My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 635

Chuck approached.
But what is the look? The eyes without any thought are pure and calm like water.
The two are near, the atmosphere is solidifying!
Wan Ziwen lazy closed his eyes, “I allow you to kiss me at this time!!!”
This face is so beautiful that it can only be compared with Yvette and Logan.
This is what Chuck has to admit, this beauty is the ultimate!
However, Chuck always felt that she seemed to have done something.
One second passed, ten seconds passed!
Wan Ziwen didn’t feel anything. She frowned and opened her eyes, her face was cold, “Chuck, you are really useless!!”
Wan Ziwen said coldly, this was the first invitation, this was his first kiss, but Chuck didn’t want to?
Wan Ziwen felt insulted!
At this moment, she had a hundred ideas out!
For the man who insulted herself, she was going to kill!
Torture him!
Let him die better than life!
However, Chuck really liked it a little…she was a little reluctant.
Yes, just reluctant! !
This man saved himself, and satisfied his little plot of hero saving beauty. After all, her status means that she was not saved by other men at all, and Chuck can be said to save herself from the sky.
Otherwise, just a moment ago, his bodyguard will rush in!
Wan Ziwen Meimei stared at Chuck for more than ten seconds. Her cold eyes, anyone who saw it would be afraid, but Chuck didn’t move, and didn’t show any fear.
Wan Ziwen stood up and went out!
Chuck was silent for three seconds, and followed him out. He was relieved. This woman was so strong that everyone felt obliged to listen to her.
Even a kiss must be commanded, ordered, and even allowed.
Really walking with such a woman, that is a man will be particularly tired!
Chuck is no exception. He suddenly thought of Yvette’s goodness, Logan’s understanding and tenderness.
After coming out of the bar, Chuck continued to get on the bus.
There was no sound during the process of going back, but Chuck still looked at the back through the rearview mirror, but she still didn’t see the black rose. She followed so far!
I didn’t find it, but I didn’t find it this time!
Chuck closed his eyes, and it seemed that Black Rose was worthy of being the number one female killer in the world. The strength of tracking protection is really strong!
People can’t find it at all.
Chucksong said with a sigh of relief. If you can see it casually, isn’t Wan Ziwen’s bodyguard easier to find? ?
This is not the strength of Black Rose!
Chuck was arranged in a room. He lay in bed and slept silently, the day after tomorrow? Logan can be seen the day after tomorrow.
With this thought, Chuck wants to have a beautiful dream!

Snapped! Snapped. Snapped! !
In the room, Wan Ziwen threw things coldly and everything in the room. If someone with knowledge is present, he will be shocked!
Because Wan Ziwen’s broken things are rare antiques, and even a porcelain cup on the market is worth tens of millions of dollars, let alone other things. She fell like this and tens of billions of dollars disappeared… …
The more she thinks, the more angry she is, she is beautiful and can give you everything, but you are not even kissing yourself? ?
“Come in!” Wan Ziwen said indifferently.
Waiting outside, even the dumb man came in carefully.
After all, he saw Wan Ziwen grow up when he was young, but he hasn’t seen Wan Ziwen so angry, because in his impression, Wan Ziwen has always been the kind of laziness that controls everything.
But today there was such a big fire.
What just happened?
“Go and kill Chuck!” Wan Ziwen said coldly!
I took the initiative to get insults, but made her extremely angry!
When did you encounter such a thing?
For the first time, he was rejected and ignored? !
The man was pleasantly surprised. He hadn’t been used to Chuck for a long time, because he always felt that Chuck was a toad and had eaten swan meat, no, how could she be a swan?
Phoenix among people! It should be that Chuck’s toad ate the Phoenix meat! !
What’s more, there was Karen li who hurt himself last time?
Chuck is Karen li’s son!
So he heard Wan Ziwen’s command, without any inquiry, he turned to Chuck’s room!
But just after he walked out the door, Wan Ziwen’s cold voice sounded again, “Slow down, if Chuck begs for mercy, don’t kill him first, give him ten slaps!!”
The man was stunned for ten seconds and bowed his head, “Yes!”
He was bleeding in his heart. Does this mean not to kill Chuck? !
The man continued to quit.
“Wait! Don’t beat him… ten slaps will kill him. He can’t stand it at all. You can go in and beat him with five slaps….Forget it, don’t beat him…you, go…nothing. Don’t go anymore, just go ahead!!!”
Wan Ziwen was sitting on the sofa, his cold eyes lowered, just like cooling down.
The man was shocked in his heart. Wan Ziwen, who had always said one thing, would take back his life? !
The man did not expect to be killed. Just now his mood was as ups and downs as he was riding a roller coaster, killing Chuck, he was excited, but Wan Ziwen said no more, he was speechless, disappointed! ?
“Yes, miss you, take a good rest, here, I’ll call someone to clean up?” The man asked with his head bowed.
“No, I don’t want this room anymore. I will ask someone to tear it down tomorrow!” Wan Ziwen said.
The man was surprised. The cost of this room alone is hundreds of millions of dollars, because all use the most top-quality materials, and there is no smell…
The man left and closed the door!
“Huh, Chuck, I let you go this time, and I still have this next time, I will definitely kill you!!”
Wan Ziwen sleeps with his eyes closed!
The day after tomorrow, he told Wan Ziwen that it was over in a flash, but it was particularly difficult for Chuck.
But finally, Logan can be seen, Chuck is excited!
However, Chuck knows that this occasion must be very tight security, so the Black Rose will definitely be troublesome to follow along!
May be found!
So Chuck sent a message to Black Rose:
“I’m going to a place. If you follow, it’s enough to follow. If you can’t follow, just forget it.”
Chuck sent this message to be calm.
Changed to a full set of personal orders delivered last night, Chuck just had long hair cut and a custom suit. To be honest, Chuck has been hidden and noble temperament has come out, a new feeling!
Chuck checked it out, the clothes the mother gave were worn closely, and the small bomb given by the boss behind the scene was also carried close to the body.
Nothing is missing!
Chuck couldn’t wait to go out.
The look of Wan Ziwen outside was icy. She put on a custom-made dress, which was simply eye-catching. It was so beautiful, with bumps and bumps, perfect to the extreme!
But she looked cold just now and saw Chuck coming out. She was cold for a while, and she was stunned.
Chuck is 1.8 meters!
Not high in front of Americans, but still very high in front of Chinese people.
The slim suit conceals Chuck’s exercised figure, but that kind of uprightness can’t hide it!
Refreshing fashion short hair, make Chuck facial features refreshing! Not very handsome, but the noble temperament from the inside out, charming!
“I didn’t even see you right, and I changed my clothes. It was so… Hum, I can’t see it, my vision is still good!” Wan Ziwen came, she muttered to herself.
Had to have, Chuck’s body was completely new and surprised her!
People rely on clothing, horses and saddles, it really is the same word!
Chuck is a little handsome today! This is the same as before, but the contrast is great! !
“Can you go?” Chuck was anxious and had no time to appreciate Wan Ziwen with his perfect figure.
Wan Ziwen was cold again, “Go!”
Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. Chuck thought he was taking a car, but what Chuck didn’t expect was that he actually made a private jet, which was extremely luxurious!
Chuck has never seen such a plane! too big!
Chuck thought of Black Rose. In this situation, she didn’t have a plane. Is it driving chase on the ground? So Chuck secretly sent a message to Black Rose again:
I’m going by plane. Don’t go this time, I will protect myself!

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