My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 63

After the three women stuffed all their cards in every room on this floor, they walked over with their long legs swaying. Their eyes were full of disdain.
“Didn’t you call for help? Where are they?” One of the women laughed.
“Leave him alone. He’s just pretending,” The other woman replied.
The three women pressed the button of the elevator, and it slowly came up from the first floor. While waiting, the three women despised Chuck Cannon even more.
“Well, sometimes the gap between humans is just so far apart. When sorne people like to just show off and pretend here, there are actually others who are really awesome.” The yellow-haired woman said, glancing at Chuck with sarcasm in her tone.
”Who is the awesome one?” Her friend asked.
“Yes, who are you referring to?” The other woman said.
“Since both of you slept in just now, you two don’t know anything at all. I saw a lot of people suddenly coming to this hotel just now. They were like mercenaries and they were all wearing the same clothes. I was curious and wanted to follow them, but I was stopped by the people at the door. So I immediately moved to a place to see these people from a distance. They were all being respectful to a handsome man and listened to his command. That handsome man is really awesome, as he can command so many people,” said the yellow-haired woman.
“Really? Who is that handsome guy?” One of the women asked.
“He was too far away so I didn’t see him clearly. But I remember seeing him beat up another rich man called William….” The yellow-haired woman said.
“Really? He deserved it, haha.” Her friends laughed.
“The handsome guy that I saw is truly awesome…. many people are listening to him. How nice would it be if he were my boyfriend?” The yellow-haired woman said and licked her lips.
“I want him to be my boyfriend too.” One of the women said.
“Why are you shaking your head? Are you a pervert? How dare you eavesdrop on us!” Seeing Chuck shaking his head, the yellow-haired woman scolded him.
“The elevator is here, let’s go quickly!” Her friend said.
The three women looked at Chuck scornfully. When the elevator door opened, Betty Bernard and five security guards were in it.
The three women were stunned.
Betty glanced at the three women, frowned, and walked out with the security guards.
“We…” The yellow-haired woman subconsciously lowered her voice.
The other two women took a step back. The yellow-haired woman poked at them with her hand and whispered, “What are you scared of? It’s just a coincidence. They are just doing their usual duty in patrolling the hotel. They just happened to come to this floor for a routine check up. Do you really think they were called by this loser?”
“It scared the hell out of me. Luckily, it is not what I thought.” One of the women said while letting off a sigh of relief.
“Stay calm. This guy is really good at pretending. He’s used to doing this,” The yellow-haired woman said.
The three women despised Chuck even more and were ready to walk into the elevator calmly. However, Betty looked at them, snaped her fingers, and the guards stopped them. The three women were startled.
”Why is she stopping us?” They were curious.
“What are you doing?” One of the women shouted.
“Yes, what are you doing? Why are you stopping us?” The other friend questioned Betty.
The three women were angry and their voices were loud.
Betty’s gaze turned cold, which made the three women shut up immediately. However, the yellow-haired woman pointed at Chuck and scolded, “You should stop him. Look at his clothes. He’s covered in dirty clothing. Do you just let anyone in your hotel? This completely lowered the hotel standard.”
“You should stop him! Not us. We’re just going down.” The woman said.
The three women muttered again, but Betty just glanced at them and walked to Chuck. “Young Master, how do you want us to deal with them?” Betty asked.
What? The three women were dumbfounded.
“Young master? It’s impossible.” They couldn’t believe it.
When the three women heard these two words, they immediately widened their eyes and they were too terrified to move. They didn’t know Betty, but from her clothes, they could tell that she was definitely some sort of manager of the hotel. How could she call this man, young master? How could this be possible? The three of them were shocked. The person that they criticised turned out to be the young master of this hotel? This couldn’t be true.
Chuck shot a glance at the three of them.
“Young, Young Master, we’re sorry. The three of us were so ignorant that we couldn’t recognize your identity just now. Please forgive us!” The yellow-haired women begged in fear.
“Yes, we were blinded from the truth. We don’t deserve your attention. Please excuse us!” Her friend said.
The three women were so scared that their faces turned pale. The young master of such a big hotel was not someone they could offend.
“Let….” Chuck opened his mouth.
“Young Master, please don’t hit us. Please, we really know we were wrong.” The yellow-haired woman trembled and begged.
She suddenly realized that Chuck seemed to be a little familiar. He seemed to be the “handsome guy” that she saw. Why, why did he become like this? The yellow-haired woman was frightened. The more she thought about it, the more afraid she was. Since he could command so many people, would he call someone to beat her up? She would definitely be dead if he did so.
Plop! Her knees weakened.
The yellow-haired woman knelt down. The other women were shocked.
“Kneel! He’s the person that I mentioned earlier.” The yellow-haired woman said hurriedly.
The two women were stunned, and their faces turned pale. They also knelt down instantly.
“Please show mercy to us!” They pleaded. The three women begged pitifully and their eyes were red. They were at the verge of crying. They suddenly felt ashamed at what they said just now. They actually did offer to sleep with the owner of the hotel, and they also said that the three of them would accompany him together… The three of them were ashamed of their words and they really hoped that the ground would open and swallow them.
The three women knelt down, revealing their sincerity. Chuck glanced at them and shook his head. “Don’t kneel anymore. Get up now!” Chuck said to them.
Chuck just wanted them to stop giving out their cards here, and he didn’t want to make things difficult for them. After all, their hotel was a five-star hotel. If those rich men could afford to stay at this hotel, why would they need to call a woman by using their card? There were plenty of women who were willing to sleep with them, how would they call these women who they don’t know anything about? There was no need for the rich to do so.
However, Chuck’s words made the three women even more afraid. “What were they going to do to us? Were they planning to let us leave but kill us afterwards in secret?” They were literally terrified to death.
They shivered in fear and their eyes were full of tears. Chuck couldn’t stand it anymore and felt pity for them. He shook his head and said, “Don’t kneel anymore. Just get up.”
“Young Master, do you really forgive us?” The yellow-haired woman asked subconsciously. The other women looked pitiful and tearful. They were really scared.
“That’s right. Stand up now.” Chuck said.
The three women looked at each other and stood up. They were fearful and were afraid that they would do something wrong again. They leaned on each other stiffly, like three injured kittens.
There was a flash of surprise in Betty’s eyes. The young master’s temper was so good that he let the three of them leave even though they insulted him. He could easily beat them up and let them disappear overnight. However, the young master did not do any of it. He was not cruel at all. No wonder Karen was in a dilemma in choosing which was the right choice.
Chuck told Betty that everything was fine. Betty nodded, and the expressions of the security guards that she brought along changed a little too.

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