My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 632

To be honest, when the woman got the news, she was surprised and surprised!
After all, how long is this, how can it be so fast?
Logan really lost memory? It’s impossible to marry that You Tianle in just a few days! !
It’s unreasonable.
“Miss, the phone has already been called, Chuck will come,” the man said with a bowed head.
“Well, what the hell is this Logan doing? I originally thought that even if I get married, it should be a few months later, but suddenly this news came out, I did not expect, it seems that I still underestimated the means of You Tianle,” woman Xuan Lazy.
Is Logan still a spare tire, so it is so easy for You Tianle to get it? ?
“Yu Tianle is famous for being a girl. Logan’s kind of woman is just pretending to be tall. It was only a few days that You Tianle got it, enough to prove what she was like.” The man mocked.
“Well,” the woman nodded lazily, and she checked Logan’s details. She hadn’t been with a man before. Now she encountered a Yu Tianle and was conquered.
It’s really casual! !
“Then, You Tianle, marry Logan two days later, will Karen li receive the news?”
“What qualification does Karen li have to receive the news?” the woman sneered.
What kind of news is there? Only those in the secret family can know that people of the level of Karen li are simply not qualified to know!
“Yes, Karen li can’t receive the news, so… Chuck goes with you, then…” The man still hesitated a little bit!
Chuck is gone, he will definitely make a lot of noise!
So, by then, if the young lady finally shot, does it mean that Wanjia and Youjia have a break?
“I will save him at a critical time, otherwise what will I let him do?” The woman leaned back lazily.
“I know what you want to say, even if Chuck is noisy, it’s a stone hitting the sea. As long as the water falls, it will be calm. So many masters in the house will instantly subdue him, and I just stand up and say something when he is subdued. That’s all, You Tianle couldn’t not give me this face,” the woman said lightly.
The man nodded, yes, all of them are secret families, how could he not give face?
Chuck’s level is really what a lady said.
In a word, Chuck can return to heaven from hell! !
Chuck, you should be grateful!
“Then, will the people in that family go to the house?” the man asked, and he said another of the three secret families.
The people of the Youjia should have sent invitations, but the people of the Youjia are already enough. In fact, it does not matter to the Youjia whether they come to other people or not.
But that secret family seems to have been low-key all the time, it seems that it is too low-key.
“Who knows this? You should ask Chuck, the so-called father, Zhang Qingyang, he will know…”
The lazy beauty of the woman has a brilliant look!
The man nodded slightly, yes, he must know…
“Then wait for Chuck to come over now?” the man asked in a low voice.
“Of course, waiting for him to come… I haven’t seen you in a few days, I actually missed him a little…” A little memory appeared in the lazy eyes of the woman.
Recalling that when Chuck saved himself from leaving, he touched himself while he was sleeping…
The woman was also surprised, did she really like Chuck?
It seems to be true, after all, Chuck is the first person to pull his hand.
Possibly, this is a kind of subconscious preemption!
Chuck, you should feel happy, after all, I am in love with you…
The woman’s lazy expression became more intense.
The man was stunned, did her lady really like this Chuck? ?
The man is really incredible. Where is that low-level Chuck?
No charm at all, really! wasted!
“However, will Chuck tell his mother Karen li?”
“No, this person Chuck, in his recent performance, should be particularly concerned about this Logan and will not tell Karen li.” The woman analyzed.
She was right in her analysis. Chuckzhen didn’t tell Karen li because Logan’s safety was involved!
“Well, miss, I knew something yesterday,” the man said.
“The Bella of the killer organization is actually checking Logan’s thing.” The man knew about it last night.
“She? That old woman!” The woman sneered, she must know the boss behind the scenes!
“Chuck went to find her,”
“Humph, why don’t you find me when you look for her?” The woman was annoyed with laziness!
“Yeah, Chuck just didn’t know what to do! Then…” The man means, do you want to teach the boss behind the scene a lesson? Logan’s thing, she can check? ?
“That Bella is so old, what else do you want to do? Look, if she and Chuck are too close, then you know what to do?” There was a hint of coldness in the woman’s lazy eyes.
“Yes!” The man nodded immediately.
The woman languidly said, “Chuck, you are too careless. I like that you are all yours, other women, don’t touch it, touch one dead one…”

There was no hesitation in Chuck’s side. He checked it and determined that the small bomb given by the boss behind the scenes was in his hands last time. He carefully concealed it in case of unexpected needs.
Then he went out, but he met Yvette. Chuck found a reason to tell him to go out. Yvette knew that Chuck was in a bad mood. Of course, he said Chuck should be careful.
Chuck came out from home, but met his mother.
“Cer, where are you going?” Karen li came over, and the thousand-year-old ginseng was in hand, and it was already being manufactured.
She wanted to eat Chuck quickly so that Chuck’s injured head would be better.
“Mom, I’m going out.” Chuck still did not say that Logan’s safety was involved!
I still go to the place where the stranger said first, to see who said it.
If there is any problem, Chuck will definitely call his mother immediately.
“What are you doing out there?” Karen li felt that Chuck’s expression was wrong. She had been looking for news about Logan recently.
There should be results soon.
“Go around,” Chuck said.
“Ah, go!” Karen li sighed. Is this why you are too worried about Logan?
“En.” Chuck went to the garage to drive.
“Cer, wait a minute,” Karen li suddenly thought of something, Chuck was stunned, “Mom, is something wrong?”
“Of course, let’s go!” Karen li beckoned to Chuck.
Chuck went and went inside with his mother.
My mother took out a piece of clothing. This looks like ordinary clothing, but it is cold to the touch. Yes, this is Karen li Technology Co., Ltd., made of special metal, which can be bulletproof.
It is similar to the ancient soft hedgehog! !
She was worried about Chuck, who made it intentionally.
“Put on,”
Of course Chuck was obediently put on, and felt cold, “Mom, is this?”
“It can be bulletproof, but only one bullet can be blocked in one place, and even if it is blocked, it will hurt, but it is much better than not wearing it. Starting today, you are not allowed to take off your sleep, you know?” Karen li cares Said.
“Got it,” this can save yourself at a critical time, Chuck will definitely wear it.
“Then go, by the way, don’t run around, pay attention to safety, but I am only your son.” Karen li is very serious. The last time Zhang Ze had an accident, she was really terrified. She had never been so scared.
So she was too worried about Chuck’s safety, but she always felt that Chuck was in danger at any time, and she wanted to follow Chuck at any time.
“Well,” Chuck ran out, drove a car out, Black Rose followed, Chuck called Black Rose, “Don’t stop following me today.”
“You tell your mother, she said not to let me follow, I will not follow.” Black Rose was indifferent, yes, the last time I said to bring food, but did not bring it.
Put pigeons, don’t talk about credit, my black rose is willing to follow you? ?
“Okay, why don’t you get too close,”
“I want to stay away from you.”
Chuck was relieved that Black Rose was a killer. There was absolutely no problem in hiding, and it should not be discovered.
Chuck stared at the address on the phone and drove past quickly. Is there really news from Logan in this place? ?

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