My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 628

“Of course I was right,” the beautiful woman smiled close to Chuck.
That beautiful ecstasy eyes are really beautiful.
Chuck looked at her again, jeans shorts, white t-shirt, really the kind of standard American beauty.
But Chuck “Isn’t he familiar with life?”, after all, in this unfamiliar environment, this beauty hasn’t seen it yet, so active?
What’s happening here? !
“Is it my boyfriend?” The beauty smiled.
This sound is particularly nice.
Chuck looked at her strangely, “I have a girlfriend,”
Chuck came over for the behind-the-scenes boss to accompany the behind-the-scenes boss in a play. Now he doesn’t care about picking up girls and is still in the toilet.
“It’s okay, we Americans pay attention to eyes, and feel that they can be a boyfriend and a girlfriend for a day. Are you okay?” The beautiful woman put her hands on Chuck’s shoulders.
That smile is really going to kill people.

“Daughter, alas, I saw your boyfriend just now and dragged Alice into the bathroom. What did he want to do?” The mother of the boss behind the scene worried and came annoyed.
“Yeah, I saw it too, Bella, why is your boyfriend like that?”
“Yeah, it’s so ridiculous!”
Several relatives were particularly unhappy, their teeth screaming.
The boss behind the scenes is stunned? ? what?
Chuckla Alice goes to the toilet? how can that be?
“Mom, are you wrong?” The boss shook his head decisively behind the scenes.
“No, how could I be wrong? If you don’t believe me, then go see with me, that kid, what must I do to Alice in the bathroom, bastard!”
“Yes, go and see!!”
Several relatives took the behind-the-scenes boss to the bathroom.
The boss behind the scene was stunned. She was very helpless. “No, how can Chuck do that kind of thing?”
She knows Chuck’s character, she is timid. After all, she let Chuck press her shoulder and press her hand last night. Chuck can be honest, without any extravagant actions, it is really honest.
How could this timid character pull Alice to the toilet?
The boss behind the scenes was the first to disbelieve.
“Mom, don’t push me, Chuck wouldn’t do that,” the boss behind the scene was helpless.
If this breaks in suddenly, it hurts Chuck’s self-esteem?
“Where wouldn’t it, I saw it just now, you just go in and have a look!” The mother behind the scene was angry.
She doesn’t want Chuck to take advantage too much, so for Alice, is it too bad? !
The boss was helpless behind the scenes, “Mom… he won’t.”
Suddenly, there was a scream in the toilet.
Behind the scene, the boss is shocked, the woman’s voice? Is this really Alice’s?
The boss behind the scene was suddenly sour and a little angry. Chuck, did you really do that? !
Why did you pull Alice to the toilet?
What do you want, I can’t give it to you? ?
The boss behind the scene was sour and felt jealous.
“Oh, I’ll say that Chuck’s bastard forced Alice into the toilet. Now, Alice must have been insulted by him, alas,” the mother behind the scene ran quickly.
You must let your daughter catch it!
Look at Chuck’s inferior root!
Then his daughter will kick this kind of person!
Several relatives also tried to kick in at once.
The boss behind the scenes hummed, sour:
Ok, you Chuck, pretend to be timid in front of me, right? Be bold in front of others, right? How can I clean you up when I go back? !
Snapped! !
The bathroom door was kicked open!
“Well you bastard, actually…”
Behind the scene, the boss’s mother and several relatives were originally angry, but the door opened, and they were stunned and stunned! !
Including the boss behind the scenes, her eyes are turning.
Chuck in the toilet was forced, including the beauty Alice.
Alice said subconsciously, “Your Chinese people will work hard? Mom, look, he was just amazing!”
Alice came out with a look of excitement.
Several women looked at each other and were stunned. Why didn’t Alice have her clothes? Very happy? !
What just happened? !
Shouldn’t Alice seduce Chuck?
“Alice, what the hell? What did you say he was so powerful? Hurry and say, did this bastard pull you in?” A young woman with a charm still scolds! !
To wink at his daughter.
“Mom,” Alice looked down.
She felt regretful. When she was in the toilet just now, it was useless to do everything she could.
Chuck didn’t touch herself at all and kept her distance.
She was angry and was about to throw something, but she accidentally fell to the ground.
But Chuck held her, and it should be regarded as a hug. The speed was too fast, which shocked Alice.
However, in this good contact, Chuck did nothing to himself, and the relatives were honest, so he would let go when he stabilized himself.
Now look, Chuck is a gentleman! !
So the beauty regrets it and should not do it.
“You talk, did he force you in?”
“I…” The beauty looked down.
“Alice, to be honest, isn’t it.” the boss asked behind the scenes.
“I, no, I came in myself,” the beauty said with her head down.
“Ah, you!!”
The boss’s mother behind the scene and several relatives were angry and distressed. What happened?
“Mom, this is a misunderstanding, I have said that Chuck will not mess up,”
The boss behind the scene looked at Chuck, “Not coming out yet?”
Chuck came out speechless, he was forced, he went to the bathroom, why did he meet the kick door?
Several women’s faces were ugly, and they were so angry that they couldn’t find Chuck? !
“Sister, what happened?” Chuck asked.
“No matter what the situation, you are doing well today, go back and give you a big red envelope,” the boss behind the scene smiled slightly.
Yes, she was sour just now, and she was a little angry, but when she saw the situation in the toilet, she was not angry at all.
Because he was right, Chuck was still “coward.”
“Okay,” Chuck had to forget about someone giving the red envelope.
Several women grunted and went elsewhere. After all, there were a lot of people in the house.
The beauty of Alice stuffed a note to Chuck, and ran away shyly.
Chuck opened it and looked at it, it was actually a phone number!
Chuck was forced, what is the situation?
Have you been jammed on the phone?
Thinking of this beautiful woman is also beautiful, Chuck whispered, after all, it’s not bad, just beauty, but has the standard beautiful body of the beauty of the United States!
“What are you doing? Are you okay? Haven’t you lost it yet?” the boss snorted.
Chuck shrugged and put away.
The boss behind the scene was angry and grabbed Chuck’s hand, “I asked you, are you still good?”
“Let go, I lost it for you, go back and get a red envelope for you.”
“Well, okay,” Chuck was helpless.
Behind the scenes, the boss took this note and then tore it. In front of his own face, did he want to contact other women? ?
Chuck coughed, “Sister, I…”
“Hum, follow me, be my little lover, be obedient, be good, or go back and beat you,” the boss hummed.
Chuck was speechless, this woman, treat herself as a child?
Chuck felt that the matter just now was a little bit weird, so he honestly followed the boss behind the scenes, and had to eat anyway.
The family gathering in the United States is still not the same. Chuck participated in this occasion, but also relaxed a little. Chuck was eating honestly.
“Come, eat this, it’s delicious.” The behind-the-scenes boss gave Chuck food.
Chuck thinks that this woman is not close to being born on the surface. She is very familiar and will take care of others.
The mother behind the scene couldn’t help it, “Chuck, what are you doing??”
Seeing her daughter constantly feeding Chuck, as if she was taking care of a little boyfriend, she didn’t get angry.
My daughter is so good, but he is not here to serve you as a Chinese.
“Me?” Chuck was stunned.
The other relatives all looked at Chuck. Just now, many relatives of the boss behind the scene were unhappy with Chuck.
“Yes, what did you say!” The mother behind the scene sneered.
“I’m gnawing…” Chuck said, although he has a lot of industries, but basically all the money from the mother.
I’m really old.
“Do you still have a face to say? Is it a good face?” The mother behind the boss laughed.
Other relatives sneered, sneered, old? Say it so brightly? Is this Chinese? ?

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