My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 631

The mother of the boss behind the scene, and a large group of relatives on the scene, they are full of regret, where do they want to, this Chuck is his partner, Karen li’s son! !
The scene is regretful!
Chuck said in a word that most of their companies may go bankrupt and may lose money!
“Chuck, you…oh,” the mother behind the scene sighed, what did you do?
The scene fell into silence, all sighing.
Chuck was indifferent.
The boss behind the scenes said nothing more. What did she say about this situation?
After all, she thought that Chuck, her little lover, had been aggrieved. Besides, even if her mother’s company lost money, she could help!
After eating this family feast, the boss was going to take Chuck away, and Chuck also wanted to leave.
But a group of relatives looked at Chuck pitifully. They had no appetite at the time of dinner just now, because their own company had a problem!
“Chuck, I’m sorry just now, we shouldn’t say that to you. You let your mother continue to cooperate with us.” said a woman who still has a charm, pitiful.
“That’s why we just talked nonsense just now. Don’t take it seriously, can’t you apologize?”
Another man said with a smile.
Chuck didn’t pay much attention to it. The phone had already been called. My mother had cut off cooperation with them. How could it be possible to cooperate again? ?
The mother behind the scene sighed, “Daughter, you…”
“Mom, I have no choice, right, are you satisfied with my boyfriend?” The boss shook his head behind the scenes.
“Satisfied, satisfied,” the mother of the behind-the-scenes mother is bitter, where are you still not satisfied?
She has been working with Karen li’s company for so long, how could she not know Karen li’s strength?
To be honest, she asked people at that time to ask if Karen li had a son or something. If so, she could let her daughter and Karen li’s son together. With Karen li’s backing, wouldn’t her company develop more? fast? ?
But how could she ask at that time?
So when there was no result, she was a bit disappointed.
But now she never imagined that the disappointment of that time now actually came true.
My daughter is really with Karen li’s son.
“That’s good, then we go back.” The boss behind the scenes pulled Chuck away.
The people at the scene looked at each other!
“Bella found a good boyfriend!” a relative sighed.
This is true. The mother of Chuck can decide the life and death of her company in one sentence.
How can her daughter not find Zhang Ze? !
The mother behind the scene smiled bitterly, “Yes, but he should still be angry with me,”
Chuck’s expression told her that Chuck was still angry.
What can she do? Apology also apologized.
“What’s the matter? He and Bella are together. Sooner or later we are all a family. He should continue to let his mother cooperate with our company by then.”
The mother of the boss behind the scene, his eyes lit up, yes.
Almost forgot.
His daughter was looking for Karen li’s son. According to Huaxia’s words, he was Zhang Ze’s mother-in-law, and he would definitely take back what he just said.
The mother behind the scene was relieved. “Yeah, I am his mother-in-law. He will forgive me, and he will…. Daughter, the boyfriend you are looking for this time, I am really satisfied.”
Her eyes are shining, which is really good!
The other relatives are envious, Bella’s eyes are luck, so good, actually found such a boyfriend…

“Little guy, you make your sister happy today, hug me?” The boss behind the scene smiled charmingly.
Chuck’s performance was very good today. When she left just now, she saw the satisfied expression on her mother’s face, and she was relieved.
I didn’t expect this to take Chuck back, my mother would be really satisfied!
“Well, no,” Chuck shook his head.
“Don’t? Come here! I let you hug, you are not willing yet? You are not good, are you?” The boss behind the scene was angry.
Of course not really angry.
Chuck was helpless and could only hug her politely. The boss behind the scene chuckled, “Why are you so honest?”
Chuck’s regular hug made her a little unhappy.
I am also pretty and have a good figure. Why does Chuck seem to feel nothing at all?
She hasn’t encountered such a situation yet. After all, she has a finger on her finger, how many men will fall under her pomegranate skirt?
Chuck, her little lover, is sitting still? ?
Chuck wanted to go home.
The boss snorted behind the scenes, “Little fellow, do you want to go back so much?”
Chuck did not lie to her, nodded and thought.
“Then go, don’t look for me in the future, go away,” the boss snorted.
Chuck was speechless, “Don’t be angry.”
“What’s wrong with me? Go away, don’t want to see you anymore, you are not my little lover anymore, go away,” the boss said hummingly.
Chuck coughed and opened the car door to go out.
The boss behind the scene is angry, really leaving? ?
I don’t care about you anymore!
The boss behind the scene thought angrily. Suddenly, she snorted, “Let me let you go and stop thinking! You are my little lover.”
She hummed and went out, “Hey, stop for me!!”
Chuck can only stop.
The boss behind the scenes swayed his long legs, “Let you go, you go? Fool, you? I’m so mad at you, today I’m very happy, so… hold, give you something,”
She took out something like a marble, Chuck was puzzled, “What is this?”
Chuck was taken aback. What bomb was this? Grenade? !
“Yes, I found someone to do it myself, it’s very powerful, little guy, you are my little lover, don’t die,” the boss said.
This is a particularly easy-to-carry bomb. Unlike traditional bombs, the detection equipment cannot detect them at all.
She thought about this situation in case of Chuck, what if she was in danger again? ?
What is required? Prevent it in advance! Otherwise, it’s too late to wait for something to happen!
“Thank you elder sister,” Chuck put away, and yes, with one on his body, others can’t find it, and he has a little more protection.
How could Chuck refuse such a good thing? !
“Now I know thank you? Go away, be careful on the road, but you, my little lover, if I bump into it, I’ll be distressed, don’t you know?” The boss behind the scene hummed and took the car by himself.
Chuck smiled slightly, this woman is very good to herself!
He drove away by himself.
But halfway.
Chuck was a little embarrassed because he said that he had brought black roses to eat at that time, but when he came out of the boss’s house just now, he forgot again. He could only go to black roses and apologize, “Well, I forgot Bring you food…”
“Forget it, forget it,” Black Rose was expressionless, waiting for her hunger!
You actually let me dove!
I don’t believe you anymore.
“Well, do you want to eat something?” Chuck was embarrassed.
“Go back.” Black Rose was indifferent.
Chuck had no choice but to go back.
In the next few days, there was no clue on the mother’s side and no clue on the boss’s side behind the scenes. Chuck was anxious day by day. Who was the helpless Logan saved? !
Chuck wants to know too much, but there is no clue on both sides!
When Chuck is anxious, he can only turn this eagerness into the strength of exercise, work hard to improve himself! !
But suddenly, his phone rang. He looked puzzled. This is a strange number. Whose is it?
Chuck answered the voice of a stranger, “Want to know the clue of Logan, come here! I will send you an address! Follow the address, don’t tell anyone! Or you will never find To Logan!”
“Who are you?” Chuck was shocked and asked hurriedly, but the indifferent voice hung up after he finished speaking.
He was anxious in his heart. At this time, a message came from the mobile phone, which was an address.
Chuck considers that he knows this place, but who is this person who gives information to himself, and what is the purpose? Chuck doesn’t know at all, so should I go?
Yes, what Chuck didn’t know was that this was the phone that the secret family Wanjia called him. During these few days, the woman suddenly got a message that You Tianle of Youjia was going to marry Logan! !

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