useless to you… You make my desire for conquest strong, Logan, what’s up with your vigilance? You are now in a blank period, casually Can take advantage of it…”
You Tianle sneered to the extreme. Gee, this woman is really the most beautiful woman You Tianle has ever seen. This back is so beautiful…
In the room, Logan was at a loss, she had a headache, “Who do I like? Who is this man who wants me to kiss first?”
She slowly, a scene appeared in her mind…

Chuck woke up from a lethargy. He knew what his mother said. Logan was still alive, but was rescued.
“Mom, who was rescued?” Chuck got up from the bed.
He had a dream just now, especially the dream that scared him. Chuckmeng went to Logan and crouched helplessly in the corner, lonely. Chuck asked her, helpless Logan just looked up, and the beautiful eyes were all pitiless and helpless. And dazed…
That kind of look made Chuck distressed.
What happened to Logan? ?
“It’s not clear yet, I have asked Betty to check,” Karen li rested a little, Chuck woke up and looked good.
“Mom, I had a dream just now, and I dreamed that Aunt Logan was particularly helpless…”
Chuck couldn’t help but say this. Logan in this dream, especially pitiful, Chuck really wanted to take care of her.
Karen li was stunned, “Why helpless?”
“I don’t know, she crouched in a corner. I asked her, and she didn’t say it.” Chuck was anxious.
“Relax, dreams are all counter-productive, Logan will be fine, you have a good rest, I will go find now.” Karen li said.
“Mom, I will go with you.” Chuck put on his clothes.
I’m fine, so I can go with my mother.
Karen li can’t say Chuck, after all, Chuck is particularly worried. In this case, even if Chuck continues to rest, can’t he rest? ?
Karen li, Chuck came out, Chuck was ready to go to the scene again to find clues, but suddenly, Karen li cell phone rang.
She looked, suddenly stunned.
“Cer, we wait,” Karen li hurriedly said.
“Mom, I can’t wait,” Chuck didn’t want to wait for a minute.
“I know, but your dad is here, don’t you see him?” Karen li saw this mobile number.
Chuck always, Zhang Qingyang did not appear, why does it appear at this time? Are you busy?
“What?” Chuck froze, his father?
“Your father is back, are you missing?” Karen li calmed down.
“See, of course,” Chuck said busy, but he hadn’t seen his dad since childhood.
Why did you come back suddenly at this time? ?
“Well, after seeing your dad, and then go out to find Logan, is this okay?”
“Good,” Chuck was helpless.
Karen li breathed a sigh of relief and took Chuck home. She went to the kitchen to cook and the family’s meals.
Chuck walked around in front of the kitchen door, his heart could not be quiet, Logan was helpless, he must find her immediately!
Chuck didn’t want to delay time. If it was delayed, then Logan was found. If something happened that made him regret all his life, what should I do? ?
Chuck doesn’t want to see that at this time, his mind is full of Logan’s helpless and lonely eyes…
“Mom, I…” Chuckzhi supported us, not daring to say more.
Karen li, who was cooking, looked back, she hesitated for three seconds, “Go, your father is back, it’s okay.”
“Won’t he be angry?”
“No,” Karen li sighed in his heart, would it? ?
“Well, then I’m out.”
“Okay, go up to the top of the building. A plane will take you to Baili, be careful on the road.”
Karen li urged.
Chuck ran out a long time ago, and Lao Yuan passed over a good one.
Karen li sighed. The knife that cut the vegetables suddenly cut her finger, and blood bleed out.
She was stunned.
She handled it herself, and still sighed.
Chuck was monitored twice before. Was this person instructed by Zhang Qingyang? ?
In fact, Karen li deliberately let Chuck leave just now. Before this matter was clear, she could not let Chuck reach him.
She treated the wound and called Betty, “Betty, Ce’er went to see you, you let Black Rose pick her up…”
Hanging up the phone, she continued to cook, and when she heard the sound of opening the door, she looked back and saw a man coming in. The man was clearly familiar, but this time, why did she feel a little strange? ?
“Karen, I’m back, how about Ceer?” This man is Chuck’s father, Zhang Qingyang.
“He went out.”
“Out?” Zhang Qingyang was stunned.
“Well, I… have something to ask you,” Karen li said.
“Okay, what do you want to ask?” Zhang Qingyang smiled slightly…

Chuck was flying, but he saw a helicopter not far away, and then his cell phone rang.
“It’s me,” yes, it’s the black rose.
Chuck was relieved.
Black Rose protects Chuck to Betty’s side. Yvette has come over long ago. She has not had a good rest for a long time because of guilt.
After getting off the plane, Black Rose came over and she looked at Chuck, “You can just rest and we’ll find it.”
“No,” Chuck already ran to Betty.
The black rose frowned, “Forget it, even if you can’t rest, then you will be tired.”
She said to return, but still followed Chuck, to protect Chuck, but she would not say such words again.
Both Betty and Yvette came over, and Yvette saw her sick Chuck, and she felt relieved.
Betty is the same, Chuckjian is healthy.
Chuck distressed Yvette, she was very tired, “wife,”
Yvette is soft-hearted. With these two words, Yvette feels that it is worthwhile to be lucky.
“How is it?” Chuck cares about this, it has been several days, should there be a clue?
“Master, you come here,” Betty really found a clue.
When the wandering people rescued Logan, it was countless, but Baimi eventually had a sparse appearance. Thirty kilometers away from Logan’s fall, Betty discovered something?
The cigarette butt, the saliva on it, she has taken the test, and it should be possible to find out these people.
Betty and Chuck said this, he was too surprised, this is a clue! !
“Well, how long will it take?” Chuck asked.
“In two or three days, the result will come out. This is just one of the clues. The rest, we are still searching. Master, you can rest assured,” Betty said. There are thousands of people in this deep forest, constantly looking for clues.
Betty is confident and can definitely find Logan.
Chuck was relieved. He saw a lot of people nearby, and he could certainly find clues.
At this time, Betty’s walkie-talkie rang, “There is a clue here in Area 3, please come over immediately.”
Betty was pleasantly surprised, “Master, that one has a clue, we will pass by immediately!!”
“Good,” Chuck was also pleasantly surprised.
Betty ran ahead, Chuck, Yvette, and Black Rose all followed, Chuck’s eyes flashed, Aunt Logan, you wait, I will find you!

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