My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 654

Chuck woke up, and his body was still a bit painful. After all, he was beaten and punched by those ten people, but he resisted, but the sequelae came out, and there were internal injuries in his body, but fortunately there was no injury.
Just a few days of cultivation, But this also inspired Chuck, and now he must work hard to exercise himself more! !
Fighting. Chuck determined that in addition to being the richest man in the world, he must also be the world’s number one fighting master!
“Her husband, you woke up, you scared me to death,” Yvette hugged Chuck deeply.
Faced with this warm embrace, Chucksong breathed a sigh of relief. In fact, when he was traveling home, he was also worried, and worried that he would never see Yvette again.
“It’s all right.” Chuck comforted.
Yvette embraced Chuck. She didn’t dare to sleep all night, for fear that Chuck woke up, and she took care of what was needed.
“Well, husband, I want to hug you for a while, I am sleepy, okay?” Yvette said, a little coquettish.
Correct. She only spoiled Chuck alone.
Since Logan’s accident, she hasn’t slept well for a long time.
“Of course, go to sleep,” Chuck smiled slightly.
Lying in Chuck’s arms, Yvette closed his eyes in satisfaction. Soon she fell asleep and fell asleep.
Chuck smiled, Yvette was at ease, and he was at ease.
But after a while, Chuck’s mobile phone can finally receive the call, the first one is the boss behind the scenes.
Hearing that the phone was ringing, Chucksheng was afraid that Yvette would be awakened because Yvette was asleep.
He answered the phone.
“Little guy, you finally answered the phone, give me an explanation!!!”
Here, the boss behind the scene is relieved, Chuck is fine, she is happy.
Chuck coughed and talked about things in Youjia and Logan.
Behind the scene, the boss frowned. Since Chuck said she asked Logan to help her, she had let the killer find all the clues, and there were some clues. Let the clever woman point the finger at the hidden family!
She was surprised by the news and hesitated to tell Chuck!
After all, the hidden family is too powerful!
But I didn’t expect that the secret family did it, and Chuck actually came out of the house. This is really something that the boss behind the scene did not expect.
I did not expect that my little lover is so powerful!
The boss behind the scene actually had a little worship! !
“Are you injured? Does it hurt? Do you want me to come and take care of you?”
“Uh, no need.”
“Why not? Don’t forget. You are my little lover, you know?” the boss behind the scene said seriously.
“Reject me and I will tell your mother Karen li that you have become my little lover and see if she can beat you,”
“Ah? Don’t say it!” Chuck was shocked!
If I let my mother know, I would definitely be reprimanded!
“Humph, make you uncomfortable! Try to come over and find me, I will press your button, or I will tell your mother!”
“Sister. Do you have the heart to let me be beaten by my mother?”
“Who made you bad?… Take a good rest, that’s it! Say you miss me!” said the boss behind the scenes.
Chuck’s scalp is numb, “Sister, do you have that bomb? I want to buy a few.”
Chuck wanted to defend herself, but also to his mother and Yvette.
“Buy? No more,” the boss behind the scene shook his head, where are there so many?
“Okay, goodbye sister!”
Chuck was disappointed and hung up in a hurry.
“Little bastard, did you take the time to come to see me, did you hear me?…I, actually hung up on my phone?” The boss behind the scenes hummed.
But she is happy because Chuck is fine! !
This is the most reassuring thing for her now.
Someone knocked on the door!
“Come in!” The boss lying on the couch behind the scenes.
It was Ouyang Fei who came in. She wanted to ask, did Chuck die? !
She is particularly concerned about this matter!
“Boss, how are you happy?” Ouyang Fei was stunned! There is a bad feeling in my heart.
“Of course happy, Chuck is still alive, he has returned,” the boss behind the scenes can’t wait. Happy to say it. what? !
Ouyang Fei’s face was sullen, Chuck, are you so dead? Well, okay, then let me Ouyang Fei committed suicide. Hello! !
Ouyang Fei thought viciously!
Chuck, you wait for me!

Here, Chuck hangs up the phone. He was thinking that Youjia will definitely retaliate immediately, so he must find a way, so Chuck is going to see the Luofu family!
They are munitions, the bombs given by the boss behind the scenes. They should be able to make it.
You can also let them study and research!
In fact, Chuck also wanted to prepare some other self-defense things, and this time Chuck was really angry!
You must destroy the wanderer!
So he has to prepare! !
Seeing that Yvette was asleep, he took a sip on Yvette’s white cheeks. Yvette scratched his face like a kitten, but he slept again, as if dreaming.
Chuck loosened Yvette!
“Wife, I will go out first and come back later.” Chuck said.
Yvette was asleep, and definitely could not answer Chuck!
Chuck goes out!
At the door!
Black Rose has no expression!
Chuck was stunned. He saw a black mark on the black rose’s neck. This was pinched for too long. What’s wrong with this?
“Black rose, your neck…”
“Are you going out?” Black Rose was indifferent.
In fact, when she saw Chuck yesterday, she was also at ease.
She also had a good night’s sleep, but she didn’t know why she slept so well last night…
“Yeah. But your neck?” Chuck is so strange that Black Rose went to the house? injured?
“Don’t care about my neck, what is my neck about you?” Black Rose is welcome.
Chuck was shocked, “Are you menopause?”
“What?” Black Rose didn’t understand this sentence.
“Forget it, not to mention, I’m going to the Luofu family.” Chuckzhi said.
“I don’t care where you go, anyway, I follow,” Black Rose now decides to stay close!
“Well, I’m going to see Aunt Logan first…” Chuck wanted Logan, but also wanted to ask, what did Logan want to say to himself when he was traveling!
“Don’t read it. I just came over. She has already received an injection. Don’t disturb her.” Black Rose was indifferent.
Yes, the black rose with Logan as the opponent is actually unknowingly caring about Logan, which is actually even her own. Did not notice.
“Uh, uh, I’ll talk about it when I come back,” Chuck nodded, let Logan take a good rest first!
Chuck drove out, and simply talked to his mother, but the mother was very busy, Chuck didn’t ask. In fact, Karen li was seriously dealing with the Ouke family.
After eating the Ok family, Karen li’s strength will increase!
This matter. Karen li didn’t tell Chuck that she wanted Chuck to have a good rest.
Chuck drove to the Luofu family, and Black Rose followed.

Luo Fu family!
The blue-eyed beauty Emily was absent-minded, and her mother, young woman with charm, was stunned. “Emily, what are you thinking?”
“Mom, when will Chuck come?” Emily said.
She had to admit that Chuck saved her, and she really had a special feeling for the person who saved herself.
What’s more, Chuck is now working with his family.
“Let him come over to do?” The young woman Fengyun hummed, and Chuck embarrassed her last time.
She thought Chuck would want her, but she didn’t expect Chuck not to. She was really relieved, but Chuck still mocked herself!
What do you say that you are beautiful and have a good figure? !
She is really angry, and she is angry today! !
“Cooperate, always talk to him,” Emily said. My family has started to cooperate with Chuck’s project, and the base is under construction.
“What to say? What’s there to say to him? Just ask him to come over and then divide the money.
It’s better that he never shows up.” Fengyun young woman grunted.
“Mom…” Emily hasn’t been happy for a long time. She thought, did she like Chuck?
Chuck, who quietly rescued himself when he was most at risk, left?
She didn’t admit it at first, but now, she feels a little bit, but she still hates Chuck.
This has not changed! It’s just not so annoying.
“do not talk!”
The charming young woman scolded, but at this time, a phone call came in, and she answered,
“That, Chuck said to call you!”
The charming young woman was stunned and irritated, what did he do here

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