My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 642

“Do it!”
You Tianle is indifferent!
This vicious voice, like the god of death, announced the death of Chuck and Logan!
The fists of ten people all smashed over!
Chuck was indifferent, and Logan was behind him. Logan was injured. How could he let Logan shoot?
Face ten people alone! !
Chuck is not afraid!
Similarly, how did Logan have the patience to face so many people alone? !
She shot immediately!
Two people face ten masters without fear!
The fierce battle, at this moment, burst out!
It explodes like a bomb!
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Ten people, this is a seamless cooperation, everyone who can enter the home, each one is a thousand choices, and none of them!
There is no rubbish among the bodyguards of the house! !
They fist out, representing Chuck, Logan will be defeated in an instant under their attack!
The children and grandchildren of Youjia watched indifferently without saying a word, because they would disturb themselves to watch this tortured death show? !
You Tianle smiled viciously!
Logan, Logan, I kindly spare you a life, you don’t want it, then die well, die well! !
Wan Ziwen’s lazy expression is changing slightly!
The little expectation in her heart was gone, and it turned into a bit of anger!
Are you blind?
My Wan Ziwen is here, can’t you see it? beg me!
In this case, the only possibility for you to survive is to beg me! fast!
I can save you in one sentence!
But Chuck didn’t even look at Wan Ziwen, her lazy eyes changed again, and it was cold.
Chuck, you let me down! !
Chuck, I want to see how long you can last, and you will still beg me eventually, definitely!
Because only I Wan Ziwen can save you!
The man was happy, Wan Ziwen didn’t mean to get up yet, that’s good, look, Chuck was beaten badly!
He was sneering in his heart, especially happy!
He watched none of the pictures intently!
See how long you can support Chuck!

“She? I can’t help it…”
In the dark room, someone scolded and stood up.
Yes, he looked at the tied black rose!
The black rose is so beautiful, especially when comatose!
“Stop it, do you want to die? Let the lady know that both of us have to die!!!” Another one scolded!
Don’t know a knife on the front of the color letter?
Still knowingly committing crimes?
This reproachful voice calmed the person down, yes, if you do it, then you must die, and you will die very miserably!
He shivered and shook his head. “Well, I don’t move her. By the way, for a few days, she hasn’t eaten or drank. She has been in a coma for so long. Isn’t the boss’s strength too strong to pin her to death?”
“Shouldn’t it? Don’t scare me. The lady missed her, and wanted her to be a close-up girl. If she died, we would still die!”
“I’m not sure, let’s go, look over the past, I haven’t moved for a few days, I guess…”
“Okay, let’s take a look!”
The two ran over and immediately inspected the black rose, raising the lowered head of the black rose.
Yeah, I didn’t move for a few days, I didn’t wake up, I didn’t eat or drink, I couldn’t bear it!
Anyone can think about it!
But this person raised his head of black rose for a moment!
The man was shocked and tore like pain, because the black rose suddenly bit her finger!
“Ah!…” the man screamed.
“What? She actually woke up long ago?” The other person was shocked! boom!
When someone screamed, the black rose forcibly stood up from the chair, yes, as a killer, and still the first killer, how could there be no life-saving means?
The black rose woke up a day ago.
She secretly used a blade to cut the rope. The rope was too hard. She cut it slowly just now.
The black rose kicked in a person’s heart, clicked, the ribs were broken, this foot, but the black rose held his angry foot for so long! ! what!
Black Rose thundered the blade in his hand and cut off the man’s neck!
He was shocked, himself, he was killed by a second? is this real? ?
The uncomfortable breathing made him unbelievable, but he was frightened, it turned out to be true… he was dying! then! !
Black Rose grabbed the chair and hit another person on the head!
Also screaming! too fast! what!
This man’s head broke and he screamed! boom!
Another angry foot, he kicked three ribs with black roses and kicked out five meters!
Black Rose chased it, cold, with a bloody blade against his neck, he was afraid, “Don’t kill me…”
“Where did Chuck go?” Black Rose asked coldly.
It’s been a few days, and her heart is anxious, but there is no way. She wakes up and finds a way to get out of trouble. At this time, is Chuck all right? ?
“I don’t know, I don’t know,” he screamed in fear.
He is also a master of Wanjia, but he did not expect to be subdued by the suddenly black rose, he was shocked! !
“Ah, don’t kill me, I really don’t know! Ah, I said, the lady took Chuck to leave by plane, I don’t know where I went, and the lady wouldn’t tell me this kind of servant, don’t kill me , Just now you told him not to touch you, you don’t… ah…”
This is a scream, the black rose turned out to be him!
Black Rose quickly stood up and was vigilant, took a bottle of water, and immediately ate a burger, found his cell phone, and everything he had, gun!
She rushed out!
No one was outside, she immediately called Karen li!
“Me, Black Rose, Chuck is gone… I’m looking for it now! He should have gone to a place, and Wan Ziwen’s men said that Wan Ziwen took Chuck away by plane…”
Black Rose hung up the phone, surprised by her big blue eyes, Karen li told her a message!
She looked for it, saw a helicopter, she immediately sat up, she will drive!
The plane was about to take off and went to a place!

At high altitude, on the plane!
“Auntie, how is it?” Yvette was crying anxiously.
For a long time, there was no clue about Chuck. She was desperate. Where did Chuck go?
But just now, Karen li received the call. Yvette was eloquent and heard the sound of black rose! !
“Black Rose said, Ceer was taken away by Wan Ziwen, I guess…” Karen li stopped.
Yvette’s heart will stop after all, what is it estimated?
Karen li was silent for three seconds, “Betty, start a hidden satellite, I want to know, where did Wan Ziwen’s plane go!!”
“However, the secret satellite technology company has just been posted and is still in the testing phase,”
Betty is also anxious, but there is no way. This hidden satellite can be said to be a collection of technology from Karen li Technology Company!
It was only recently successful. In one day, in a secret place, without anyone discovering it, it was launched!
But still in the testing stage! !
Can it work?
“It’s okay, start!” Karen li has cold eyes!
Betty immediately controlled, contacted by mobile phone, “start the hidden satellite!!”
Three minutes later, Betty breathed a sigh of relief, “I found it, Wan Ziwen’s plane passed through the canyon, but I don’t know what to do next…”
This is because the covert satellite has been rejected, and it can also be said that it has been interfered with, so it cannot be monitored.
Karen li stared at this place, and the gleam in his eyes flashed all at once, “Here, it is near the home of the hidden family!!”
“What?? Chuck was taken to the home by Wan Ziwen? Why?” Yvette was stunned. Betty was also stunned.
Yeah, why?
“Now, there is only one possibility, that is, Youjia. Logan was actually rescued by Youjia…”
Karen li said.
She knew before that she should have been rescued by someone from the secret family, but she didn’t expect to be a wanderer, and Karen li hadn’t found where the wanderer was!
Of course, Youjia doesn’t know where the real Karen li technology company is! What exactly was developed! !
At this level, there are things that do not know each other!
“So, did Master follow Wan Ziwen to rescue Logan?” Betty froze.
“Yes, that should be it!” Karen li’s fine light flashed…

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