My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 629

Faced with the ridicule of the relatives, the boss behind the scene was angry. She brought Chuck over to stop the mouths of these relatives, but she didn’t expect to see Chuck said, and she was still her mother.
She was angry and felt wronged.
“I’m gnawing for the time being, but I have my own goals.” Chuck said calmly.
After recovering Logan, Chuck will completely expand his business empire and make himself the real richest man! !
“Goal, what are your goals?” The mother behind the boss laughed. She wanted this effect. She saw Chuck being ridiculed by her relatives. Then her daughter would wake up. How did she find such a garbage? !
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“I won’t say this,” Chuck shook his head.
Behind the scenes, the boss looked at Chuck. What are his goals?
Of course she knows Karen li’s strength. With Karen li’s current money, enough for Chuck to squander for ten lifetimes, she can’t spend it all. ?
His mother has money, so can you eat old? !
“Sorry to say? I think you want to be defeated, who is in your family? I see, how long can your family be gnawed by you,” a relative said disdainfully.
The worst person in the family of the boss behind the scenes is tens of millions. They are really rich people, but they always think that Chuck looks like this, there is no money at home!
There may be millions, tens of millions of dollars, how long can this bite old? ?
“Looking at him, it’s not a rich family, noble noble temperament, really,” another relative mocked.
“You asked too much, what is Chuck’s home and what is your business?” The boss behind the scenes couldn’t sit still. She didn’t want to see her little lover wronged.
This is not enough. My little lover can only say that by himself, others can’t!
“Bella, we’re just asking, he said he’s gnawing old, so he should be rich in his family?” A relative laughed.
“That’s it, so rich, it should be said, let us open our eyes, let us have a long view.”
Several relatives said with a smile, of course, the smile is particularly ridiculous, this way, according to Huaxia’s saying, it is hanging wire!
There are tens of millions of people in this family! What kind of money is this? !
“You guys.” The behind-the-scenes boss’s beautiful eyes were cold. When she came back usually, she suppressed herself, and she didn’t reveal her as a killer organization behind the boss at home.
Today, these people are pushing themselves.
“Sister, don’t be angry, it’s your family,” Chuck shot the boss behind the scene, and he shrugged.
The boss behind the scene was stunned, Chuck was not angry at all?
Yes, what’s so angry about this? They are relatives of the boss behind the scenes, and Chuck doesn’t want to do anything to them.
Not necessary.
“Little guy, wronged? Go back to my sister to give you a big red envelope and give you a hug, will you?” said the behind-the-scenes boss.
Sincerely, after all, she saw it, Chuck thought about it for herself!
If you really want to say Karen li’s name, everyone in your family will be shocked!
At the very least, Karen li’s business in the United States is very large. As the behind-the-scenes boss of the killer organization, of course, she knew that some people in her family had cooperated with Karen li, but they all made money.
So, speaking out, who is Chuck’s mother, the people who are on the scene will be particularly surprised!
Chuck smiled and shrugged, “Well,”
“Why didn’t you say it? I’m so embarrassed to say it?” The mother behind the scene was aggressive.
Other relatives urged.
They want to see how “rich” Zhang Ze is!
“It’s not embarrassing, but it’s not necessary to say, anyway, I’m really gnawing, I can’t eat it in my whole life,” Chuck shook his head, his face calm.
“What? You can’t eat it for ten lifetimes!? Haha, are you going to laugh at me?” A relative immediately laughed and laughed.
The boss and mother behind the scene sneered, “You can’t run out of ten lifetimes? Do you use one per day? Only a few hundred dollars a year. Of course, you can’t run out of ten lifetimes. As you say, my money can’t be used for tens of thousands. Life?!”
“That’s right, this man is not honest! Can this be said? There really is no tutor! No wonder he didn’t say it, he was afraid of embarrassment!”
Other people’s ridicule sounded at this family feast.
But this sentence just touched Chuck’s counterscale, saying his own home? ?
Chuck’s face was cold, and he said he had endured it just now, but he said that his mother would never do it!
The boss behind the scene saw Chuck angry, and she didn’t stop Chuck from being angry. After all, Chuck couldn’t be angry, she couldn’t bear to be angry with her little lover.
“What did you say?” Chuck stared at the man.
“Oh, it looks like you still want to hit me? There is no tutor! It’s angry to say a few words, is it annoyed?” The man was particularly sneered and disdainful.
Others are tall, afraid of this Chuck? !
“Bella, look at what’s going on with your boyfriend? Do you want to fight? This is a family feast!!!” The mother behind the scene scolded!
“Yes, the family banquet is still angry? Ask you not to say, it is your own fault!”
Other relatives are also angry.
The boss behind the scene was quiet and sat next to Chuck, like a little woman for the first time.
She felt that it was fine.
“Looking at you, do you think you are rich? You look down on me? Do you think you are richer than me?” Chuck said.
“You still have to think? You just didn’t speak, you confessed yourself, and gnawed the old, what makes you gnaw at your family? The funny thing is that you just have a face to say, you can’t gnaw the old ten years. ?Where do you have the courage to say such a thing?” The mother behind the scene sneered.
It’s ridiculous!
She felt embarrassed. In front of her relatives, her daughter actually looked for such a man?
Are all the men in this world dead?
Chuck looked at the boss’s mother behind the scene and said quietly, “I respect you, so don’t say it.”
“Why don’t I tell you? Let me tell you the truth, I just think you are not worthy of my daughter, you are toad and want to eat swan meat! You are not worthy!!!” She was particularly angry and frowned!
“So what kind of man do you think is worthy of your daughter?” Chuck said lightly.
“Huh, it’s not someone like you anyway, there is no money, still pretend here!”
“I didn’t pretend, I’m gnawing, and I’m really gnawing in my whole life…” Chuck said quietly.
“Shut up, what are you still pretending to be? Why are you so thick-skinned?” The mother behind the scene scolded impatiently!
“Then you don’t believe it?” Chuck asked.
“Why do I believe you? Seeing your virtue really makes me feel bad!”
“I proved it to you, so am I qualified to be her man?” Chuck was still calm.
“Yes, but what is your ability to prove?” The mother behind the scene stared at Chuck with a sneer.
All other relatives present laughed at their faces. Proof? Can you prove a ghost!
“Wait.” Chuck took out his phone.
“Well, don’t waste time. Today is my family’s banquet. You outsider will leave here for me!
Never get entangled with my daughter again! Forever!” The mother behind the scene said coldly.
Seeing her daughter passerby arched by a pig, she was angry!
“Ah, what do these people still do here? Call? I wonder if he called the police?”
“Haha, it’s possible, but we do everything, what’s the use of his alarm? I see him, I just want to die here! Really shameless!”
The sound of mocking and disdain is endless!
Chuck faced it calmly, and answered after a few rings, with Karen li’s voice inside, “Cer,… is something wrong?”
“Mom, I want you to do me a favor now.” Chuck said.
“Mother? My God, what the hell are you doing? I have never seen such a person, Bella, drive him away!”
Several relatives persuaded the behind-the-scenes boss, but the behind-the-scenes boss ignored it. The relatives were angry and screamed at Chuck. “Don’t waste time, get out!”
“Hear no. My patience is limited! You have made me very annoying!” The mother of the boss behind the scene was angry, and she regretted it. She should be kicked out just now! Let him stay here for so long!

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