My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 651

In a dark room!
Zhang Qingyang is waiting, walking back and forth!
He especially wants to go out!
But suddenly he received a call and was relieved!
The phone hangs up!
“Quiet, you are still as brave as ever… It’s fine for the time being, but you are too early, and you have offended Youjia too early. This is not a wise move, but it’s not guilty…Ah!”
Zhang Qingyang sighed and was lost in contemplation. The tour home is not that simple. The hidden family has been inherited for thousands of years. How can the accumulation of dozens of generations be the same as just now?
Zhang Qingyang knew that the reason why the incident just happened was because Chuck was dispatched from the inside and used a bomb to control the situation!
Otherwise, with the strength of Youjia, ten Karen li can’t save Chuck!
The turmoil is coming, the hidden family is starting today, no longer secret…

“Cer, Logan, you have a good rest first!” Karen li said.
Fortunately, Chuck was injured and vomiting blood. As a master of fighting, after this break, he could carry it, but Logan couldn’t do it, he almost fainted.
“Betty, quickly help Logan to rest and give her an injection!” Karen li said.
Betty ran over and helped Logan, who was confused, go to rest. Logan persevered for so long.
She was confused to see that Chuck was okay. Her suspended heart was relaxed, she was still alive, and Chuck was still alive.
Ceer really brought himself out…
“Mom, what should I do now?” Chuck had recovered, and felt that he was in trouble.
Mom’s strength should not be enough to deal with the hidden family!
Even if you have this Youbatian, Youtianle, and this crying woman on the plane, it really doesn’t matter much.
After all, the true strength of Youjia has not yet been exerted!
“Don’t worry, I will deal with it. You go to rest first! Yvette, take Ceer to rest!” Karen li said.
Chuck can only be obedient. Yvette distressed Chuck and went to rest in front of the plane. He must clean up Chuck’s wounds!
When Yvette just saw Chuck, she secretly shed tears, and Chuck’s chest was all blood that was punched out…
Yvette glanced at it and could think of what Chuck faced just now.
“Right mom,” Chuck thought of something suddenly.
“Forget it, I’ll talk about it later,” Chuck thought, or I’ll talk about it later. At this time, Mommy’s face is dignified!
“Well, Ceer, don’t worry, even if the sky falls, I will bear it for you,” Karen li softened a lot.
She was also terrified, and she was at ease when she saw Chuck.
“Thank you mom,” Chuck quickly cried.
“Stupid boy, Yvette, go!” Karen li shook her head.
Yvette helped Chuck to rest.
“The sky falls down? Do you know what it means?” You Batian sneered and sneered.
He was calm, why?
Because he knew that at this time, Karen li would not dare to move himself!
Because it moved, then the revenge of the home will be turned upside down!
Karen li dare not! !
As for You Tianle and the woman, she squatted blankly.
“You don’t know, because the sky can’t step down,” Karen li said.
“Oh, the real sky can’t be stepped down, of course, but you forgot, my home is also a day. It is too easy for my home to crush a person. It is as simple as crushing an ant. Forget? In the world, I have one-third of your home! Your company, half of all yours is in my home! Do you know? I am your God!!!” You Batian said proudly.
“There are three secret families in the whole world. You Karen li has today. It’s not you who is powerful. It’s because I gave you a little garbage that I don’t want, so that you have today. Oh, you who grew up eating garbage, actually Dare to fight against me? Really a joke! Did eating junk make you silly?”
“I have always been well water does not violate the river, people do not provoke me, I do not provoke people, people want to provoke me, I must return ten times!” Karen li was indifferent.
“You have this strength?! Karen li, now you let me go, and I can spare your mother and son a life when nothing happened today!” You Batian actually smiled.
“I don’t need you to spare your life, but you, need me to spare your life!” Karen li came over step by step!
“Hahaha!” Yu Batian laughed wildly!
You Tianle gritted her teeth and said, “Karen li, what do you want to do? Let us go, otherwise I’ll go home…” cough! !
Karen li glanced at him and grabbed his neck!
“Don’t, Karen li, don’t kill me, I don’t want to die, no, I beg you…” Feel the power of Karen li’s first arm, and you will be scared to fly.
“I speak, don’t interrupt!” Karen li is indifferent!
Hard! !
Threw it out fiercely. You Tianle really hit the plane like the garbage thrown out. Hey, he was fainted, and there was a fear expression on his face!
Even scared to pee.
Karen li has been a killer, and that kind of look is not something You Tianle, a petite figure, can bear.
“Karen li, you actually hit my grandson?” You Batian was angry! !
The other woman was terrified.
“I’m talking to you, he’s bullshit, I definitely want to beat him, little girl, do you want bullshit?”
Karen li looked at the frightened woman on the ground.
“Ah, You Tianle is talkative and cheap, I don’t want it, no talk, I shut up, I don’t say a word!”
The woman was afraid.
Yu Batian was exasperated, “What the hell are you afraid of?”
“Grandpa, Grandpa, her eyes are horrible, like death, I’m scared…” The woman cried.
Youba Tian hate iron not steel! !
“What do you want? Take me back to your house?” You Ba Tian was exasperated.
“It’s up to you. I said. You are dead or alive. You chose it yourself. Now that you choose to live, don’t you speak?” Karen li asked.
“Okay! You say!” Youba Tianyin sneered coldly, the viciousness in his heart was condensing, first appease you, and then let your family die! !
“I said just now, I’m traveling with you. I didn’t commit any damage to the river, but now I’ve committed it, and I don’t have much to worry about anyway. Anyway, I want to conflict. Then I can kill you directly and then travel with you. Rush, are you willing to do this?”
“Dare you do this?” Youbatian was furious!
“You don’t think I dare?” Karen li raised her eyebrows, and Yu Batian’s face sank!
Chuck is a lunatic. This Karen li is a madman’s mother, and definitely a lunatic!
It’s really possible to do what Karen li said, then he is dead!
“So, I can let you go, but I have a condition!” Karen li said.
“What terms do you say!”
“Three years! In three years, I will continue to keep this well with you in a state that does not violate the river water!”
“Three years? Ha ha, do you think I’ll give you three years to grow up right? By then, you can compare with your home visitor?” You Batian was teased and mocked.
“If you want to say that, then I can’t help it!” Karen li shrugged.
You Ba Tian is thinking, even if you give Karen li ten years, thirty years, one hundred years, you can’t compete with Youjia!
What’s more… I can’t count the words! !
“How can you grow up in three years?” You Batian asked.
“This has nothing to do with you. Promise, then I will let you go now. If you don’t agree, then you die!” Karen li was indifferent!
You Pa Tian is angry, but you have to live!
So I can only promise!
“Okay! I promise you! Let us leave, and your home will not move you for three years!” You Batian said coldly.
“That’s all right, please trouble me to remember this.” Karen li shrugged, and the sudden drop of her finger dropped…
Youba Tian was relieved, and you, Karen li, did not dare to play tricks!
You Batian was released, and the woman, as well as the unconscious You Tianle, were released.
You Batian stared at Karen li doubtfully, “You believe me that way?”
He is particularly puzzled, Karen li is certainly not stupid! But actually doing stupid things?
“You Batian said one thing, I definitely believe you, not to mention, you are good at home, aren’t you?” Karen li said lightly.
“Okay, you know, let’s go down now!” But this is on the plane, only to stop, and when you get to the bottom, people from the home will come to pick them up.

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