My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 640

This sound suddenly sounded!
Same as thunder! It caused an uproar at the scene! !
Yes, it was Chuck who spoke, his expression was cold, and even his murderous intentions were filled!
He just looked in the crowd for a long time, but he didn’t see Logan who wanted to see him.
When he was helpless, he suddenly saw this side! !
This is a figure that has attracted the attention of the entire audience, and it is so beautiful!
Wearing a wedding dress, the back is very concave and convex, very charming, when Chuck saw this back, then for a moment, I was at a loss, because I was familiar…
Many times, Chuck had fantasies. One day, Logan was able to wear jeans and let Chuck look at her back, so Chuck remembered this back.
At the moment when he saw the wedding dress, Chuck knew that he came here this time, looking forward to seeing Logan who had been missing for so long, he saw it! !
But yes!
Chuck was shocked, accidental, and painful, with many emotions! !
Why does Logan wear a wedding dress?
Why would Logan get married? ?
Why does Logan not invite herself even if she is married?
Too many questions have left Chuck out of control! what happened?
What the hell is going on! !
Chuck’s icy voice suddenly irritated all the wanderers on the scene, because it was very simple, but he was a secret family. Someone was making trouble at the wedding of the secret family? !
All people turned their heads to stare, and thousands of eyes gathered. This is the cold eyes, the murderous eyes? !
You Tianle’s face was suddenly cold as snow, he barely remembered this person, Chuck! !
The person who let me go last time!
At the same time, he is the person Logan likes. He actually arrived at the scene? !
Logan, who refused painfully just now, uncovered her veil. She saw this angry person, who was very familiar, familiar…
As if it was very slow, Logan found that his eyes were blurred, could not see the person clearly, did he cry? ?
Who is he?
Logan’s eyes were dull, her body was shaking, and her stinging head made her think hard, think…
“what did you say??”
You Tianle said coldly, this word-by-word voice, like a judge, can make a difference between life and death! ?
“I said! This marriage, she is not married!!!” Chuck’s voice resounded!
This is a very angry voice!
This is Chuck’s anger!
Hidden family, the host of the home, You Ba, stared at Chuck coldly, with no expression on his face, as if Chuck said this sentence, no, it should be said that when Chuck said a word, Chuck was already Dead!
Chuck’s anger made all the children and grandchildren at the scene angry, and all faces were angry!
“Where did you come from?! How dare you wander around my house? Who let him in?”
“Yes, which pen is it!!”
Their voices were angry and cold!
The majesty of the secret family was trampled by an unknown junior today!
This is absolutely not allowed as a hidden family! !
The atmosphere is icy, the hall is silent, all surrounded by indignant anger!
Guest area!
Wan Ziwen was lazy, “It’s pretty fast, I thought you’ll find it later!”
There was a sneer on the faces of the men around him, even terrible!
Yes, he was able to feel the coldness of the scene. This is the anger of a secret family, who may not feel it? ?
In his next time, he will not miss any pictures, because everything will be very miserable for Chuck! !
As the wandering family of the hidden family, this anger has come down, and it is not that the small ants like Chuck can resist!
Waiting for Chuck next, it was crazy torture!
He will not miss it, and even hope in his heart that Wan Ziwen and Chuck were tortured to death at the moment, only to rescue each other!
This process must be particularly interesting!
Even, he wanted to take the phone down and send it to Karen li to let Karen li know that her son would be miserable soon…
“Miss, this Chuck is okay,” the man said.
“Oh, it’s okay,” Wan Ziwen is still lazy, Chuck’s performance is not afraid, she feels that she has not misread her vision.
After all, if Chuck doesn’t even have the courage to stop, then what does he do to let this kind of uselessness be his husband?
Therefore, Chuck came out boldly, Wan Ziwen felt more, Chuck was good, and felt that Chuck must be included and Chuck surnamed Wan! !
“However, people in the home are still quite angry, and they are all in my expected performance,” Wan Ziwen said lazily.
Chuck, Chuck, I will let you know immediately how powerful I am! !
Ask me, will you please ask me later? As long as you ask me now, I will help you, please!
Wan Ziwen stared at the expressionless Chuck, at this moment, she actually had a little anticipation in her heart!
“Yes,” the man stared, and he will not miss any pictures next time…

You Tianle was originally annoyed by Logan’s rejection just now, and now Chuck came out again, and his anger was extremely extreme!
The killing intention is to the extreme!
“I think you want to die!!!” You Tianle said coldly!
He suddenly angered, and indifference reached the point of indifference.
Why do you get angry?
Who are you? But one of the future heirs of the hidden family tour!
Angry for this kind of ants?
Ha ha ha!
Not worth it!
You Tianle raised her hand indifferently and snapped her fingers!
This snap finger is so ordinary, so crisp! It seems like a little voice!
However, after snapping fingers, a kind of killing intention, a kind of majesty from the hidden family appeared!
Brush brush! !
Ten burly men dressed in black appeared and surrounded Chuck!
All looked at Chuck’s expression coldly. The kind of look was just like looking at the dead!
They are all masters of fighting!
In an instant, Chuck can stop breathing!
As long as You Tianle snaps her fingers, or even only needs one look, this untimely Chuck will lie on the ground…
At the same time regret coming here, even more regret to speak just now…
Chuck was not afraid, even the indifferent expression did not change, he just watched.
Logan, the trembling person!
“Aunt Logan! What’s wrong with you? What happened?”
Surrounded by people, Chuck, who was in danger, did not roar. At this time, he was only gentle.
For so long missing, I think of Logan’s tenderness day and night!
Finally saw her, she is safe, she is still alive!
Chuck really did not expect that he actually saw Logan in this situation!
He felt dreaming, but Logan, who was wearing a wedding dress, had wet eyes, and the tears were glaring, tingling Chuck’s heart!
Chuck thought of the dream, Logan helplessly crouched in the corner of the dream!
It turned out that Logan was really helpless. She got married today, but there were no other people she knew at the scene!
Aunt Logan?
So familiar! !
Logan shivered, her faint eyes looked at this gentle man, a familiar voice!
The stinging head made Logan not stop meditation. In an instant, countless memories poured into Logan’s mind like a tide!
For the first time I know the name of this man in front of me.
The first time I saw this man, the first time I heard this man call myself Aunt Logan, the first time I missed him, and the first kiss, that kiss was really sweet…
Logan’s messy memory is clear, she wiped away her tears, so that her eyes can see clearly!
Strategy! !
Logan’s eyes were blurred by tears again in an instant!
I remembered myself. What I like is not Yu Tianle, but this one in front of me. In the dark night, outside the bar, after the two of them watched, the man who took his first kiss…
His name is Chuck!
I like him! !
“Cer…” Logan didn’t lose a bit, she called the name tremblingly, as if after a century, the name was finally called again!
Chuck smiled, his doubts were gone, what else?
Without any explanation, Logan called himself, so on behalf of Logan did not want to get married, so what do you do now?
Take her out of here! ? She did not want to get married, and she did not want to see her helpless, so take her away!
“Aunt Logan, I will take you out of here now!” Chuck’s voice was loud and resounded throughout the hall! !

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