My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 619

Chuck and Betty came to the side of this clue, and saw the so-called clues, which are some traces, such as the footprints left by Logan, it is a clue!
Chuck was a bit disappointed. This clue should not help Logan, but it is better than nothing.
Betty immediately collected clues, Chuck, Yvette, and Black Rose were all helping. This process lasted for half an hour, and then started the next place.
One day passed, two days passed, three days passed…
There are some clues, but there are really few clues to find Logan. As for Betty, he picked up a cigarette butt to be tested, but the one he found was actually found.
This means that this person did not appear in public, so there is no comparison.
Chuck was even more anxious. With the passage of time, Chuck became as anxious as the ants on the hot pot, and the more he thought of dreaming, Logan crouched in the corner helplessly.
Who was Logan saved? ?
She seemed to disappear in the world, no trace of it.
Chuck was decadent to despair, just like that time when Yvette was arrested, Chuck was as decadent as it was then.
Chuck felt that he couldn’t save the helpless Logan, so he blamed himself. He didn’t sleep for a few days and was exhausted to the extreme. He dragged his tired body in the forest and searched for clues everywhere, hoping to find the helpless Logan.
However, the more this is, the clue seems to be deliberately hidden, but it is not found.
Disappointment again and again makes Chuck defeated. When thinking of Logan’s possible helpless situation, the following is very sad.
Yvette was very distressed by Chuck, and he pulled the tired one back, and Betty continued to look for clues.
In a few days, Chuck was tortured again. He was thin and tired. Yvette forced Chuck to rest. In this way, Chuck was exhausted again before Logan had found it.
When Jiang Ce fell asleep, Yvette came out at ease, but when he came out, he saw Karen li, and Yvette immediately lowered his head.
“How is Ceer?” Karen li asked.
“He was too tired and fell asleep,”
Karen li sighed. She was more entangled. She asked Zhang Qingyang a few days ago, but she didn’t get an answer. Zhang Qingyang’s answer didn’t have any flaws, and it can even be said to be leak-proof.
Karen li once thought that she suspected that she was wrong, but Karen li’s sixth sense told her that Zhang Qingyang, who had been in bed with him for 20 years, was very likely to have problems.
Only, this problem has not been exposed.
This is Karen li’s helplessness.
“You go to rest too,” Karen li said.
“Well, a……Auntie, that, where is Uncle?” Yvette knew that Chuck’s father was back.
However, these delays over the past few days made Chuck miss this opportunity to see his father.
“He has something to do with going out,” Karen li sighed.
“Auntie, why do you sigh?” Yvette felt that something was in Karen li’s heart.
How to say, although she wants to kill Karen li, Karen li has been much more abnormal than usual recently. She feels that Karen li has encountered something, and it must be related to Chuck.
“It’s okay, yes, you and Ce’er go to a place tomorrow.” Karen li said.
The injury on Chuck’s head is completely cured, and there is one more thing that needs to be done. Chuck’s doctor has researched it out. Decided to use acupuncture and moxibustion of Chinese medicine, and some Chinese medicine to treat.
Of course, Karen li can’t wait, but this Chinese herbal medicine is very rare. It happened to be in a rich auction in the United States. Therefore, Karen li wanted Chuck to take it.
Of course, mainly want Chuck to relax.
Otherwise, it has been so decadent, definitely not okay, you have to go out and walk, otherwise Karen li went to shoot himself.
Karen li said this, Yvette cared about Chuck, and of course agreed immediately, “Well, I will take him tomorrow.”
“This Chinese medicine is quite precious, but no matter how much money is taken, Ce’s head is the most important.” Karen li doesn’t want to have any problems with Chuck’s memory.
“I see,”
“go to sleep.”
Yvette returned to the room, Chuck was tired, she certainly would not sleep in a room with Chuck, afraid to disturb Chuck.
The next morning, Yvette called Chuck to get up.
Chuck actually woke up long ago, he dreamed of helpless Logan again, Chuck was awakened and did not sleep in the middle of the night.
“Her husband, aunt asked us to go to a place today to shoot something,” Yvette said.
“Sister Li is looking for them, and we are useless to go. Sister Li will tell us when he finds a clue,” Yvette persuaded.
Chuck sighed and nodded, thinking and thinking, “Yes,”
“Her husband, you’re so good, I’m waiting for you outside.” Yvette breathed a sigh of relief, kissed Chuck, and went out.
Chuck sighed, Aunt Logan, where are you? ?
He changed his clothes decadently, Yvette drove Chuck, and the black rose followed him to protect him.
Karen li watched Chuck leave, she was silent, but she was also at ease, Logan was still alive, and Chuck could not be decadent!

One of the largest hotels in the United States. At this time, the luxury cars outside were all parked. There were also ten private jets on the plane. This is a gathering for the rich and an auction for the rich.
Yvette drove and Chuck went in. Karen li had arranged everything and had a private room.
After all, this Chinese medicine material, but Karen li must be photographed!
“Her husband, let’s go in.” Yvette and Chuck came out of the car. Chuck was unhappy, although Logan was still alive, but how should he be able to see her? ?
Chuck sighed and went in.
Black Rose watched, and she followed in, but without anyone’s attention, she entered Chuck’s private room.
There were a lot of rich people on the scene, all coming for some interesting auction items, what is the biggest diamond, what is the limited edition car, these are all.
There are even some relics of celebrities.
In the private room of Chuck, Yvette had no choice but to comfort Chuck. The black rose didn’t say a word next to it, just to watch the situation outside. Speaking of it, she hadn’t participated in this auction for a long time.
Before, she had participated in some arms auctions and auctioned some of the latest products.
She was more interested in those, and she didn’t find it interesting.
If it were not Chuck, she would not come here.

What the decadent Chuck didn’t know is that outside this hotel, in a private passage, a luxury sports car stopped, inside it was a man and a woman.
But there were four men standing beside the car, each with a cold expression on his face.
The men and women in the sports car are You Tianle and Logan.
In this auction, You Tianle actually found it boring, but he also wanted Logan to come out and relax and communicate his feelings.
Logan hurt is not good, she just wanted to come out and see the world, want to make her own memory recover quickly.
“Logan, let’s go out, there is already the largest private room waiting,” You Tianle smiled slightly.
Youjia is one of the three secret families. This kind of thing is not worth mentioning to his family. You Tianle doesn’t need to talk, you can do it with just a look.
“Well,” Logan came out.
You Tianle smiled and stretched her hand to support her. Today Logan is so beautiful. The light blue dress perfectly reveals Logan’s figure, the ultimate beauty.
Even You Tianle, who has seen countless beauties, is also amazing! !
“Don’t touch me?” Logan shook his head and refused.
She came out to look for memories.
You Tianle player stopped, “Okay, inside,”
Logan walked inside, You Tianle frowned, until her expression became indifferent, a man next to him carefully commented, “Young Master, this woman, I really don’t know what to do…”
“What do you know?? Such a woman is originally super-needed. The more she rejects me, the more it makes me feel,” You Tianle sneered, Logan’s beauty, which has made him dream in the past few days.
He sometimes thinks, give Logan something, and then get her, but he thinks that it is not interesting, or let her fall slowly, more interesting! !

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