My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 638

Several women who sorted out Logan said that this was the truth.
Logan is beautiful and has a superb figure. This is what she sees.
Marry You Tianle, that is absolutely happy!
Enjoy the endless glory and wealth, this is what most people dare not dream about!
You Tianle, the hidden family!
This is totally the life of Xanadu. Is that woman unwilling to go crazy? ?
However, they all looked at each other, how could this beautiful bride mean nothing at all happy? ?
“What’s wrong with you?! Is there something we did wrong? You said.” Someone was panic!
In today’s day, if the heroine is not happy, they must have done something wrong, and their consequences can be imagined.
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“No,” Loganmei still puzzled.
But her heart was very painful and very sad.
She did not know why she agreed to You Tianle.
When she left the auction site that day, she encountered a car accident on the road. Logan was crushed down by the car. You Tianle came to rescue herself as if she were crazy. At that moment, Logan saw another person as if she had an illusion…
Yes, Logan was imagining Chuck at that time, and thought of this person who was desperate to save himself, it was Chuck…
At that moment, she was moved.
She was not clear-headed, and when You Tianle asked if she would marry herself, she agreed blankly.
Perhaps it was agreed to Chuck…
What Logan didn’t know was that this car accident was planned by You Tianle at the time, including Logan’s being unable to get out of the car. They were controlled by You Tianle.
You Tianle took advantage of Logan’s bewilderment at the time and proposed marriage.
Logan agreed and succeeded!
You Tianle immediately arranged to get married immediately by taking the hot iron, and did not give Logan the chance to repent……
“Then why are you not happy at all?” the makeup artist asked. Logan was pretty, but she was sad.
The temperament is melancholy. This beautiful face is a gentle representative, and the smile is the best, but at this moment, Logan is only dazed and melancholy.
However, as today’s bride, as today’s heroine, she was not happy at all.
If you change to another woman, this is a great thing, and you can’t laugh.
It’s so weird!
“I…” Logan was stunned, unhappy?
She sighed and saw the wedding dress on her body. Who is the person she likes?
Head, it hurts! !
Suddenly, thinking hard, Logan got a headache!
“What’s wrong with you?” Several people caring for Logan were terrified.
If Logan had problems, they would definitely not be able to run!
“It’s okay, it’s just a bit of a headache,” Logan shook his head, trying to keep himself awake, and he couldn’t be so confused.
What Logan didn’t know was that You Tianle didn’t treat her head at all, treat the damaged brain, even deliberately omit it, and even gave Logan more serious medicine.
Logan was dizzy for a few days!
Just to make Logan no longer think of that bad memory! For You Tianle, that kind of memory is an insult and a shame!
You Tianle certainly didn’t want Logan to remember a point. Even, he wanted people to use high-tech means to erase Logan’s memory. That kind of memory is rubbish, it’s all rubbish, what is left of it? ?
Only in the home, it is true memory!
But it is not possible now, without such a high-tech method, and it is impossible to erase Logan’s memory, which is unlikely!
Obediently, be the lady of the house! ! This is what You Tianle wants to see now. After all, he thinks that Logan is really getting more and more appetite for him, whether it is in appearance or figure, it is absolutely superb! !
I don’t know how many times better than the woman he met before!
Get Logan, use Logan’s gene to give birth to a son, then he can continue to play with other women.
However, it also depends on the charm of Logan. You Tianle will not let her down easily. After the heat is over, she will occasionally spoil Logan! ?
“That’s okay,” several people breathed a sigh of relief.
Logan is in trouble, they must be miserable.
“Then go on,” several people accelerated.
Solved earlier, they could rest assured.
Logan has a headache and continues to be at a loss. Why is his head so weak?
If you think about something, you have a headache. !
Logan sighed. After a while, a few people were busy, and Logan didn’t need anything. The perfect figure, as long as he wore a wedding dress, it was shocking! !
Several people are really envious, envious of Logan’s beauty, today is too shiningly beautiful, and will definitely attract everyone’s attention!
“It’s almost time, you go out with us!” Someone came over to greet.
You Tianle is ready.
Logan didn’t want to move, just wanted to sit, just wanted to take off her wedding dress, why should he wear this? !
Several people saw Logan’s abnormality, and someone immediately went to tell You Tianle secretly!
“Master, what the young lady doesn’t want to come out, you see…” The man was careful.
Can’t go wrong, otherwise, these people are absolutely uncomfortable today.
You Tianle frowned, “Well, I already knew she would be rubbing. Forget it, let me go and see!”
Fortunately, the scene is all their own loved ones, even if a little accident happens, it will not be embarrassing! !
You Tianle arrived at Logandu’s room.
Seeing Logan wearing a wedding dress, he made it clear that this woman must get it herself!
“Logan…” You Tianle put away her thoughts and entered with a smile.
Several makeup artists are at a loss! !
“Logan… what’s the matter with you? Time is up, you’re going out, but you promised to marry me, I love you!” You Tianle warmed her heart.
He knew that Logan couldn’t possibly think of anything, because he did something about Logan’s head!
“I… How can I get married today?” Logan shook her head blankly. She thought that the car accident happened yesterday. Why did you put on your wedding dress today? Make up?
“You must be too happy, forget the time, it’s okay, go out, the people in the family are still waiting for us two?” You Tianle is still gentle.
In his opinion, Logan will amaze the audience today!
Some of his brothers are married, but they will be envious of seeing his wife so beautiful! !
“Me. I don’t want to go out, why did I promise you? I have a headache.” Logan was in pain, and she wanted to resist.
But his head was messy, like a clew on the ground, he could not find his head.
“Because the person you like is me, so you promised me, you forgot?” You Tianle still smiled.
But in my heart a vicious thought: By night, you will know that you promised! !
“I, I have no impression,” Logan was at a loss.
If you think about it, your head stings to the point of tearing.
“It’s okay, you’ll remember it, it’s okay,” You Tianle winked.
The other women on the scene also persuaded.
“Yes, Mrs. Young, you think more about it. Love is a cumulative accumulation. You have lost memory before and forgot the young master. The young master is very sad.”
“Yes, in the last car accident, the young man’s head was broken and he was injured. The young man is really good to you. How can the secret live up to the young man’s sincere heart?”
Logan was even more confused by these words, and felt extremely painful in his heart.
“I don’t want to get married.” Logan shook his head.
“So what should I do? My relatives and friends have come over, what do you want me to do?
Logan, you really don’t remember me at all? Alas!!!” You Tianle sighed, her face sad.
My eyes are wet.
“Logan, it doesn’t matter if you forget. I will help you get back your memories. Believe me?”
You Tianle was annoyed in her heart, but maintained her manner, “Aunt Logan, believe me…” boom!
Logan froze, Aunt Logan? This name is so familiar, so familiar…
“It’s you? Really you?” Logan was at a loss, tears came out.
“Yes, it’s me, remembered now? I’m the one you like, and today’s wedding is my promise to you!” You Tianle “cries with joy”, yes, he checked everything about Logan, including Zhang What Cee called her…

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