My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 634

Forget it, Black Rose seems to be repelling himself, Chuck thinks it’s better not to ask for fun.
At this time, Black Rose, should you eat? ?
Well, she should have eaten it.
Chuck didn’t miss her anymore. This woman had prepared dishes that Chuck had never eaten, but Chuck had no appetite at all because she was worried about Logan.
“Stop eating?” The woman was lazy.
This is the first time there is a man who is not from the Wan family, and eat with her at the same table!
“No, where is the rest?” Chuck asked.
“It’s still early, I’m a little bored, and accompany me to a place first,” the woman said.
Chuck was silent for three seconds, “Are you going to take me to meet my Aunt Logan the day after tomorrow?”
This is Chuck’s instinct doubt.
It’s not that she didn’t believe her, but Chuck wanted to make sure.
“Still don’t believe me? Who am I, don’t you know yet?” The woman said lightly.
“That’s all right, go out with me. The day after tomorrow is very important. I want you to change it!” The woman stood lazily, swaying her long legs and walking outside. change?
Buy a suit for yourself?
Chuck didn’t care about these things. When he had money before, he still bought expensive clothes, but now it doesn’t matter.
But Chuck can only follow him out.
“You don’t need to drive anymore, take my car!” the woman said lazily.
Chuck opened the door and there was a special smell inside.
“No other man has sat in this car, come up!” The woman sat in herself, of course, her bodyguard, the man.
Chuck went up.
Man drives!
Looking at Chuck’s rearview mirror, he was not looking at other people, but at black roses. Why didn’t the black rose’s car catch up with this time? ?
Or did Black Rose not know that he had left?
This should not be possible!
After all, black roses are very dedicated.
“What are you looking at?” the woman asked indifferently.
The driving man passed the rear-view mirror and looked at the woman. He nodded slightly to the woman.
“I didn’t read anything.” Of course Chuck wouldn’t say that he was looking at the black rose.
I can’t see the black rose’s car now. The only possibility is that the black rose feels out. The woman next to me is not easy.
So in order not to be discovered, follow further than usual.
Thinking this way, Chuck felt relieved.
“Oh, there’s nothing beautiful outside,” the woman said lazily.
The expression of the man has told her that the black rose that has been secretly protecting Chuck has been subdued by the man.
Very annoying, what does Chuck want you to do as a killer protection? And still women.
Women hate this kind of thing most, and she is particularly repulsive to women who are close to Chuck!
“Well, what’s your name?” Chuck asked, knowing so long, Chuck didn’t know yet.
“My surname is Wan, it’s called Ziwen! You can call me Ziwen!” The woman said her name.
Wan Ziwen?
Chuck whispered, but didn’t say much. Once again, through the rearview mirror, he couldn’t see the black rose’s car.
It seems that the black rose really follows himself from afar, protecting himself, and at this distance, he can’t even find himself.
Black Rose is really professional! !
Chuck also felt at ease, after all, the black rose secretly protected himself.
The car stopped!
This is the largest shopping mall in the country and the best place to order! all-round!
Wan Ziwen felt that Chuck still had to dress up for the day after tomorrow!
After all, in the future, Chuck may be a surname of Wan, so you should not be too embarrassed to be at home.
This degree must be well controlled!
Chuck had never been to such a place, but I also saw that it was a personal customization.
What occasion does Wan Ziwen say in the mouth, what exactly is it?
Where will Wan Ziwen take himself the day after tomorrow?
Chuck is not expecting, but feeling nervous. Is there something going to happen?
But the most important thing to see Logan is, the rest, Chuck doesn’t care.
Wan Ziwen’s car entered the parking lot. This is the only floor. There are no other cars, only her one!
No matter how good the other people’s cars are, they are not eligible to park near Wanzi Wenche!
The secret of the secret family is that few people see it, so it has been secret until now!
Chuck followed without saying a word.
Go up by private elevator.
In a luxurious store, it’s as big as a football field, with everything, clothes, watches, shoes, even socks, underwear.
Everything is available, this is a full range of customization!
It is also Wanjia’s exclusive private order!
“Give him a full customization and send it over tomorrow night!” Wan Ziwen ordered lightly.
For all aspects of personal customization, the general time is 10 days a month, and even the process is cumbersome, two months is possible, but Wan Ziwen spoke, not to mention tomorrow evening, that is, tonight, all can come out!
The staff in the store immediately gave Chuck the amount!
Chuck cooperated, and the whole process lasted for more than an hour. Suits, shoes, watches, and ties are all customized! ended.
“Can you go back?” Chuck came.
“You shouldn’t walk with me? Come out, what are you anxious?” Wan Ziwen frowned.
Isn’t Chuck’s performance grateful? After all, the customization of this body just now, but hundreds of millions of dollars, especially the watch, the only one in the world, it is the only one!
Inside are all the most precious bricks, and the bare watches are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, not to mention suits, shoes, and pants.
“I’m in a bad mood. Go back,” Chuck just wanted to go back.
Wait quietly for the day after tomorrow!
Others, Chuck didn’t want to go anywhere.
“Chuck, you made me a little disappointed. When I was completely disappointed with you, you missed me, and you will regret it for ten lifetimes!” Wan Ziwen shook his head, his voice a little cold.
In the future, he is the helm of the family of the hidden family, which can cover the sky with one hand, but Chuck actually ignores himself!
If you change to someone else, Wan Ziwen would have been angry and let her bodyguard kill Chuck!
“I will not regret it!” Chuck said firmly.
“Really? No regrets? So you don’t want to see Logan the day after tomorrow?”
Wan Ziwen beauty stared at Chuck.
The idea in her heart was already strong. When you arrived at home and Chuck was troubled, when no one helped him, he shot it himself, then Chuck would be grateful to herself!
Chuck compromised, “I want to see you!”
If you don’t want to see Logan, Chuck will never come here.
“So you know what to do?” Wan Ziwen walked out with his long legs swaying.
Chuck sighed, what he can do now is to keep up!
Chuck didn’t say a word, followed, and went on to the next place, the bar! !
There are no other people in the luxurious private room, only Chuck and Wan Ziwen.
Wan Ziwen drank a little wine, she was as beautiful as Yvette, even, the gas field is much stronger than Yvette.
After all, she is the heir of the future hidden family!
The essence of Yvette and her are too wide.
But Chuck just didn’t like her, just like Yvette!
Women have too much desire to control, too strong, really not.
“You know, who is sitting in front of you, please me, you can get a lot of things.” Wan Ziwen said lazily.
Yes! In a word, she can make Chuck’s status too much.
In one sentence, Chuck can reach its peak, and in one sentence, Chuck can go to hell.
It’s totally what she wants.
How could Chuck move?
Even at this time, Wan Ziwen didn’t touch it, and Chuck would not touch it! why? ?
Very simple, Chuck always feels that this woman’s castle is too deep. Did she do something she didn’t know about?
After all, when she left last time, she said that she would let herself know what she missed.
But Chuck hasn’t felt what he missed.
“I allow you to come near me and come over! This is your chance!” Wan Ziwen said to Chuck.
Chuck thought for a few seconds and approached Wan Ziwen.
Today’s Wan Ziwen is lazy, but with a particularly exquisite makeup and a custom-made costume, Wan Ziwen’s perfect display, I have to say, Wan Ziwen is really beautiful, this is a kind of royal sister fan.
After all, Wan Ziwen is in charge of Wanjia, and the unforgettable temperament is a fascinating charm for men.
Chuck looked at her, Wan Ziwen hooked his finger, “Come here!”

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